Friday, December 6, 2013

Disneyland Recap

Well, we made it back from Disneyland. Brian did have to drag me away (picture me desperately clinging to a lightpost on Main Street while Brian tugged at my legs and yelled "But you have a family! And a home!). Okay, not really but it makes for a funny looking scenario in my head.

So a recap... It was 3 days packed with Disney fun! The babies slept for the most part and the adults ate for the most part which makes for a fabulous Disneyland trip if you ask me. My aunt, uncle and cousins were able to join us for one day because they have passes so it was fun to see my family since we won't see them again for the rest of this year.

Turns out the magic rides for making babies fall asleep are It's A Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean. It sometimes works on adults too.

Allie was NOT a fan of the characters. We decided at the last minute to the do the Character Breakfast and I had a feeling she wouldn't be too excited about them considering how she reacts to normal people (crying and freaking out). Well, she full on screamed and panicked when Tigger came up to her. We managed to get a picture with Eeyore because he snuck up behind her and we snapped it before she could notice him. She'll probably need therapy.

The one ride she did stay awake for and happen to love was King Arthur's Carousel. She was a little unsure at first but once it started going, she was loving it and oohing and aahing.

So I had my fill of Disneyland which will get me through the end of the year. At least. Anyway, enough of this. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

We were treated to dinner Friday night at the Blue Bayou by my parents. It was DELICIOUS!!!!!

Our Christmas Card. Ladies and Gentlemen, my husband.