Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Instead of sitting here anxiously worrying about whether or not we get this house, I thought I'd plan the bathrooms because they'll be the first up for renovation and require the most work. Even if we don't get this place, odds are the place that we do get will need a bathroom remodel so I might as well put the footwork in now.

Upstairs is one full bath and right next to it, in the master bedroom, is a sink nook. Brian had the brilliant (albeit a little crazy) idea to take the sink nook out and wall it all up to make a second bathroom. If we do end up doing that (which he says would be easy and add to the resale value), I want the bathroom designs to be seamless in their design. They don't have to be exactly the same but the look I'm going for will be mostly white (no windows in either bathroom) and clean lines with a little bit of texture brought into each one. Both bathrooms have to be super budget friendly since we're basically trying to do 2 bathrooms on a 1 bathroom budget.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Help my unbelief

Having an unknown future can be so daunting. The temptation to doubt God's sovereignty and goodness is strong. I know what I have to tell myself. I know that He is good and loving and gives grace for every trial. I know that He has a perfect plan for our lives and nothing that happens is a surprise to Him. I know that He will always provide, no matter how dire the circumstances look.

But still I fail. I doubt. I worry. I get frustrated and angry. The future as I know it is unknown and it's not enough. It's not enough to know that He will provide, I want to know how. It's not enough to know that He will give grace through trials, I want to know when those trials will happen. Not enough, not enough, not enough.

I text'd my older sister my fears and concerns to ask for prayer and she reminded me of Mark 9. The father who's child was demon possessed who asked Jesus to cast out the unclean spirit. Jesus tells him that anything is possible for someone who believes and he replies "I believe! Help my unbelief."

Tears come to my eyes just thinking about that reminder again. How many trials has the Lord brought us through in the past? Every single one of them. Never did He leave us to wallow in our pain and despair. And yet here I am. Faced with another trial and unable to believe that He is capable of it again. Without God to sustain our faith, it would fail every time. So my cry this week has become, help my unbelief! I do believe! I know what you have done in the past and I need help to remind myself of that when present worries plague me.

Sometimes it strikes me as odd how vulnerable my blog posts can be. Strangers whom I've never met can be reading my innermost thoughts and struggles. But on the off chance that someone out there is struggling with this as well, I hope that it can serve as a reminder. We serve a loving, merciful God. We know He is sovereign and righteous. We deserve death and separation from Him and yet He calls us to be His children. With truths like that ringing in my ears, how can I doubt Him?

We find out later this week if everything will go through with the house. There are a lot of factors that could throw this whole thing down the drain so we have prayed for wisdom and discernment (and of course that it would all work out smoothly!)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A non-girly girls room

We found out that baby #3 is a girl! We're all pretty excited (yes, even Brian) and I know she'll have a ton of clothes but I have to get her a few things that are just her own... Poor girl will be getting hand-me-downs her whole life probably. Or if they're lucky, all 3 girls will be the same size and get to share clothes :D At any rate, I'll compile a blog post of a few things I've gotten for her. Still no name but that's nothing new considering our track record!

Along with that, I've been planning the girls' room/nursery. There's a strong chance we're moving at the end of August and their future room will be tiny (like 10'x9') so we'll have to make some adjustments. Basically the only thing going in their room are beds, crib and dresser (we'll keep all the toys downstairs). Since we'll have guests often, we want to keep the third bedroom as an office/guest room.

We're going to upgrade Allie and Maddie to bunks (not real ones, Ikea Kura loft bed with a mattress on the bottom). I wanted their room to be slightly girly but not too girly. They love all things pink and purple but doesn't have to look like Pepto Bismol everywhere.

A few of these things we already have but I'll have to get their bedding. I want it to be simple and clean. I've learned that white sheets look dingy after awhile so I decided to do a neutral color with a white blanket. Which... honestly these girls sleep in underwear with no sheet/blanket/anything so it might just be for looks.

Those feather hooks I snagged for $6 last year on Black Friday and I've been waiting to hang them (we only did absolutely necessary holes in the walls at our apartment since we knew we probably wouldn't be here very long). The rug was a fluke find but I'm so glad I did because it's the perfect blend of girliness and ties everything in the room together.

I've spent the last few days shopping and brainstorming for the new place. There's still a chance it could fall through or something really bad could show up on the home inspection though. So we're praying and trusting the Lord to provide but if we do get it, I'll be sure to keep you guys posted! <3 span="">
Girls room


Chenille blanket

Neutral bedding

Stackable Wood Bin