Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

House Shopping: Living Room Edition Part 2

I've changed my mind once again on our home decor for the living room. Luckily, we're nowhere near finished so I still have time. Since we've finished the kitchen, we've sort of taken a break from remodeling. I think having lived with multi-color painted walls and concrete floors for so long, it's starting to feel normal. Anyway, this cooler weather will force us to start doing stuff again (since all the rooms are missing baseboard and hello, drafts and spiders.)

It all started with a trip to Ikea. I was scoping out the rug that I had included in my last moodboard for the living room and... it was a letdown. As much as I loved the pattern and colors, the rug itself looked dingy and dirty. Not something I want to worry about considering it's probably going to get extremely dirty with a toddler and a baby around.

So back to the drawing board I went. My criteria was a durable rug that would be light enough to brighten up the space but not show stains. I settled on this jute rug from West Elm. I definitely didn't want a shag rug since Allie is always eating in the living room (since it's technically part of the kitchen). Jute seems pretty durable (we have it in our room) and doesn't feel as scratchy as it looks.

I kind of like the monochromatic look since we will have dark wood floors and a red brick fireplace. But I also love a good color pop so we'll see what happens... Plus I'll be bringing in color with a few plants. Of course they'll all be plastic because this house is where real plants go to die.

Living Room2

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sneaky Sneak

Once upon a time when I was 5 years old, I attended a Catholic school. We had to wear these hideous black and red plaid jumpers with white collared shirts. BUT we were able to wear whatever shoes we wanted.

My shoe of choice?

L.A. Gear high-tops. I can still remember the double laces like it was yesterday. Baby pink lined with silver tinsel and white. Those were the days. Unfortunately, the only place you'll find those bad boys is on eBay in the vintage section.

But it appears that high-top sneakers (actually, sneakers in general) are making a comeback in fashion. I wasn't sure if I was on-board with it but considering how comfy sneakers are, they won me over. And since we're gearing up for fall and colder weather, a nice warm, comfy shoe sounds perfect.

I used to own a few pairs of Vans but thanks to pregnancy, they no longer fit. I still haven't made the plunge yet but I put together a few outfit inspirations to see if I could style things from my closet with them.


Sneaks by reinersm54 featuring H&M



Vans by reinersm54 featuring a black purse

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Potty Chronicles: The Final Crusade

I did it.

I officially did it.

I have a toddler who wears underwear and uses the toilet to do her business.

*cue applause*

*bows dramatically*

Thank you... I'd like to thank the makers of diapers for being so expensive that you forced my hand. I'd like to thank Nabisco for the proper motivation via mini Oreos for me and my daughter. I'd like to thank Baby Bjorn for making an adorable functional toilet that I never used and Arm & Hammer for making a toilet seat adapter for small butts. I'd also like to thank my parents for buying Princess underwear which is way cooler than wearing diapers, according to a 2 year old.

Thank you to my husband for waiting for when I was ready.

And most of all, thank you to the Good Lord who was merciful on my poor soul and gave us the strength to make it through the trenches.

My tips (because I'm such a professional now):
  • Guess what? You can do it in 3 days if you AND your toddler are ready. Our first attempt ended in meltdowns all around so we gave it a break and tried again later. 
  • Whatever motivates your kid, do it. If it's candy, toys, or just getting to unroll toilet paper, they totally understand that pee in the toilet gets them what they want. For Allie, it was mini Oreos and getting to finally unroll toilet paper and flush the toilet. It's the little things. 
  • Don't expect complete success right away. Day 3 brought no accidents but she still wasn't telling me she had to use the toilet. She was just holding it until I asked her, which I guess works but isn't ideal.
  • Allie didn't mind sitting on the toilet every 20-30 minutes the first day, but once she figured out that no pee = no treat, she was not having it. The good thing is that we only had a few accidents on the second day and she figured out the sensation of needing to go and then being able to hold it. 
  • Don't buy Pull-ups. Just rip off the bandaid and go with real underwear. They can tell. You just have to stock up on cleaning supplies. 
  • Corral your kid. The bedrooms were closed off for those three days because we still have the luxury of concrete throughout the main area of the house and I didn't feel like cleaning pee out of the new area rugs in the bedrooms.
  • Have fun with it and give yourself a break. After all, it's not the end of the world. Even if it feels like it...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Maui was perfect. The girls were champs on the plane (no one puked) and I did not forget to pack underwear. The only dicey moment was when we were descending into Sacramento and they had already taken the digital players, requested we turned off electronics and buckle in. Allie decided that was way too much to ask of a toddler who had done so well sitting in one spot for 4 hrs. So we tried to distract her with looking out the window and lots of Oreos. Boom. Done. 

Allie loves the beach. Girl could play in the water all day. Baby powder really does work to get sand off of skin but I'm still washing it out of her swimsuits. 

Maui is beautiful. Brian's family lives half a mile from the beach and we went every day. We even saw 3 huge sea turtles close enough to touch. Crazy. 

We also went to the aquarium which is basically as close to snorkeling as we got on this trip. Allie got to see a scuba diver feeding a manta ray. It was so thrilling she immediately zonked out in her stroller minutes later. 

It was so great to see Brian's family. We even had a chance to sneak away for dinner on our anniversary. 

Most of the pictures I already posted on Instagram. Soooo.... If you aren't already following me, do it NOW. Sorry to be so bossy. 

Driving back from Big Beach we saw a grown man on a moped pick his nose AND EAT IT. EAT IT. I still haven't recovered. 

I got a head cold Sunday night which was awesome for the flight on Monday. Crazy sinus pressure? Let's add some altitude pressure and see if it helps. It's ok though, I made it all better by beginning potty training the next day. 

I think I'm just a special kind of crazy. 

But here we are 2 days in and I have had multiple successful pees and even a poop in the toilet with no meltdowns from anyone. Sorry to get so graphic on you but having a baby sorta desensitizes you to gross bodily functions. And you better believe I'm so stoked about it that I'll tell anyone who will listen including you, my faithful readers. 

Now that I've caught you up on life, I think I'll go ignore the dishes and relax on the sofa with a gallon of ice cream. We don't mess around here.