Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life choices and sanity

Guys. Tell me I'm not crazy.

I got white covers for our Karlstad love seat. 

(Here's where you tell me I'm not crazy, it's the best decision I've ever made.)

We scored the love seat plus a matching footstool on Craigslist for $100. I know, right? The guy felt bad because he had posted it was a sofa when it was in fact the smaller love seat. He dropped the price and threw in the footstool and I was sold. I figured I'd just buy a new set of covers since they were only $40 at IKEA. Well, correction, the white covers were only $40. 
I texted my college roommate who has the same white sofa (and 2 boys) to see how they hold up. I got the thumbs up and decided to take the plunge. Brian rolled his eyes but he knew I wanted to replace the covers and when I told him it was a $100 price difference to match our dark gray sofa, he acquiesced. And yes, before I even finished putting the white covers on, Maddie threw up on it. It scrubbed right off with a wipe so I'm not crazy, right?

Here's the pic I would post on Instagram if I knew how to do Instagram right

P.S. I made that dark gray pillow cover by folding the pillow case that came with our duvet and stuffing a pillow inside. The easiest, laziest DIY I've ever done.

And here's real life. Welcome to the uglier side of Instagram. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

A Friday Rambling List

Is it just me or does everyone else spend every day of summer with their hair up in a bun? I've tried different hair styles, but this hot weather makes me not want to have hot, thick hair on my sweaty neck so it always ends up in a bun.

So much to the point that I think my babies wouldn't recognize me if I wore my hair down. I did Heidi braids yesterday (which you would know if you followed me on Instagram) and by the end of the day, my hair ended up in a top bun.

Thankfully, top buns are so in style right now.



Okay, so it's just me then?

Let's forget I said anything... and have a Friday list!
  • It was a rough week. I remember thinking "This is the longest week of my life." on Tuesday. Tuesday. Morning to be exact. Wednesday rolled around and things started to look up and then it was Thursday which I basically treat as a pre-Friday and good gracious, I'm so glad the weekend is finally here. 
  • It could be that I'm counting down the days until Brian's stay-cation. He's taking a few weeks off for family visiting and to work on the house. I'm super excited to say the least. The girls are so excited too. They've been celebrating all week by not taking naps. It's great. So much fun.
  • I've been in the mood to crochet. Not sure why 100 degree weather makes me want to have a lapful of yarn, but it did. The girls wanted to crochet too. Allie unrolled a whole ball of yarn while Maddie grabbed handfuls and stuffed it into her mouth. Again, so much fun. 
  • Do you ever feel like you're the only mom who has kids that are constantly trying to sabotage her? I mean, I LOVE my girls. They are the BEST, they make me laugh and they are so fun. But it's like they plot to not sleep at the same time. They plan to have meltdowns at the same time. Like "Hey, Allie is screaming and crying. That looks like a good idea. I better do it too, even though I have no idea what I'm screaming and crying about. Oh look! Mom is crying too! SO. MUCH. FUN."
  • I think I might be delirious from the lack of sleep/overload of toddlers. 
  • It's been a long week. Somebody get me a bowl of ice cream, stat.
  • T.G.I.F. am I right?

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

10 reasons why I'm using Instagram wrong

Since I've decided to not be a lurker anymore, (yes I'm still on this) I've started discovering new Instagram accounts. The more I see, the more I realize I'm using it totally wrong.

10 reasons why I'm using Instagram wrong 
1. I use it to document pictures of my kids. Except they're not dressed like models wearing the latest European simplistic line of vintage clothing. They're basically walking Old Navy ads. Seriously ON, where is my check?
2. I don't take pictures of my food in all stages. Not prepping it. Not cooking it. Not eating it. Also our dinner prep doesn't really look pretty. Ever. I mean, how pretty can refried beans be?
3. I don't show people my house. Granted, I use it to update my friends and family with our renovation happenings but the lighting is always terrible and since we're barely in what can be called the beginning stages of decorating, it just looks sad and bleak.
4. I don't have a green thumb. Bonus points if you have a fiddle leaf fig. Pretty sure that's a requirement, actually.
5. I don't take pictures of coffee. Not at home or at a coffee house. And Starbucks doesn't count, you uncultured swine! It must be a hipster coffee place that no one has ever heard of except anyone who is anyone! Bonus points if you get a fancy drink where they make designs in the foam or whatever it is that's at the top. 
6. I don't take selfies. I did once and made this weird puckering face and that is exactly why I don't take selfies. Bonus points if you're looking to the side or down at your feet in the pic. Super artsy. 
7. I don't take enough pictures of my bed or my kids sleeping. This is kind of the same as #3 but to be fair, my kids usually sleep in a dark cave so it's rare to get a picture of them sleeping that doesn't look like a gray, grainy square. Also, my kids don't sleep. {Insert maniacal laugh that turns into a sob here}
8. I don't use it to take pictures of what I'm wearing or have other people take pictures of me. But the only ones around to take pictures are Allie and Maddie and I'm laughing to myself now just thinking about how non-artsy those pictures would be. 
9. I don't use it to take cool pictures of architecture. Sorry, Target is pretty much the extent of my outings and they're not really known for their fancy architecture. 
10. I don't show my DIY projects. I'm assuming you have to actually be doing a project for the results to be shown and since I have a bunch of half finished projects.... Do you see where I'm going here?

I'm not mocking people who take pictures like this. In fact, I wish I could! But let's just say I can add "photographer" to the list of things I cannot do coupled with the fact that I'm not as cool as you might think. I know. Shocker. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Dinosaurs and toddlers

I've been having some weird nightmares about dinosaurs lately. I think it's because we watched a trailer for Jurassic World and suddenly I'm dreaming that I'm on an island in Costa Rica having to run from Supertricloceratops Rex. I mean, I always survive because I'm the main character in my dream and you can't just die in dreams. Haven't you seen Inception? If you haven't, DO IT NOW. Seriously though you'll get to the end and then MIND BLOWN.

What I'm saying is, do you think there's some meaning to this dream? Do the dinosaurs represent my old age and that I'm subconsciously terrified of it? Or does it signify that I'm going to be faced with a life or death situation soon that I'm going to have to survive with only a Swiss Army knife and some cargo shorts? (That is actually what happened in my dream by the way. I mean, I've never been one to read into dreams but these have occurred twice in the past week so I'm thinking there's gotta be something there.

Oh wait. There is.

See, I've been woken up at 5 am every morning by a bunch of toddlers. Ok, so then the dinosaurs must represent the toddlers and this must be my life or death situation. Got it. Thanks for the heads up, brain.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Disney Nerds Offspring

One of the accounts I'm no longer a lurker on is MagicKingdomMamas. It's 2 sisters and their littles and all the tips and tricks for taking kids to Disneyland. (They also have a younger sister with no kids so literally, it's exactly like my sisters and I minus the Instagram account and 1 kid.) I instantly fell in love with everything about them because, hello, Disneyland!! I went from lurker to overloader but whatever.

Anyway, I noticed their kids were wearing the new Disney Vans. This line is super adorable so I thought I'd do another Disney Nerd Outfit post for my kiddos and my nephews. I normally wouldn't buy patterned shoes because they don't go with everything and it hurts my OCD but the Ariel and Minnie ones were so subtle and darling. I could at least dream, right? 

Disney Offspring

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lurkers and creepers... Closer than you think

Before you think this is some Dateline special on peeping toms, I'm talking about online lurkers. And to find one, sometimes you just have to look in a mirror.

That's right. I'm talking to you. I know I've posted on this topic before, but the funny thing is that I caught myself being a lurker all over again!

Granted sometimes I don't have time to post a comment, especially on a blog. But I'm totally an Instagram lurker. I follow these women whom I've never met in real life and I don't interact with them and all they know is that a StephReiner is following them. Never likes the pics. Never leaves comments. Just lurks. And stalks. And pins the picture of their homes to have as inspiration for the day I actually decorate our home instead of just talking about it. (A whole new development on that front, but that's for a future post.)

Anyway, I would tell Brian these stories of women I don't really know and he would just get weirded out. He said I was basically a stalker. I balked at that title, but you know what, he's right! So I decided to start liking. And commenting. And emailing. 

And you know what? I'm loving it. I'm loving the whole community of social media. I love connecting with people who have similar tastes even if they live halfway across the world. And it's not like they're the President of the United States who is too busy to respond to your comment. I've gotten responses from most of the people I've reached out to and it's just super cool!

Anyway, there's s lot going on in our lives right now. Some things in the mix that might mean big changes for us. I hate to leave you hanging but I don't want to share info prematurely until we know for sure what the Lord is leading us to. We're praying a lot about Brian's job and our home and a new business venture that I'm sort of heading up myself. It's scary and risky and exciting and all these emotions that overwhelm me.

But I'm thankful that I can write my thoughts and feelings and all you lovely lurkers will read and either agree, pray for us, or whatever. And with that final thought, I hear a toddler scooting her way down the hallway which means my 10 min break is over.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Clothes and first world problems

It's no secret that I like clothes. I like wearing them. I like buying them. I like styling them on other people (especially my daughters).

I do NOT like putting them away. 

Ever since I moved into a college dorm room where I had 3 drawers and a 3 ft wide closet, I've struggled with storing all my lovely things. In fact, I broke all 3 drawers trying to shove all my stuff into them. 

My first apartment out of college had a walk-in closet and it was glorious (my gracious roomie let me have the bigger room/closet but it's ok, she definitely benefited from my love of clothes). The second and third places I lived were a little skimpier and it seemed that each time I moved, the amount of clothes increased and my closet size shrunk. 

Now I'm married. Which means not only do I have a small closet, but I have to share it with someone.  And even though I've purged my closet several times, I still have way more clothes than fit in my closet and dresser. 

I thought I could find inspiration on Pinterest, since it's never let me down before. But turns out people of the world who love clothes have huge walk-in closets to store them. Or people who have small closets are the people who have "a few staple pieces" and that's it. 

You know what I want to know? Where are you storing your underwear? That shelf\side table looks really cool but seriously, where do you keep your bras? Your West Elm styled bedroom looks fantastic but how are you fitting all your clothes into that 6-drawer dresser? 

In college I had to buy several Rubbermaid drawers to store my unmentionables but plastic seems a bit too unsophisticated for a bunch of 30 year olds. But I've also realized that I'd need several full size dressers to store all of our clothes. 

I'm determined to make it work. And I refuse to accept that the problem would be solved if I got rid of more clothes.