Monday, July 6, 2015

Clothes and first world problems

It's no secret that I like clothes. I like wearing them. I like buying them. I like styling them on other people (especially my daughters).

I do NOT like putting them away. 

Ever since I moved into a college dorm room where I had 3 drawers and a 3 ft wide closet, I've struggled with storing all my lovely things. In fact, I broke all 3 drawers trying to shove all my stuff into them. 

My first apartment out of college had a walk-in closet and it was glorious (my gracious roomie let me have the bigger room/closet but it's ok, she definitely benefited from my love of clothes). The second and third places I lived were a little skimpier and it seemed that each time I moved, the amount of clothes increased and my closet size shrunk. 

Now I'm married. Which means not only do I have a small closet, but I have to share it with someone.  And even though I've purged my closet several times, I still have way more clothes than fit in my closet and dresser. 

I thought I could find inspiration on Pinterest, since it's never let me down before. But turns out people of the world who love clothes have huge walk-in closets to store them. Or people who have small closets are the people who have "a few staple pieces" and that's it. 

You know what I want to know? Where are you storing your underwear? That shelf\side table looks really cool but seriously, where do you keep your bras? Your West Elm styled bedroom looks fantastic but how are you fitting all your clothes into that 6-drawer dresser? 

In college I had to buy several Rubbermaid drawers to store my unmentionables but plastic seems a bit too unsophisticated for a bunch of 30 year olds. But I've also realized that I'd need several full size dressers to store all of our clothes. 

I'm determined to make it work. And I refuse to accept that the problem would be solved if I got rid of more clothes.