Friday, July 17, 2015

Disney Nerds Offspring

One of the accounts I'm no longer a lurker on is MagicKingdomMamas. It's 2 sisters and their littles and all the tips and tricks for taking kids to Disneyland. (They also have a younger sister with no kids so literally, it's exactly like my sisters and I minus the Instagram account and 1 kid.) I instantly fell in love with everything about them because, hello, Disneyland!! I went from lurker to overloader but whatever.

Anyway, I noticed their kids were wearing the new Disney Vans. This line is super adorable so I thought I'd do another Disney Nerd Outfit post for my kiddos and my nephews. I normally wouldn't buy patterned shoes because they don't go with everything and it hurts my OCD but the Ariel and Minnie ones were so subtle and darling. I could at least dream, right? 

Disney Offspring