Monday, November 30, 2015

Family Pics

It's that time of year again... Christmas Family Picture Outfit Shopping! Or just, you know, inspiration if we were going to take Christmas pictures. Which, if you follow me on Instagram, you can see that our track record of getting everyone to look at the camera and look like a normal human being is not so good so we won't be attempting family pictures this year. Or ever.

But if we were going to get some professional portraits done, this is probably what we'd wear.

Family Pics

Monday, November 23, 2015

Baby Girls and Shopping

You guys, I have a sickness. And it comes in the form of getting overly excited when I get to shop/dress little girls. Turns out it's not just my own girls that gets me excited. A very dear friend of mine just found out she is about to have a baby girl. Her due date is 2 weeks before mine and she already has 2 boys, sort of close to Allie and Maddie's ages. So I did what any good, loyal friend does in this situation.

I put together a blog post for her of all the little baby girl things I want to buy would buy if I were her. And I know it's all winter stuff and her baby will be born in spring so I guess I'll just have to do another baby girl shopping post come spring, now won't I?

Seriously though some of this stuff had me secretly wishing baby #3 would be a girl buuuuuttt I know Brian would be like "SHE'LL HAVE A MILLION CLOTHES, DON'T BUY HER ANYTHING ELSE." And he would be right. So, so close to being right.

A girl can never have too many clothes.... can she?
Winter baby

Friday, November 20, 2015

Mom Life

Moms. We really do have the hardest job. The hardest, most important job. I'm sitting here in a clean house while both kids sleep and just for a moment, it doesn't feel hard. It feels easy, simple, almost relaxing. But to get here? I missed out on 3 hours of sleep last night. I have to force myself to clean up every night because I know that if I let the mess sit, it will somehow triple in size while we sleep. 

And it wasn't always peace and quiet. Last night, I'm pretty sure the girls were screaming and/or crying simultaneously for 2 hours straight. They didn't want to eat dinner. They didn't want to clean up their toys. They didn't want to share. They didn't want Brian and I to have a conversation. They didn't want to put away their clothes. No pajamas. No bedtime. Need water. Need that one stuffed animal that I can't find anywhere. We didn't sing the right song. On and on. Sometimes I want to escape outside just to be able to hear. Silence. Nothing. My own thoughts. If there are any. 

I don't know that what I've eaten today counts as meals, except for dinner. Is it just me or does everyone buy a roasted chicken for dinner and then somehow snack on half of it throughout the day? Sometimes I feel like this...

... aka, the Mom Diet. 
I've heard that the transition to 3 kids is the hardest. Like maybe because they outnumber you? I'm outnumbered at home during the day as it is but then at least I can tag team Brian when he gets home. But to be outnumbered all the time. And they're so young. And needy. I've never even been able to keep a plant alive but somehow I've managed to keep 2 children alive and thriving. But what happens when you add a third? I mean, someone's gonna get left out. I'll be making food and I'm pretty sure one of us is not gonna get to eat. Most of the time it'll probably be me. 

Is this encouraging you? Probably not. But at least I know I'm exactly where God wants me to be. I fail. I screw up. I'm not perfect. I don't have it all together. But at least I'm trying. I'm pretty sure that's what counts the most. The Lord knows I will fail but He gives me grace and strength to try again. He forgives me when I fall, when I'm angry, impatient, lazy. His mercies are new each morning and that's exactly what I need. 

That and lots of cookie dough. I kid, I kid. *blank stare*

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lest Thou Perish

So there's a story. Once upon a time, my husband launched a clothing brand. It was geared towards people in the action sports industry and has actually been popular among kids like 8-12 years old. Not that it's bad, that's just the direction it took. I helped him with all of the background stuff like getting a permit and a fictitious business name, but other than that, I didn't feel like a part of the company. It was definitely his thing.

Fast forward to January of this year. Back when he started Moby Sick, he had this idea for a clothing brand called Lest Thou Perish, based on Luke 13:5. You can read more about the bio on the website, but the point is that this idea stuck around for 5 years. The more we talked about it, the more we felt like we were onto something. So he designed, we researched, I filed more stuff. And here we are almost a year later and it's finally done.

Part of why it took so long was that we felt like Moby Sick was missing something in its purpose. Sure we wanted to design and sell clothes but it felt like we needed to be doing more. With LTP, we decided to support Children's Hunger Fund. It felt like a good choice to support a company that not only provides children with physical needs but also their spiritual needs. It was well worth the time and effort to be able to support something with so worthy a cause.

Buuut that's not it. I've actually designed a few things myself. Granted, none are up on the site (yet!), but we have some stuff in the works for the next few months. And I promise as soon as I have a shirt in my hands, you guys will know about it. Probably because I'll be like way too giddy to keep it to myself anyway.

So all that to say... I don't often use this blog as a way to promote anything or anyone, but he's my husband so obviously I'll make the exception.

Go look. And when we have more women's clothes in the shop, I'll be back with another post and probably some pics on Instagram. And if you don't like anything, keep it to yourself. Juuust kidding, BUT I would totally like input on all of this if you guys feel so inclined.

So I'll just sit here wringing my hands in nervousness. I mean it's no big deal, just months of our lives and chunks of savings and hours of prayers and stress and designs and planning and oh my gosh, I think I need to go lie down and breathe into a paper bag.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Winter in Nor Cal

We're back. I'm always so excited to visit family but there really is no place like home. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed, having your own comforts, drinking straight out of the milk carton...

I'll have to do a recap post once I get all the pictures together because there's like a hundred. Disneyland was a blast and Allie definitely enjoyed it much more this time around. She got to ride everything she wanted to except Peter Pan (which was crazy long wait every time I checked) and Cars (which she was just about half an inch too short for). I think the highlight was for sure the parade and the fireworks and I'm so glad we braved the cold and the crowds to see both.

I don't know for sure but I swear our house smelled like Christmas when we came home. It could've been that I was burning a Christmas candle right before we left when I was doing all my last minute packing and cleaning but I can't believe the smell lingered for a week! We came home to a Christmas house and COLD weather.

Probably one of the things that shocked me the most when I first came to Northern California was the bitter cold. I grew up in Southern California where the coldest it ever gets is maybe 50 degrees in the middle of the night in January. We just visited last week and it was in the 80-90's half the time. Obviously I'm used to warm winters.

The first time I visited Nor Cal, I was not prepared for being cold. I brought a snow jacket and wore it the entire time. I would never survive in a place like Michigan (where my dad was born, actually). I suppose I would adapt but I would sure be miserable those first few winters. I don't know if I've actually adapted here, but there is something nice about being able to pull out all my thick, cozy sweaters and scarves, and warm boots.

Speaking of sweaters... guess what I bought with my birthday money? Yeah. Sweaters. Because I obviously don't have enough. But it was all I could find that I really wanted from H&M and Target. I got this one from Target which is super similar to the one on my list that was 10 times the price from Free People and this one from H&M in tan/brown because I don't have a tan/brown sweater but now I do. I guess my addiction to sweaters hasn't ended. And just like that... POOF... my birthday money was gone before you could say Bob's your uncle.