Monday, November 23, 2015

Baby Girls and Shopping

You guys, I have a sickness. And it comes in the form of getting overly excited when I get to shop/dress little girls. Turns out it's not just my own girls that gets me excited. A very dear friend of mine just found out she is about to have a baby girl. Her due date is 2 weeks before mine and she already has 2 boys, sort of close to Allie and Maddie's ages. So I did what any good, loyal friend does in this situation.

I put together a blog post for her of all the little baby girl things I want to buy would buy if I were her. And I know it's all winter stuff and her baby will be born in spring so I guess I'll just have to do another baby girl shopping post come spring, now won't I?

Seriously though some of this stuff had me secretly wishing baby #3 would be a girl buuuuuttt I know Brian would be like "SHE'LL HAVE A MILLION CLOTHES, DON'T BUY HER ANYTHING ELSE." And he would be right. So, so close to being right.

A girl can never have too many clothes.... can she?
Winter baby