Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Well now that I've crawled out of my pajamas and into the real world, I thought I'd blog for a bit. Last week was terrible. I got food poisoning. I know the flu is making it's rounds right now but it was definitely food poisoning and I'll spare you the details of how I know that. The good news? I lost 10 pounds! The bad news? Our house went into shambles, my poor husband had to pull double duty after working 10 hour days, I missed our monthly women's meeting, I had to get on a plane and oh yes, I've got a 5-month-old baby.

The great news is that Brian's mom and sister came over on Thursday to help me out a bit. His sister washed the dishes and folded laundry while his mom played with Allie and I slept. His sister must've drawn the short straw. At any rate, Friday morning I was like 95% sure that we were going to have to cancel our planned trip to L.A. for my older sister's baby shower. I was just so excited to see my family though and all I had to do was make it through the flight so we decided to go for it. I dragged myself around the house throwing things in a suitcase while Brian got Allie ready.

Well it was just one thing after another. I got carsick on the way to the airport. We got there and realized Brian forgot my suitcase at home. Poor guy. I think it was a rough, long week for both of us and to his credit, he remembered the other 2 suitcases that had baby shower stuff and some other things I'm lending to my sis.

His dad brought the suitcase from home and as we were about to walk through the metal detectors, we heard "Last call for Stephanie and Brian Reeener." I made it through first but unfortunately Brian had forgotten about a pocket knife in his backpack so they had to hold him at security which meant I had to run. I sprinted to the gate to see if they'd hold the plane but they had already locked the doors. Having had nothing but fluids for 3 days, I collapsed in a heap and tried to get oxygen to my poor weak body. I'm really being dramatic, I didn't pass out or anything. But it sure felt like I was going to...

And then here comes Brian running with Allie and car seat in tow.

Since Southwest is really the best airline ever, we were able to standby and board the next flight to Ontario for free. We did eventually make it to my parents house but flying while recovering from food poisoning is just a very bad idea of epic proportions.

So now that I've updated you on all the gross dirty details of my life last week, I'll have to do the next post on something fun and happy... like my sister's baby shower! And I have pictures! Whoooo HOO. (Well, Brian took them but whatevs.)

Monday, January 21, 2013

A mother's intuition

Okay ladies, I have figured it out. There are several things that come with being a mother:
  1. Mom jeans. 
  2. An incomprehensible knowledge of the most depressing stories of all time. See this post
  3. An inexplicable ability to imagine the worst case scenario. 
Case in point: I have more than once caught myself imagining scenarios that seem absolutely impossible but at the same time extremely likely. For example, the other day I decided to walk to the grocery store nearby with Allie. It's 0.8 miles away and I had to cross over the freeway to get there. Here are some scenarios I imagined:
  • Finding a dead body somewhere on the side of the road. I think I watched too much CSI in college. 
  • The freeway overpass collapsing and me having to sprint to the other side as the pavement crumbled behind me. 
  • Me having a seizure and Allie's stroller going out into the middle of traffic and a car hitting her and catapulting her out of her stroller. Mind you, I have no history of seizures, nor does anyone in my family and Allie was strapped in. 
  • Someone jumping out from behind a bush and trying to rob me and finding out I only had my house keys so they stole Allie to sell her for money.
Now I know these seem comical now... believe me. I'm seeing the ridiculousness even more as I type it out. But these scenarios were so very real to me when I was walking that I actually had to stop myself and just pray that the Lord would give me peace and remove these silly thoughts from my mind AND remind myself that He is in control and no matter what happens to me or Allie, He is sovereign.

And NOW I feel bad for making fun of my mom all those years for imagining the worst case scenarios. Go figure.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Allie - 5 months

Allie's in the 87th percentile for height so she's a pretty long baby. She weighs around 18 pounds but after 20 minutes, it feels like 30 pounds. She does not sit still anymore... just a super curious baby, which is fun when I'm nursing her and I sneeze or start talking and she yanks her head up to look around/at me.

She has started eating rice cereal 2-3 times a week per her doctor's recommendation. Most of the food ends up on her face because she's still learning how to actually swallow something that's not liquid. She's got about another inch and a half to grow before her feet will touch the ground in her walker. She's teething, although no teeth have sprouted just yet.

We can make her laugh like crazy and sometimes she just wants to hang out with us which means she will be super unhappy if we put her in her chair and walk away. This is especially evident when Brian comes home from work and spends about 20 minutes playing with her and then goes to put her down and wash up for dinner and she's like "Don't you dare walk away from me Dad!" except it comes out like "AAAUUUUGGGHHHHHH!!!!!"

But most of all, she is just about the darndest cutest baby you have ever seen.
Photo by Brian Andrew Photography (my shameless plug for my hubs)

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Well Day 2 of Insanity is done. I know what you're thinking... I thought you started it a week ago? You're right. I did. And then I took a week off to recuperate. Isn't that how you exercise? Do it one day, kill yourself and your body so you can't move for a week, then repeat...?


Just me then?

Ok well I'm not letting a little thing like not being able to sit down for a week get me down. The first day after "Day 1 of Insanity", I was holding Allie and preparing to sit on the couch to feed her. About halfway between the standing position and the sitting position, my legs started to quiver and shake. Turns out the extra 18 pound baby was a bit too much for my poor thighs and they just collapsed and gave up. Lucky for me (and Allie), the couch broke our fall.

But enough about me and the machines I try to mimic once a week, let's talk about more exciting things. Like teething babies. Or growth spurts. Or teething + growth spurts = no more 8 hours of sleep at night.

None of those sound like appealing topics after all. What really sounds appealing right now is eating a whole bowl of cookie dough while I soak my poor muscles in a hot bath.

Wait... you're not supposed to down a bowl of cookie dough after working out?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year, New Goals, New Haircut.

Oooo almost a month since I've posted! That's like a record or something. Maybe?

Anyway, the past month has been super busy... I mean so busy I haven't even caught up on my blog reading. Yeah, crazy. I know. Remember long times ago when I talked about my husband doing his own business and how we were excited and praying about it and all that jazz? That was like a year ago. I know, I know... things have been on hold for-what-seems-like-ever but then we had a baby and then like, the world was gonna end but now it looks like we've survived another apocalypse so we're getting the ball rolling on things. I'd love to spill more beans but it's really in the planning stage now and I promise to keep you guys posted when I can... because you know I'm gonna be like his #1 fan and advertiser. :D

In the past few weeks, I've also completed a few more scarves and as soon as I can wrangle my husband for a free hour and find a willing model, I'm going to post these bad boys on Etsy. Right? Look at us go! New year, new goals, new... haircut. Because I did. I cut my hair. Yes, I cut my own hair and I may have accidentally gone shorter than I had planned. Don't freak out, I haven't had someone else cut my hair in like 6 years and I'm actually pretty good at it. At any rate, post-partum shedding was getting me down and it looks so much fuller and healthier now. You probably wouldn't notice a difference because it went from being obscenely long to like normal long but at least Brian noticed right away. Score one for the hubs.

Ooh also, Allie is driving. Just kidding, but man, that kid can grow! She is coming up on 5 months and already stretching the toes on her footsie pajamas that are 6 month size. I'll have to do an update post about her later because I just. Can't. Get. Enough.

Ooohhh aaaalsoooo.... I'm finally getting her nursery decorations done! I have all the fabric for her mobile and a banner and we finally got a recliner for her room. I'll have to do a nursery post about all that later.

Ooooohhh aaallllssssooooo... I started doing Insanity. It is called that for a reason. I believe 3 minutes into the video, I decided that machines must be doing this because those can't be human beings with lungs and like, you know, real muscles that I'm watching.

Lastly, this year is gonna rock my socks off. I can already tell. I've got goals in life (no, NOT resolutions) and I'm slowly crossing things off of my list. Now I can cross "blog" off also.