Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh Blogger

This has officially weirded me out. I decided to check my stats page to see what links are being followed to my page. I found myself on Pinterest which was kind of cool but then I saw this under the Google search:

black puma attacking aggresive


And yes they spelled aggressive wrong.

The worst Monday ever?

Well, I've got several things going against me today.

I have a birthday gift card to Old Navy that is literally (ok, not literally) burning a whole in my pocket. It must be spent. IMMEDIATELY. Unfortunately I have to wait until tonight after I get off work. (It was given to me yesterday. My husband had to physically restrain me from immediately sprinting to Old Navy to spend it.)

Secondly, guess what!!! Guess what guess what guess what!!!!!!

My husband and I are going to LA this weekend. AUUUUGGGHHHHHH!!!! {Insert super excited kind of crazy scary smiley face here}

I'm so so so SO SO SO excited to see my family. See, my precious baby sister was born exactly one week before me (3 years after me) and from that day on, I've never had a birthday to myself. (My older sister shares a birthday celebration with Jesus so it's like a family thing.) I don't think I ever really cared because we usually got our own presents and it was easier to have the family do one celebration. As we get older, we still celebrate together the weekend that falls between our birthdays.

By going to Disneyland.

I'm not kidding guys, ever since like age 20, I've gone to Disneyland for my birthday every year. I have the "It's my birthday!" buttons to prove it.

And this year will be no different.


So NOW can you see why this week will be the most dreadfully long week of my life?

True to form, I am already planning an outfit. It's supposed to be cold so I think sweater, boots and a scarf will be the way to go.

I really do own boots that look kind of like those ones shown below. Once upon a time I was at Ross looking for black boots and I found a pair of Nine West black boots for $29 which was like the best day ever.

Well, the best shopping day.

Okay, not the best shopping day because I think the best shopping day was when I went shopping with Jen last year and blew my $150 savings in one shot but came away with 3 beloved cardigans that I still wear to this day. In fact, I'm wearing one today.

I also came away with cognac knee high boots for $9 from Old Navy. That is not a typo people. $9. There was no price on the boots so I asked the cashier how much they were and her response was "Does $9 sound good to you?" Honey, not only does that sound good but I think my heart just stopped.

That was the best shopping day ever.

I know those jeans look like mom-jeans but they are not. They're skinnies from Old Navy. Or maybe they are mom-jeans and I'm in denial.

I felt like going really monochramatic mostly because I love that sweater. Please note it's from Old Navy so if all goes according to plan, I will be the owner of that sweater by 6pm tonight. I'm hoping that it's not really $54 because if it is, my plan will be foiled. Seriously Old Navy? You're killing me here.

I threw that wristlet in there because taking a huge purse to Disneyland is a drag and I know deep down in the world of fashion being completely monochramatic is also a drag.

I'm also into stud earrings these days. Not sure why but those just called out to me. "The gold calls to us..." Name that movie!
Untitled #27
As if that wasn't enough to make this week forever long, we're also having sushi for dinner on Saturday.

Let's just recap:
  •  LA trip to see my family
  •  Shopping at Old Navy (for free since gift cards are like free money)
  •  Disneyland
  •  Sushi
These are all ingredients for a very, very good recipe.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Random things of course

It is Friday and once again I'm looking forward to the weekend with a full 8 hour day ahead of me which = incredibly slow time just barely creeping by. Why is that? Why does the weekend seem to fly by but the work day is so incredibly mind-numbingly slow? It's a cruel joke on those of us who work Monday through Friday. "It is cruel! Truly cruel!" I won't even bother asking you to name that movie because you haven't seen it nearly as many times as I have so I'll just tell you it's Emma.

What a funky week it's been. I was trying desperately to be creative with the frame collage and I was unhappy with the results. I missed the gym 3 times because of other things that I had to do and now my butt is just really sore from the one time I did go and the instructor made us do squats and lunges until I toppled over taking the barbell with me.

Okay I didn't really topple. But walking out to my car was scary because I thought for sure my legs would just give out and I'd have to drag my body to the car by doing an army crawl. By the grace of God, not only did my legs carry me to my car but they managed to work the gas and brake pedals all the way home too. Success!

Now my butt hurts so good every time I sit down. And I mean good because I have hopes of fitting into my jeans once more without this grotesque muffin top I've been dealing with for oh... 10 years.

Seriously. Senior year of high school body - where are you? Why have you left me? Was it all the late night runs to Starbucks and Panda Express during college that drove you away? I'm sorry. I've given up both in hopes that you'll come back to me, but you appear to be holding a grudge. Jerk.

This weekend I will be:
  • having bowling night with our High School group. Humiliate myself in front of pre-pubescent teenagers? Yes please!
  • sleeping.
The end.

I kid. But seriously I feel like the past 2 days have been rough with just a few hours of restless sleep and I'm way in debt in my sleep account.

Ohhhhhhhh yeah. I almost forgot to tell you guys. There is one more thing we will be doing this weekend. One perk of my husband building a house: he brings home leftovers.

Yep. Our apartment is overflowing with pallets, chunks of wood, particle board and windows. Yes, windows. I'm not sure what he's planning on doing with those but he's artsy fartsy and I'll let him have his cake and eat it too. After all, our bedroom is overflowing with my clothing so I guess I owe him.

I don't actually know if we'll get around to making these chunks of wood into something since he has a men's meeting for church and I plan on being comatose the whole weekend, but we'll see what happens.

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creepy Crawly Things

Since the cold weather has been slowly creeping into Nor Cal, the spiders around our apartment have descended and are moving right in. Now as you might remember from this post, I don't enjoy critters as roommates and even less when they are creepy crawly ones. So now I will share with you my cringe-worthy spider stories.


Story #1
{Setting: my husband has brought his big bag of tools in from his truck to make room for something else and this bag of tools is sitting in the middle of our living room/dining room. Also, he is out of town for work so I'm home alone. Convenient.}
I was walking past the big bag of tools (which is too heavy for me to move onto the porch) when I see a BLACK WIDOW crawl over one of the tools and drop into the bag. I froze. WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO WHEN YOU SEE A SPIDER DISAPPEARS SOMEWHERE?!?!?!? I panicked because there's no way I'd be able to fall asleep without wondering if that spider stayed there or if it decided to come out and terrorize me. So I did what any sane girl who's home alone with a spider would do. Put on my rubber cleaning gloves, grabbed a hammer and proceeded to hook the hammer into the tools, one by one to remove them from the bag. When I had finally dumped out the whole bag, the spider was nowhere to be found. So I turned the bag upside down and banged it with the hammer which apparently confused the spider because it came scurrying out and then I smashed it with the hammer.

Then I took a video of it and sent it to my husband. He was so proud.

Also, in case you're wondering, I vacuumed up the remains because I wasn't about to touch the dead spider even with rubber gloves and a napkin.

Story #2
{Setting: enjoying a lazy Saturday night watching a movie with my hubs after a full dinner}
Me: "AUUUGHHHHH A SPIDER!!! A SPIDER!!!" (It's crawling on the floor making a mad dash for our couch)
B: So kill it.
B: You're holding a napkin in your hand. Come on, you're a big girl.
Me: (Screaming over and over as I put my hand down with the napkin to squash the spider and then screaming some more, I left the napkin on the floor covering it.)
B: Well. Confirm the kill.
Me: (Pouting now that my husband has traumatized me) No. I don't want to.
B: Come on...
Me: No. You do it.
B: (Husband lifts the napkin to find THE SPIDER IS MISSING.)
Me: *Starts whimpering
B: See. That's why you have to confirm the kill right away.
Me: (Spends the rest of the night pouting with my feet up on the couch and later tries to convince her husband to move the whole sofa and pull out cushions to find the spider but to no avail.)

Story #2
{Setting: immediately after story #1, we have now gone to bed and I'm lying there wide awake when...}
Me: (Sits up spastically swatting my arm and runs to turn the light on.)
B: What?!? What's wrong?!?!
Me: I felt something crawling on my arm. It was that spider from earlier. It's coming back to have vengeance on me for squashing it. I can't fall asleep.
(We proceed to pull back the comforter and sheets to find nothing.)
B: Okay I don't think the spider is after you with a personal vengeance.
Me: YOU DON'T KNOW THAT. (Proceeds to lie awake for several hours in mortal fear and then have dreams that spiders were crawling all over me and I couldn't move because they had paralyzed me. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I HAVE TO KILL A SPIDER AND IT DOESN'T DIE.)

Story #3
{Setting: Leaving the house this morning at 6:30 a.m}
I walked out and as I turn to lock the door, a spider that appears to have made a web on the door frame is dangling inches from my face. I scream and instinctively swat at the web with my purse so the spider drops to the floor where I smash it with my shoe and cringed a little bit because I was wearing flip flops and it could've stuck to the bottom of my shoe and managed to stay alive and then crawl on my foot while I was driving and don't think for one second that all this didn't flash through my brain as I watched it crawl away. But the strong desire to never see that spider alive again came over me and I smashed it with my flip-flopped foot. Like really good. I confirmed the kill just in time to see a bigger blacker spider crawl under the door step. Yay.

All that to say, I'm moving to Alaska. I hear they don't have spiders there.

P.S. Have you noticed that spiders are never small? They're always huge and ugly and probably venemous.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Collage Project

Okay so I'm revealing this project because it's been months but I'm not sure I'm done with it yet... I'm gonna mull it over a few more days. I think it needs a bit more... oomph. Don't you think?

Also, sorry about some of the bad pics. I took some late at night in our cave apartment and some were taken during the day outside. Natural light is way better than artificial always.

Also, I've taken pictures of these on the floor because I'm not hanging them in our apartment, this was a project for a friend.

*Sigh... I'm  just not entirely happy with it yet but we'll see what happens...

Cost of frames from Goodwill: $9
Spray paint: $3
Total project cost: $12 and some time

Monday, October 24, 2011

Jobs and Work and Stuff

So I'm sitting at home tonight wondering what it would be like to work from home. I secretly want to be a personal shopper for people but no one wants to pay hundreds of dollars for someone else to do their shopping. But let's think about this. I love to shop. I happen to love dressing people. My resume would say that I have about 12 years experience of doing this with my Barbies. I love to put outfits together and accessorize. And I don't just love doing this for myself (although that is lots and lots of fun of course). I have actually done this for my sister and my old roommate. It was fun! I loved it! And I've always wondered how I could do that for a living. (I think I charged them a meal from Tommy's... which is like $7. If I lived off of Tommy's I'd weigh 3,000 lbs and be homeless.)

Here's what spurred me on: my husband has been thinking about doing something that he loves. I am totally supportive and excited and scared but we've been praying and we're going to trust the Lord to take care of us no matter what (since He's been doing that for oh... 26 years and He's never failed me once).

But then I got jealous. I want to have the job that I love. I want to look forward to going to work everyday. I want to get paid to do something fun and interesting.

Does that sound like a complaint to you? Because it is. So here's the question: where's the line with being happy and content with how abundantly the Lord has blessed you and not settling for second best with your life choices?

I'm not sure I know... in the meantime, I will gladly do my work that God has blessed me with because I know He has me there for a reason and a season but I'll still wistfully dream about dressing people up. Like the closet scene in Clueless. Except I'm the computer and the world is my closet. Or something like that.

"Lucy, you know I don't speak Mexican!"
"I not a Mexican!"
"What was that about?"
"Lucy's from El Salvador. It's like a whole other country. You get mad if someone thinks you live below Sunset."

And here's a little sneak peek/teaser of the frame project in it's final stages...

Friday, October 21, 2011

A very merry un-birthday but almost birthday

It's that time of year. No, not Christmas because we still have 3 holidays before then.

Halloween, my birthday and Thanksgiving. Duh.

My birthday is usally celebrated by the nation, in case you didn't know. It happens to fall on November 9th which is right around Veterans Day and the world takes a day off of work for me. And the Veterans. But minor details.

I decided to make a birthday list of things I would buy myself if my husband said "Here's $1,000 and you HAVE to spend it on yourself for your birthday right before I take you to Disneyland for a few days." (Please note that I would never willingly spend $1,000 on myself or these things because that's an insane amount of money to spend on something that isn't a car but a girl can drool and dream, right?) {Also note that I am probably not going to Disneyland for a few days but a little teeny tiny part of me hopes...}

Toms. This is probably the most affordable thing on my list and I'm fairly certain I'll actually get these from a certain family member who has a few pairs herself. Plus you help a kid in need so like she said "it would be like a crime not to buy a pair".

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

Here's where we get expensive. A few years ago my parents bought me a silver watch from Guess that I LOVED. Well... truth be told, they bought me a watch that I thought I would love except it turned out to be too small so I returned it for a giant chunky watch that I loved. A few months ago, the battery died and it's not like replacing batteries in a toy car so it's sitting in my jewelry box waiting to be fixed and loved again. So either a) fix my old watch or b) buy me this one:

An iPad. I realize this is like a giant iPhone (which I already have) but Steve Jobs died so I have to buy one. (By the way, someone explain to Pinterest that the pictures need to be bigger and not blurrier when you enlarge them. Just saying.)

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

I love a big bag. I love being able to carry everything I need and maybe it's something like a security blanket to me. I can take on the world with a big bag. I feel comfortable and prepared for anything like a zombie attack.

So what if this is actually a diaper bag. Maybe I want a little pocket to carry my own bottle (for water of course) and some little zippy bags for stuff like tampons and bobby pins. No one has to know it's a diaper bag. Except you guys of course... don't tell anyone.

These socks. The yellow and black ones haunt me. I still can't bring myself to pay $24 for a pair of socks but maybe someone in this world wants me to own them and will send them to me because they love me so.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Endorphins are crack

There are some things that inevitably happen on my way home from the gym all hopped up on endorphins. A certain song like Gloria Estefan's "Conga" or the Bee Gees "Staying Alive" comes on and I find myself, more than once, bouncing along in my seat and dancing as much as I can while working the steering wheel and gas pedal. Sometimes that just means rocking back and forth while spastically shaking my shoulders. It's fun. Then I start to think crazy things like "Does anyone know what the guy is saying before the chorus before he says 'Staying alive, staying alive'?" I usually just mumble and say things like "Na na na na na na na na na na na staying alive, staying alive... I don't think anyone really knows. Except Mr. Bee. Or Mr. Gee.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have a sickness. These are the symptoms:
  • I can't leave a Target or Old Navy without some article of clothing when it's less than $5.
  • I can't buy things that are not earth tone colors or stripes.
  • I can't resist a 75% off sale.
  • I can't let my savings grow past $25 before spending it.
  • I can't get rid of things in my closet that I never wear to make room for things I actually wear.
  • I keep buying striped tops thinking that I have no striped tops.
What is that sickness? Anyone? Is there a cure?

Well, if there is, I'm not so sure I want it.

I walked away from Old Navy last night (after surviving the gym - yay!) with 5 things that cost me just $30 total. A few sweaters, a few striped tops and I was back to $0 balance in my personal savings. But 75% off!!!!!! How could anyone resist a shirt that was previously $17 marked down to $4??? I'd like to see you try to resist that. My husband mentioned that he wouldn't have to get me a birthday present since I've bought all the things I need and then some.

I said he could still take me to Disneyland.

I'll let you know what the verdict is on that one.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tragedy strikes.

I had the most tragic, horrific, awful, no good, very bad day on Friday that actually turned out to not be so bad.

The internet and the phones weren't working at work. That means I could hardly do work and I couldn't do any of my procrastination!!!

It was a most tragic day.

This tragic day resulted in me having to leave work early though. So that was a nice little perk. Early start to a weekend is always a total plus in my book.

Also, we had some meeting so I also got sushi for lunch on Friday. So it was like the most horrific tragic day and also the best day at the same time. I don't really know how that works so don't ask me to explain.

But the most tragic part is that I had such a hilarious story for you guys and I couldn't tell it right away. Well, hilarious to me.

I decided when I got home on Thursday that I would try this little workout I found on Pinterest:
  • 20 squats
  • 30 lunges
  • 40 toe-touches
  • 50 second wall sit
  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 50 second wall sit
  • 40 toe-touches
  • 30 lunges
  • 20 squats
Seems simple enough, right?

Wrong, people.

Well, wrong for me.

I got to the 100 jumping jacks part (that's right, halfway) and I was dying. I mean dying. Like seeing spots and feeling dizzy kind of dying.

And then guess what? I was extremely, excrutiatingly sore the rest of the weekend. To the point that getting in and out of the car was difficult.

The rest of the weekend we got the normal errands stuff done like going to the bank and buying groceries and boring lame stuff like that. BUT we also got to celebrate a friend's birthday on Saturday night with a big Russian family and that was TONS of fun. They're basically like a big Mexican family except they call their grandma "babushka" and they serve things like beef and potatoes.

We Mexicans ALWAYS have frijoles and carne asada. That's how we roll.

Anyway, Sunday was a blur of church, football, church and it was mostly blurry because as soon as we got home from morning church I basically slept until night church even though I had things to do.

Evidently I was tired. Or lazy... Or still suffering from ripped and torn muscles.

After catching up on ALL of my work, I am back on the internet but no longer procrastinating - merely taking up time until I get off work.

And then....

I'm going to the gym.

I cringe just thinking about it.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Words and things

This is just a glimpse into some daily, weird, strange and funny conversations that I find myself in.

{Setting: my husband is texting me about installing a roof in the pouring rain}
B: Yeah the rain is fun. I'm scampering around on the roof with a nail gun nailing wood near the edge. I wouldn't mind dying of carpooltunnel in a cubicle right now. Yes, I said carpooltunnel.
Me: Oh be careful... And you can die of carpal tunnel silly.
B: I know that's what I said...?
Me: Hahaha... you're so dilly.
Me: Which is like silly.
Me: With a dill whole.
B: Maybe you meant "can't" die?
Me: Oh. Hahaha I didn't even notice...

{Setting: my baby sister has just cancelled her cable to save money}
V: It's 8:40 and I'm almost ready for bed. Is this how Amish people live?
Me: Ayy V* you exaggerate...
V: I feel like I should save electricity too and walk around with candles...
Me: And take a horse and buggy to work to save gas?
V: No. At least then I could use my bike.
V: Although a horse and buggy would be less work for me.
Me: Yeah but then you'd have to feed the horse...
V: In that case I'll just ride my bike... and rope a wagon to it in case I need to transfer stuff.
Me: HAHAHAHAHA.... and don't forget your helmet and you'll need a horn to let people know they have to get out of the way.
V: I already have a loud bell. I don't have a helmet. I'll just rubber band a plastic bowl to my head.

{Setting: I've called my mom while she's walking the dogs (Rocky and Zoey) in the morning}
Me: So yeah... we were talking about Thanksgi-
M: ROCKY!!! Let her poop!!!
M: Sorry mija... what?
Me: You guys maybe driving up for Thanksgiving?
{Insert our conversation about Thanksgiving}
M: Hi Coco! Did you miss us?!?! (That's my mom saying hi to the neighbor dogs...)

{Setting: Friend is texting me from her job of watching 1st graders during their lunch time}
B: So this little first grader that has a crush on me saved me his dessert from his lunch. I'm such a fatty! I took it.
Me: B* you took a 1st graders dessert snack???
B: He saved it for me. But yeah. I'm that pathetic.
Me: Well still. Why are you seducing 1st graders into giving you their desserts??
B: Yeah. I'm a fatty. I felt that I had to admit that to someone.
Me: Join the club. I'm like the president of the fatties.
B: It was SO good though.
Me: Yeah you definitely are a fatty.
(You can read her account of the story here)

{Setting: a chat with my older sister}
S: funny story:
Me: do tell.
S: so c* and I applied for life ins. and they came to take a small medical exam to make sure we qualify
S: only he had to try to get blood twice, second time he lost the vein and was digging around and he took half of what he needed and I started to get dizzy
we went outside and he gave me a cup of water to drink, I hadn't eaten any food for 11 hours and I lost the function of my motor skills
I missed my mouth with the cup of water
I could barely see, I was breathing like I was in labor. its a horrible feeling. we have to re-schedule, he needs more blood
Me: that's not funny at all!!!! are you ok???
S: well its funny now
Me: well ok... then haha

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

File under "Things I loathe"

Can I just vent here for a minute? (Like there's really any other purpose to this blog sometimes but whatev.)

I really, really dislike going to the dentist. I mean I would fake my own death just to avoid it. In fact, I did avoid it. For 6 years. Then 2 years ago I finally decided I should use that health insurance I was paying for every month and go.

Well 6 years avoiding the dentist gets you 5 cavities, weak gums and a visit every 3 months for the next 2 years.

At least that's what it got me.

It's like the dentist knows that I hate going so they're making me go as much as they possibly can. To be fair, it's not the cleanings I hate - although the high pitched screeching metal banging around in my mouth and scraping my teeth is really uncomfortable. It's the cavity filling I despise. And no matter how adamantly I floss, I still manage to have at least 1 or 2 cavities because of my stupid weak gums.

Well all that to say that I was REALLY REALLY dreading having to go to the dentist yesterday. I finally dragged my feet there and 25 minutes later, I was done with the cleaning and NO CAVITIES TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE AT ALL!!!!

Of course they did still worry and fret over my super weak gums that are probably going to give out on me in like a year and then all my teeth will fall out and then I will die because I can't eat steak or pizza again.

Not that I'm like thinking worst case scenario or anything.

And okay, that's not what they said. They recommended a deep cleaning with laser treatment next summer that will literally cost me my arm so I'm deciding which one I want to sell. I think I'll go with the left since I'm right-handed but then I wouldn't be able to type. Maybe I can get one of those microphone dictating programs.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Rainy days

Yesterday it was pouring rain all day. Today it's going to be 80 degrees and sunny. Saying California weather is moody is an understatement but that's why I love it here.

Because of the rain, I came to work with a total lack of desire to do any actual work. Well, let's be honest. The rain can't be blamed because I come to work with that desire almost every day and it's a fight in my soul to not be a lazy bum with a horrible work ethic. Anyway, my day was spent doing the least amount of work possible, browsing Pinterest, reading blogs, browsing Pinterest and browsing Pinterest.

I had aspirations of being productive last night but after plopping on the sofa and doing some reading and studying for a few hours, I decided to watch Tangled and totally got sucked in. I thought it would be a good background movie since I've never seen it and I'd have to pull the "don't you love me??" card to get my husband to watch it with me. I decided to spare him the torture and watch it on the night that he's gone. I totally cried at the end. I won't spoil it for you guys but it's a tear jerker. Anyway, I was totally engrossed with the movie and there is nothing crafty that got done except for the evil hag's craftiness to get Rapunzel back. Ok, ok I won't spoil it for you guys.

I also cried watching this video on Saturday. Twice. My husband was so confused why she was crying and then looked at me and was completely dumbfounded to find me crying also. Please don't ask me to explain. All I can say is Disneyland is the best and I'm quitting work and moving to live there with Mickey. Now to just get my husband to jump on this bandwagon...

Browsing Pinterest has several effects on me:
  • I want to forget savings and blow every single paycheck on an entire new wardrobe.
  • I want to exercise.
  • Yeah, right. Who am I kidding? I will never WANT to exercise. I WANT to have the fit, in shape, can run several miles if her life depended on it body without the work.
  • I want to quit my job and do something fun like browse Pinterest for a living.
  • I want to cook things and make crafty holiday stuff for Christmas that will have no good effect on my body weight or budget.
  • I want to forget savings and blow every single paycheck on an entire new wardrobe.
I'm fairly certain that none of these are particularly good things to be effected with so I think I might have to quit the Pinterest.

Starting Monday.


Starting January 1st.


Umm... never mind. I'm not strong enough.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Chicken Tortilla Soup

Once the chilly weather hits, I have a sudden strong urge to a) not work b) build a fireplace in our apartment and c) make soups.

One of those urges was satisfied this week.

I turned to my trusty PW Cooks website and found a recipe for chicken tortilla soup which is basically "chicken chili" according to my husband. Here's what I did/did not do (since we've established that I'm not an excellent recipe follower):
  • I quadrupled the amount of chicken she puts in because we love meats in our house and 2 chicken breasts did not seem like a sufficient ratio of chicken:soup.
  • I did not use cumin but a combination of garlic powder, chili powder and taco seasoning (which had cumin in it).
  • I used water instead of chicken broth because water is free.
  • I forgot about the corn meal step because I was hungry.
  • I did not add onions or cilantro as garnish because we ain't that fancy.
  • I did splurge and get a $0.89 avocado to garnish with because I love avocadoes.
It was ABSOLUTELY yummy and perfect for a cold winter-y night a.k.a. 60 degrees. Just wait until it gets down into the 40's. I'm a So Cal girl born and bred so that's like freezing to me. Anyway, the hubs totally approved because he loves chicken and chili so it was like a meal come true for him.

Click here to see Pioneer Woman's recipe and try it for yourself!

I love me some soup with my sour cream.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's that time of year

Not Christmas. Although I am already playing my Charlie Brown Christmas sountrack. Time to love on Old Navy. Just so you guys know, Old Navy doesn't pay me to love them (maybe they should). I just love them because they work with my budget and they have simple classic pieces that can be dressed up or bedazzled with jewelry.

Since we've been hit with instant winter weather, which for Nor Cal means cold with rain, I'm obsessed with all things sweater and coats. One thing I dislike? Having to wait until a) my savings is built up enough to buy more things and b) all the "new arrivals" go on sale. But I can drool on my keyboard just the same...

These socks aren't from Old Navy but I saw them on Pinterest and I just love. $24 for a pair though. That part I don't love. Not one little bit.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A little glimpse of life

Here's what I came home to yesterday:
How pretty are my kitchen towels? See how my eyes move right past the mess onto the prettiness?

Crusted stack of dishes and flour on our sink. By the way, that's one of those wide serving forks... not some trick of the eye.

A still dripping crusty mixer from the 50's with a bag of flour behind it
that I've yet to put into the glass container we have for it.

The dried bowl of banana bread batter because I was too lazy to rinse it out.
Now do you see what I'm dealing with on a daily basis? I decided last night to not be the lazy, awful, procrastinating wife that I normally am and cleaned this kitchen, studied for my women's bible study on Saturday and did laundry!

Somebody give me a sticker. Or at least a pat on the back.

.....for doing what I'm supposed to be doing...?

Monday, October 3, 2011

Cases in point

  • My baby sister text'd me that after reading my post on feeling stupid, she finally got what our sister's husband twin brother meant. Point proven. We had a good laugh. Naturally.
  • I burned the top of my mouth yesterday because I bit into my slice of pizza before it had sufficiently cooled off. This is what my friend Jen likes to call "a fat girl moment". You know, where you're so hungry and ready to eat food that you just warmed up that you either get impatient and don't let it heat up long enough and have cold food or you get impatient waiting for it to cool down and burn your mouth.
  • My husband is gone again tonight. I have aspirations of getting things done but let's be honest here. I'll probably plop on the sofa, pop in a depressing romantic movie and eat random junk like pickles and cookie dough.
  • I did actually nearly finish the collage I've been working on. Here's what's hindering me at the moment: laziness. Shocker? Well to be fair, laziness and procrastination. I'd fire me if I were me.
  • Having a craving of any kind will prompt people to wonder if you're pregnant.
  • Also, wearing a shirt dress with a belt around your natural waist will prompt people to ask if you're pregnant. It will also prompt you to burn that shirt dress.
  • We have cold weather. Instead of wearing the cute boots and scarves and outfits that I had planned, I'm wearing jeans, a t-shirt and hoodie and moccasins. And by cold I mean cool breezes in 70 degree weather with overcast skies.
  • I have a strong urge to play Christmas music.
  • I also have a strong urge to go to Disneyland again. Mickey, I miss you so.
  • Christmas is the best. It's just such a wonderful time of coziness and fun. I don't think we're getting a tree this year since we hardly used our tree last year and it took up half the space in our teeny apartment but I might get a burst of energy and like hang some lights or something.
  • I had to watch a training on "Code of Conduct" today. The narrator explained that we can't discriminate against our co-workers and then proceeded to have a "real life example" where a man said something like "No... we can't use Kim. She's too ethnic."
  • I know it's officially winter because it's still dark when I get to work. Doesn't that make you sad?
  • Guess what! We finally got internet. I got home the other day and excitedly logged on and then realized that I have nothing to look at since I spend all day at work looking at stuff online. I'm hoping this will make me add pictures to my blog more regularly. Clearly it has already helped in that area.
  • Until tomorrow...