Friday, October 28, 2011

Random things of course

It is Friday and once again I'm looking forward to the weekend with a full 8 hour day ahead of me which = incredibly slow time just barely creeping by. Why is that? Why does the weekend seem to fly by but the work day is so incredibly mind-numbingly slow? It's a cruel joke on those of us who work Monday through Friday. "It is cruel! Truly cruel!" I won't even bother asking you to name that movie because you haven't seen it nearly as many times as I have so I'll just tell you it's Emma.

What a funky week it's been. I was trying desperately to be creative with the frame collage and I was unhappy with the results. I missed the gym 3 times because of other things that I had to do and now my butt is just really sore from the one time I did go and the instructor made us do squats and lunges until I toppled over taking the barbell with me.

Okay I didn't really topple. But walking out to my car was scary because I thought for sure my legs would just give out and I'd have to drag my body to the car by doing an army crawl. By the grace of God, not only did my legs carry me to my car but they managed to work the gas and brake pedals all the way home too. Success!

Now my butt hurts so good every time I sit down. And I mean good because I have hopes of fitting into my jeans once more without this grotesque muffin top I've been dealing with for oh... 10 years.

Seriously. Senior year of high school body - where are you? Why have you left me? Was it all the late night runs to Starbucks and Panda Express during college that drove you away? I'm sorry. I've given up both in hopes that you'll come back to me, but you appear to be holding a grudge. Jerk.

This weekend I will be:
  • having bowling night with our High School group. Humiliate myself in front of pre-pubescent teenagers? Yes please!
  • sleeping.
The end.

I kid. But seriously I feel like the past 2 days have been rough with just a few hours of restless sleep and I'm way in debt in my sleep account.

Ohhhhhhhh yeah. I almost forgot to tell you guys. There is one more thing we will be doing this weekend. One perk of my husband building a house: he brings home leftovers.

Yep. Our apartment is overflowing with pallets, chunks of wood, particle board and windows. Yes, windows. I'm not sure what he's planning on doing with those but he's artsy fartsy and I'll let him have his cake and eat it too. After all, our bedroom is overflowing with my clothing so I guess I owe him.

I don't actually know if we'll get around to making these chunks of wood into something since he has a men's meeting for church and I plan on being comatose the whole weekend, but we'll see what happens.

Have a lovely weekend!