Monday, October 3, 2011

Cases in point

  • My baby sister text'd me that after reading my post on feeling stupid, she finally got what our sister's husband twin brother meant. Point proven. We had a good laugh. Naturally.
  • I burned the top of my mouth yesterday because I bit into my slice of pizza before it had sufficiently cooled off. This is what my friend Jen likes to call "a fat girl moment". You know, where you're so hungry and ready to eat food that you just warmed up that you either get impatient and don't let it heat up long enough and have cold food or you get impatient waiting for it to cool down and burn your mouth.
  • My husband is gone again tonight. I have aspirations of getting things done but let's be honest here. I'll probably plop on the sofa, pop in a depressing romantic movie and eat random junk like pickles and cookie dough.
  • I did actually nearly finish the collage I've been working on. Here's what's hindering me at the moment: laziness. Shocker? Well to be fair, laziness and procrastination. I'd fire me if I were me.
  • Having a craving of any kind will prompt people to wonder if you're pregnant.
  • Also, wearing a shirt dress with a belt around your natural waist will prompt people to ask if you're pregnant. It will also prompt you to burn that shirt dress.
  • We have cold weather. Instead of wearing the cute boots and scarves and outfits that I had planned, I'm wearing jeans, a t-shirt and hoodie and moccasins. And by cold I mean cool breezes in 70 degree weather with overcast skies.
  • I have a strong urge to play Christmas music.
  • I also have a strong urge to go to Disneyland again. Mickey, I miss you so.
  • Christmas is the best. It's just such a wonderful time of coziness and fun. I don't think we're getting a tree this year since we hardly used our tree last year and it took up half the space in our teeny apartment but I might get a burst of energy and like hang some lights or something.
  • I had to watch a training on "Code of Conduct" today. The narrator explained that we can't discriminate against our co-workers and then proceeded to have a "real life example" where a man said something like "No... we can't use Kim. She's too ethnic."
  • I know it's officially winter because it's still dark when I get to work. Doesn't that make you sad?
  • Guess what! We finally got internet. I got home the other day and excitedly logged on and then realized that I have nothing to look at since I spend all day at work looking at stuff online. I'm hoping this will make me add pictures to my blog more regularly. Clearly it has already helped in that area.
  • Until tomorrow...