Friday, October 21, 2011

A very merry un-birthday but almost birthday

It's that time of year. No, not Christmas because we still have 3 holidays before then.

Halloween, my birthday and Thanksgiving. Duh.

My birthday is usally celebrated by the nation, in case you didn't know. It happens to fall on November 9th which is right around Veterans Day and the world takes a day off of work for me. And the Veterans. But minor details.

I decided to make a birthday list of things I would buy myself if my husband said "Here's $1,000 and you HAVE to spend it on yourself for your birthday right before I take you to Disneyland for a few days." (Please note that I would never willingly spend $1,000 on myself or these things because that's an insane amount of money to spend on something that isn't a car but a girl can drool and dream, right?) {Also note that I am probably not going to Disneyland for a few days but a little teeny tiny part of me hopes...}

Toms. This is probably the most affordable thing on my list and I'm fairly certain I'll actually get these from a certain family member who has a few pairs herself. Plus you help a kid in need so like she said "it would be like a crime not to buy a pair".

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

Here's where we get expensive. A few years ago my parents bought me a silver watch from Guess that I LOVED. Well... truth be told, they bought me a watch that I thought I would love except it turned out to be too small so I returned it for a giant chunky watch that I loved. A few months ago, the battery died and it's not like replacing batteries in a toy car so it's sitting in my jewelry box waiting to be fixed and loved again. So either a) fix my old watch or b) buy me this one:

An iPad. I realize this is like a giant iPhone (which I already have) but Steve Jobs died so I have to buy one. (By the way, someone explain to Pinterest that the pictures need to be bigger and not blurrier when you enlarge them. Just saying.)

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

I love a big bag. I love being able to carry everything I need and maybe it's something like a security blanket to me. I can take on the world with a big bag. I feel comfortable and prepared for anything like a zombie attack.

So what if this is actually a diaper bag. Maybe I want a little pocket to carry my own bottle (for water of course) and some little zippy bags for stuff like tampons and bobby pins. No one has to know it's a diaper bag. Except you guys of course... don't tell anyone.

These socks. The yellow and black ones haunt me. I still can't bring myself to pay $24 for a pair of socks but maybe someone in this world wants me to own them and will send them to me because they love me so.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest