Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's that time of year

Not Christmas. Although I am already playing my Charlie Brown Christmas sountrack. Time to love on Old Navy. Just so you guys know, Old Navy doesn't pay me to love them (maybe they should). I just love them because they work with my budget and they have simple classic pieces that can be dressed up or bedazzled with jewelry.

Since we've been hit with instant winter weather, which for Nor Cal means cold with rain, I'm obsessed with all things sweater and coats. One thing I dislike? Having to wait until a) my savings is built up enough to buy more things and b) all the "new arrivals" go on sale. But I can drool on my keyboard just the same...

These socks aren't from Old Navy but I saw them on Pinterest and I just love. $24 for a pair though. That part I don't love. Not one little bit.