Monday, March 31, 2014

Kitchen Plans

Since we're bouncing back and forth between the kitchen and the bathroom, I decided to create an inspiration board of what we're planning on doing with the kitchen.

The story: The custom cabinets were going to be everything I wanted in my dream kitchen but it was out of our price range (even though he gave us a really good deal) and since this isn't our permanent home, we decided to save our ideas for our dream kitchen when we actually own our own home. Our other option was to just paint the existing cabinets, but after discussing  it with the landlords (aka Brian's parents), we decided to go ahead and redo the cabinets with Ikea cabinets.

A few days before, I had received an email that Ikea was doing one of their kitchen sales so we were actually able to get all the cabinets plus appliances and still come in under budget. We didn't get a new refrigerator since ours is fairly new and in perfect working condition, but they did get a new stove, dishwasher, and hood. They ended up saving over $1k with their 20% off discount. And I say "they" but since they're in Maui, we did all the legwork and research and actual buying of everything.

Brian is going to do concrete counters on part of the kitchen (the island will be butcher block). I decided to do black accessories when I saw this pin on Pinterest. I have yet to see a Rifle Paper Co. print that I didn't love and since we didn't do any upper cabinets, I'll actually be able to hang some art in the kitchen (and possibly do some open shelving). We had that Ikea fabric as a curtain in our last kitchen but I really really want to do some black/white striped curtains to go with the French bistro vibe that this seems to be taking on.

I'll share the plans and process in detail once we get going on the kitchen but before any installing can happen, demo-ing the cabinets and painting the walls and ceiling has to happen. There's also a chance that new drywall will need to be hung on one wall that faces the outside, depending on what we find when we rip out the cabinets.

We also want to live with things like the blank walls for awhile before we jump into open shelving right away but still -- a lot to finish before things even get started. So for now, I'll just share my inspirations...

A Mostly Ikea Kitchen

Friday, March 28, 2014

Mommy & Me Styling

Since I'm on a parenting kick this week, what better way to finish than with a Mommy & Me style set?

Allie is growing way too fast. I'm in a bit of a predicament because the summer clothes and shoes I ordered are taking a long time to get here. (Don't even get me started on the disaster that is our mail forwarding. We had our stuff forwarded here but now it's ending up in Maui because our in-laws, with the same last name, forwarded all their mail to Maui. Yeah.) And since the weather has been surprisingly warm these last few weeks, it's not like she can wear all her long sleeve shirts that still fit. I also don't want to buy her another pair of summer shoes when I've already ordered some sandals for her but wearing moccasins in 80 degree weather is only going to last so long. Sigh.

This is basically what we wore to church last Sunday. It's a well known fact among mothers that sometimes you end up matching your kids without meaning to. I was in a navy/army green combo mood so I unintentionally coordinated with my daughter but whatevs.

Mommy/Toddler Set

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You might be a mom if... Part 3

Since apparently I'm on a parenting kick this week, you might be a mom to a toddler if...
  • Silence scares you. This one's pretty obvious.
  • You sometimes look forward to nap time because it's like a mini vacation.
  • You spend a lot of time asking "What do you have in your hand?" or "What's in your mouth?"
  • You sometimes stare at your child who is screaming and bouncing off the walls and laughing hysterically and wonder who's crazy child that is. Then you think "She must get it from her father." *Ahem.
  • You cherish the moments when they lay your head on your shoulder and just rest because it almost never happens. 
  • Finding a crayon in your underwear drawer, a snack container in the laundry basket, or a baby doll in the shower doesn't even make you flinch anymore. 
  • Nothing makes you panic more than hearing the toilet flush followed by "Uh oh..."
  • You've found crayon/pen marks on random things like a doll, the bedspread, your shirts. 
  • You think every new thing they do is so great/inspiring/cute/the best! Except when it's like discovering that it's fun to unroll the toilet paper. 
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Monday, March 24, 2014


Things my parents did that annoyed me:
  • Say things like "One day you'll have kids and then you'll understand."
  • Be affectionate with each other. Everywhere. All the time. Vivid memories of my dad dipping my mom in the kitchen to kiss her. Ugh. Blech. Grooooossssssssss.
  • Spend Saturday's cleaning and doing general housework. Scrub toilets? On my one day off?!?! What is this, prison??? (I'm pretty sure that's why I hate cleaning bathrooms to this day.)
  • Listen to an entire CD - every single song, from beginning to end. I'm not sure why, but as a teen, I remember listening to like 45 seconds of a song and then it was on to the next. And I ALWAYS skipped the slow songs on the CD. It about killed me when my dad wanted to listen to Lauryn Hill's entire Miseducation CD.
  • Make me go to bed early. Yeah, I was that kid who hid a book and a flashlight under her pillow to keep reading past bedtime. Rebel, rebel, am I right?
Things that Brian and I do that will probably annoy Allie someday:
  • Be affectionate. Everywhere. All the time. Pretty sure Allie already has vivid memories of us kissing. 
  • Spend Saturday's doing house work (although it's more along the "home improvements" line since I have the privilege of staying home so stuff like scrubbing toilets gets done during the week. Yay me.)
  • Dance AND sing like weirdos. This girl is going to know every last word to the soundtrack of Wicked if it kills me. And the way Brian dances to "Keep your hand on your gun"... she will die of embarrassment.
  • Loooong trips to Home Depot/Ikea/Target. We could spend hours (and thousands of dollars) at Ikea. I'm thinking the promise of $1 frozen yogurt at the end will help her cope.
So basically what I'm saying is, no matter how hard you try, you're probably gonna turn into your parents in one way or another.

And I will be that mom that bursts out into song and dance in front of Allie and her friends and make her hang her head in shame and embarrassment. She'll be all "Noooo Mom, stop, no!!!" and I'll be like "NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER!!!" and then bust out with the Carlton.

Being a parent is fun.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Friday thoughts a day early

  • We've made some major strides in our decision making for house stuff. Some of it was changes to decisions we already made, some of it was moving forward with stuff we were unsure about. Hint: We're getting a new kitchen. It's what God has provided for us so I'm thankful and stoked! Brian started cutting and drilling holes for new water/gas lines for the refrigerator and stove so call me super excited. 
  • Almost all of my friends are either preggo, or new moms. It's kind of a weird time in life when your conversations used to be all about boys and shopping and now they're all about poop and breastfeeding. But I love it!
  • We are probably the only people on the planet who haven't seen Frozen. But considering the last time we actually had 2 hours to sit around doing nothing was like, Christmas, I'm not surprised. Last night, for example, Brian did some work on prepping the garage to run a water line to the fridge while I kept Allie preoccupied until her bedtime and then we painted the office. Finally! 
  • Overalls are making a comeback and I am SO ON BOARD with this trend!!! They're much like rompers (which I've already expressed my love for) except you can pair them with different tees underneath. Brian thinks it's ridiculous, but that's only because he hated wearing overalls as a kid. He said it was always so hard to go to the bathroom. I was like "Oh BOO HOO, you poor guy that has to pull all your clothes off to pee. Oh wait, you can pee whenever/wherever you want. I DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR YOU."
  • I'm sorry I talked about peeing.
  • Happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend and I'm racking my brain for ways to convince Brian that we need a sushi date. I'm thinking this baby is going to love sushi like her momma cuz it has been ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT. That and...
  • A chocolate cake. A few weeks ago, a couple came over from church to pick up the giant mirror we had in our living room that we won't have room for now. They brought a cake that was chocolate cake, then a layer of chocolate mousse, then a layer of chocolate, then whipped cream. We finished it in a week and every time I think about it, I inexplicably start drooling. I want to go buy one, but I have a feeling they got it at a Russian bakery and I don't know that much Russian. I would just walk in and point at it and be like "GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!! DIVIY DIVIY!!"

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday thoughts

  • This pregnancy is so weird for multiple reasons... I sometimes get so busy and caught up with taking care of Allie that I forget I'm pregnant, until Baby #2 gives me a swift kick to the ribs (or bladder). Also, the other day she got hiccups and I told Brian how weird it was that she was like rhythmically punching me because I totally forgot that babies get hiccups! I also keep forgetting how far along I am. The one normal thing: we still don't have a name! 
  • We had a friend come over last night to give us a quote for the kitchen cabinets. I'm nervously waiting for the numbers to come in and hoping they're in our budget. Either way though, once we have solid numbers we can decide if we're going to just paint the existing cabinets or redo the whole kitchen. Our kitchen has pretty much been in disarray because we've been waiting on making a decision, so once we decide, we'll be able to move forward with things. 
  • Our washing machine broke down last Wednesday. We had the tech come out on Monday and he fixed it for a pretty decent price. I'm just now climbing out from under the pile of clean laundry, but it sure does feel good to have clean, fresh laundry especially because the pile was getting out of control and I was down to wearing the granny panties from the bottom of my drawer. You know exactly the ones I'm talking about.
  • Brian installed a ceiling fan in the office on Monday night. He let me use the chop saw, which was exciting. Since then we haven't done much work on the house but I think tonight we'll try to tackle the office. And by we, I mean Brian because not only am I sickly (somehow managed to get a head cold yesterday), but I'm caring for a toddler and growing a baby so he's like super protective these days, which I'm okay with as long as on the good days, he lets me help.
  • Brian has finally decided that he wants to spend the Home Depot birthday gift cards he's been saving on a welder. Lord, help me. On the one hand, I can think of at least 3 things he could build for me that would be really cool. On the other hand... my husband with what is basically a fire gun melting metal - that image scares me a little bit. Not that I don't trust him to not hurt himself. It's just... this is the guy who once used a blow torch and a spray can of something flammable to kill a black widow spider "for fun". 
  • 49 more days til our mini trip to So Cal! I'm so excited for my favoritest nephew to be turning one plus getting to hang out with my favorite people AND Disneyland! I mean, really... how could I not be crazy excited???

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Guest bathroom ideas

One of the things that has kept me sane during this renovation process is planning each room. There are a lot of things we learned from doing the last house which is helping a lot with the decisions we make for this house.

Neutral Bathroom
This is the mood board I put together for the guest bathroom (which will be the one the girls' will use). We want to try concrete floors in there since it will be quicker, easier, and cheaper than doing tile. The good thing is if we want to go back and put tile over it, it'll be no problem. We had travertine shower surround in our last bathroom, which I really liked but I'm sooooo drawn to white subway tile I haven't decided which one is going to be installed. The tan swatch is the paint color that we chose for the whole house so I wanted to make sure everything in the bathroom tied in with that.

Brian plans on making the sink console and matching mirror himself. It will look similar to the one pictured but have 2 shelves and no drawers. I'd love to do sconces on either side like the one in the picture, but there's no room with the way it's currently set up so I think we'll have to stick with a simple vanity light above the mirror.

Once the bedrooms are finished, the guest bathroom will be the next thing we work on (hopefully while the kitchen cabinets are being replaced). I know it'll be slow going but imagining what I hope it's going to look like helps me have a little more patience...

Monday, March 10, 2014

Tha Batcave - An update!

Well, we survived the move. I think. We spent the next week working on the rental to get it ready for the next tenants. I decided it'd be a good time to share some pictures of the house after all the renovations... 18 months later. And sorry these are all from different angles and from my phone and some were taken at night but hopefully you get the idea...

You can see more of the pictures when we first got the house here a progress post here.

Kitchen before:

Kitchen after:

Hallway closet before:

Hallway closet after: 

Living room before:

Living room after:

Bathroom before:

Bathroom after:

Bedrooms before:


Guest room/Office:

Master bedroom:

Bedrooms after: (sorry I only managed to snap one of the master bedroom and the guest closet, but they all pretty much looked the same)

I was so sad to leave this house because it was our first "home" after living in an apartment complex for 2 years and it was where we brought Allie home. However, I'm so glad that there is a new family that is going to enjoy that house now and it makes me feel a tiny bit better about our current situation.

A teeny, tiny, eensy, weensy bit. Because our house now looks pretty much like the before pictures of this house except we have furniture and boxes everywhere. The good news is that we have running water and a roof over our heads. We're sleeping on our own beds. The new house will look SOOOOO pretty and new when it's finished which is what I just have to keep in mind during this in between phase.

AND at the end of all this is a shining rainbow that God has so graciously blessed us with: a quick trip to So Cal in May (so Disneyland, of course) and a much longer trip to Maui in September. HALLELUJAH. I mean, seriously.... can I get an amen? Because it is absolutely by God's grace that I'm not ripping my hair out everyday or screaming in anger and frustration at Brian all the time.

I would share before pictures of this house, if they didn't make me cringe every time I looked at them. Maybe someday when things are looking better, I'll be brave enough to share the before pics with the internet world. For now, I'll just put my head down and get to work eat some cookie dough.