Monday, March 31, 2014

Kitchen Plans

Since we're bouncing back and forth between the kitchen and the bathroom, I decided to create an inspiration board of what we're planning on doing with the kitchen.

The story: The custom cabinets were going to be everything I wanted in my dream kitchen but it was out of our price range (even though he gave us a really good deal) and since this isn't our permanent home, we decided to save our ideas for our dream kitchen when we actually own our own home. Our other option was to just paint the existing cabinets, but after discussing  it with the landlords (aka Brian's parents), we decided to go ahead and redo the cabinets with Ikea cabinets.

A few days before, I had received an email that Ikea was doing one of their kitchen sales so we were actually able to get all the cabinets plus appliances and still come in under budget. We didn't get a new refrigerator since ours is fairly new and in perfect working condition, but they did get a new stove, dishwasher, and hood. They ended up saving over $1k with their 20% off discount. And I say "they" but since they're in Maui, we did all the legwork and research and actual buying of everything.

Brian is going to do concrete counters on part of the kitchen (the island will be butcher block). I decided to do black accessories when I saw this pin on Pinterest. I have yet to see a Rifle Paper Co. print that I didn't love and since we didn't do any upper cabinets, I'll actually be able to hang some art in the kitchen (and possibly do some open shelving). We had that Ikea fabric as a curtain in our last kitchen but I really really want to do some black/white striped curtains to go with the French bistro vibe that this seems to be taking on.

I'll share the plans and process in detail once we get going on the kitchen but before any installing can happen, demo-ing the cabinets and painting the walls and ceiling has to happen. There's also a chance that new drywall will need to be hung on one wall that faces the outside, depending on what we find when we rip out the cabinets.

We also want to live with things like the blank walls for awhile before we jump into open shelving right away but still -- a lot to finish before things even get started. So for now, I'll just share my inspirations...

A Mostly Ikea Kitchen