Wednesday, March 26, 2014

You might be a mom if... Part 3

Since apparently I'm on a parenting kick this week, you might be a mom to a toddler if...
  • Silence scares you. This one's pretty obvious.
  • You sometimes look forward to nap time because it's like a mini vacation.
  • You spend a lot of time asking "What do you have in your hand?" or "What's in your mouth?"
  • You sometimes stare at your child who is screaming and bouncing off the walls and laughing hysterically and wonder who's crazy child that is. Then you think "She must get it from her father." *Ahem.
  • You cherish the moments when they lay your head on your shoulder and just rest because it almost never happens. 
  • Finding a crayon in your underwear drawer, a snack container in the laundry basket, or a baby doll in the shower doesn't even make you flinch anymore. 
  • Nothing makes you panic more than hearing the toilet flush followed by "Uh oh..."
  • You've found crayon/pen marks on random things like a doll, the bedspread, your shirts. 
  • You think every new thing they do is so great/inspiring/cute/the best! Except when it's like discovering that it's fun to unroll the toilet paper. 
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