Monday, March 24, 2014


Things my parents did that annoyed me:
  • Say things like "One day you'll have kids and then you'll understand."
  • Be affectionate with each other. Everywhere. All the time. Vivid memories of my dad dipping my mom in the kitchen to kiss her. Ugh. Blech. Grooooossssssssss.
  • Spend Saturday's cleaning and doing general housework. Scrub toilets? On my one day off?!?! What is this, prison??? (I'm pretty sure that's why I hate cleaning bathrooms to this day.)
  • Listen to an entire CD - every single song, from beginning to end. I'm not sure why, but as a teen, I remember listening to like 45 seconds of a song and then it was on to the next. And I ALWAYS skipped the slow songs on the CD. It about killed me when my dad wanted to listen to Lauryn Hill's entire Miseducation CD.
  • Make me go to bed early. Yeah, I was that kid who hid a book and a flashlight under her pillow to keep reading past bedtime. Rebel, rebel, am I right?
Things that Brian and I do that will probably annoy Allie someday:
  • Be affectionate. Everywhere. All the time. Pretty sure Allie already has vivid memories of us kissing. 
  • Spend Saturday's doing house work (although it's more along the "home improvements" line since I have the privilege of staying home so stuff like scrubbing toilets gets done during the week. Yay me.)
  • Dance AND sing like weirdos. This girl is going to know every last word to the soundtrack of Wicked if it kills me. And the way Brian dances to "Keep your hand on your gun"... she will die of embarrassment.
  • Loooong trips to Home Depot/Ikea/Target. We could spend hours (and thousands of dollars) at Ikea. I'm thinking the promise of $1 frozen yogurt at the end will help her cope.
So basically what I'm saying is, no matter how hard you try, you're probably gonna turn into your parents in one way or another.

And I will be that mom that bursts out into song and dance in front of Allie and her friends and make her hang her head in shame and embarrassment. She'll be all "Noooo Mom, stop, no!!!" and I'll be like "NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER!!!" and then bust out with the Carlton.

Being a parent is fun.