Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday thoughts

  • This pregnancy is so weird for multiple reasons... I sometimes get so busy and caught up with taking care of Allie that I forget I'm pregnant, until Baby #2 gives me a swift kick to the ribs (or bladder). Also, the other day she got hiccups and I told Brian how weird it was that she was like rhythmically punching me because I totally forgot that babies get hiccups! I also keep forgetting how far along I am. The one normal thing: we still don't have a name! 
  • We had a friend come over last night to give us a quote for the kitchen cabinets. I'm nervously waiting for the numbers to come in and hoping they're in our budget. Either way though, once we have solid numbers we can decide if we're going to just paint the existing cabinets or redo the whole kitchen. Our kitchen has pretty much been in disarray because we've been waiting on making a decision, so once we decide, we'll be able to move forward with things. 
  • Our washing machine broke down last Wednesday. We had the tech come out on Monday and he fixed it for a pretty decent price. I'm just now climbing out from under the pile of clean laundry, but it sure does feel good to have clean, fresh laundry especially because the pile was getting out of control and I was down to wearing the granny panties from the bottom of my drawer. You know exactly the ones I'm talking about.
  • Brian installed a ceiling fan in the office on Monday night. He let me use the chop saw, which was exciting. Since then we haven't done much work on the house but I think tonight we'll try to tackle the office. And by we, I mean Brian because not only am I sickly (somehow managed to get a head cold yesterday), but I'm caring for a toddler and growing a baby so he's like super protective these days, which I'm okay with as long as on the good days, he lets me help.
  • Brian has finally decided that he wants to spend the Home Depot birthday gift cards he's been saving on a welder. Lord, help me. On the one hand, I can think of at least 3 things he could build for me that would be really cool. On the other hand... my husband with what is basically a fire gun melting metal - that image scares me a little bit. Not that I don't trust him to not hurt himself. It's just... this is the guy who once used a blow torch and a spray can of something flammable to kill a black widow spider "for fun". 
  • 49 more days til our mini trip to So Cal! I'm so excited for my favoritest nephew to be turning one plus getting to hang out with my favorite people AND Disneyland! I mean, really... how could I not be crazy excited???