Thursday, March 20, 2014

Friday thoughts a day early

  • We've made some major strides in our decision making for house stuff. Some of it was changes to decisions we already made, some of it was moving forward with stuff we were unsure about. Hint: We're getting a new kitchen. It's what God has provided for us so I'm thankful and stoked! Brian started cutting and drilling holes for new water/gas lines for the refrigerator and stove so call me super excited. 
  • Almost all of my friends are either preggo, or new moms. It's kind of a weird time in life when your conversations used to be all about boys and shopping and now they're all about poop and breastfeeding. But I love it!
  • We are probably the only people on the planet who haven't seen Frozen. But considering the last time we actually had 2 hours to sit around doing nothing was like, Christmas, I'm not surprised. Last night, for example, Brian did some work on prepping the garage to run a water line to the fridge while I kept Allie preoccupied until her bedtime and then we painted the office. Finally! 
  • Overalls are making a comeback and I am SO ON BOARD with this trend!!! They're much like rompers (which I've already expressed my love for) except you can pair them with different tees underneath. Brian thinks it's ridiculous, but that's only because he hated wearing overalls as a kid. He said it was always so hard to go to the bathroom. I was like "Oh BOO HOO, you poor guy that has to pull all your clothes off to pee. Oh wait, you can pee whenever/wherever you want. I DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR YOU."
  • I'm sorry I talked about peeing.
  • Happy Thursday! It's almost the weekend and I'm racking my brain for ways to convince Brian that we need a sushi date. I'm thinking this baby is going to love sushi like her momma cuz it has been ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT. That and...
  • A chocolate cake. A few weeks ago, a couple came over from church to pick up the giant mirror we had in our living room that we won't have room for now. They brought a cake that was chocolate cake, then a layer of chocolate mousse, then a layer of chocolate, then whipped cream. We finished it in a week and every time I think about it, I inexplicably start drooling. I want to go buy one, but I have a feeling they got it at a Russian bakery and I don't know that much Russian. I would just walk in and point at it and be like "GIVE IT TO ME NOW!!!! DIVIY DIVIY!!"