Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Our current situation in a nutshell: we will be renter's in a house we found that Brian's parents have bought which will close on the 16th and his work crew will renovate (hopefully) getting finished by the 31st when our apartment lease expires.

I know that's one big run-on sentence but it's hard to explain all the aspects of our nutshell. This is not going to be a slow, DIY process because the house needs to be liveable asap. The reason for that is that we don't want to add an extra month or 2 onto our apartment lease because the cost would go up significantly. Also remodeling a house with a newborn would be just a little difficult, I think.

So, with that in mind, we literally have a 2 week deadline. Brian's boss is confident they can get a crew in there full time and be in and out in 2 weeks but his parents are pushing to close sooner than later so it won't be so hectic. We were very fortunate to have free-reign in looking for this house and the part that excites me the most is that since they don't have time to bother with the details, they're also letting us (read: me) choose cabinets, paint, flooring, etc.

Hello Pinterest.

We'll be heading back sometime this week to get some measurements and to check on a couple of things with the a/c and electrical stuff so I'll try to get some good before pictures. I have to admit, I'm still a little bit apprehensive about getting too excited about this whole thing because there are a lot of variables. BUT I am confident that God will provide for us, no matter what and He has already blessed us so much in HIS perfect timing. I am definitely seeing God's hand in all of this and I am SO THANKFUL for His blessings in our lives!

Did I mention we'll be moving in 3 weeks before my due date? My parents moved into their old house 2 weeks before I was born so I suppose it's like a family tradition to move when you're 8 months pregnant... We're just masochists like that.