Monday, July 2, 2012

Nursery Mood Board

We are still in our apartment with a possibility that we'll be moving into a bigger place in a few weeks. We are praying and know that God will provide whatever we need but in the meantime, I've decided to put together a mood board just in case we do get into a bigger place and I actually have a minute to put together a nursery for this baby girl. Nothing fancy but just a few simple things that will dress her room up a bit.

1. IKEA Sundvik Crib, $119
We decided on Ikea furniture for the crib and dresser (which will be used as a changing table). I really just wanted a grayish crib but the only ones I could find were really expensive. The other option was to paint a white crib but I don't think I could've done that without worrying about poisoning my baby... 
2. RugStudio presents Rizzy Volare VO-2132 Navy Hand-Tufted, Good Quality Area Rug, no price listed
The house that we might be moving into (Lord willing!) has tile throughout the whole thing. We're still deciding if we want to rip it all up and replace it with laminate wood flooring, but it appears to have just been installed not too long ago so it's in good shape. As much as I don't love tile, it's an expense that we might not want to invest in just yet. If we decide to keep the tile, I'll have to get creative with lots of rugs to dress it up a bit and make it a little easier for little bodies to be crawling on. (The baby's... not ours.)

3. IKEA Aläng, $30
Odds are that her bedroom will just have a normal ceiling fan like all the other rooms will but I still thought it'd be fun to see what a cool light fixture would look like... 

4. IKEA Lenda, $20
Obvs Ikea is like my favorite place to shop and these neutral curtains seem like just the perfect addition to a neutral room. Although I'd probably double them up or hang a blackout curtain behind so the room will get nice and dark for nap times. 

5. IKEA Hemnes Dresser, $149
Like I mentioned before, the dresser will be used as a changing table and then when she's older, she'll just have a normal dresser handy. 

6. Dutailier Round Back Cushion Design Modern Glider And Ottoman Combo, $489
This isn't the glider we got but it's how I plan to make the one we have look. I don't think that sentence has the best grammar but whatevs. Right now the glider is a natural wood with a forest green cover but I plan on painting it and recovering it (and possibly adding more padding since the cover it has is pretty thin). 

7. Thomaspaul Mod Mex Banner Coral Pillow, $78
There is no way I'm paying $78 for a pillow but I DO plan on making one for like $7. A little bit of batting and a coupon to Joann's for some fabric and I'll be in business. 

8. Coral Homestead Afghan Throw Blanket 50" x 60"- Simply Home-Bed &..., $50
I'm actually going to crochet a blanket for her that is coral, peach and a creamy color (sort of an ombre look). I sort of haven't started yet but I have 7 weeks left... that's plenty of time, right?

9.  Etsy Nursery Prints
Love Poster - Peach Coral Typography Print - Nursery Art for Girls..., $18
Navy and Coral, Scripture, Bible Verse, Psalms, Be Still and Know,..., $18
Personalized Custom Wall Art Print Chevron Zig by LaurelTreeLane, $26
I probably won't buy these prints because I happen to be pretty handy with creating my own but I love the idea of verses in her nursery. My mom had verses in frames throughout our whole house and without really trying to, you memorize those verses because you see them all the time. Never to soon to start storing Scripture in her little mind. :) 

So there you have it. If we actually do get this house, I'll have plenty of before and after pics for you in the coming month. It needs a LOT of work (for starters, there is no kitchen left - just a few partial walls and one really old counter). But fortunately for us, my husband happens to do remodeling and has some very convenient hookups so hopefully we can get this place liveable before a) our lease is up at the end of July and b) this baby pops out.

Can you see now how the Lord is DEFINITELY growing my faith in Him??? :)