Friday, July 27, 2012

A list.

It's been awhile since I've done a list so here goes...
  • I finally de-tagged and washed all the baby clothes up to 6 months. There are like a billion tags on each item of clothing - especially the sets. Goodness. I even managed to cut my finger with one plastic thingy. It was dangerous work I'm telling you.
  • The house is moving right along. I don't have a ton of pictures because I'm not allowed over there (something about being 8 months pregnant around paint fumes and dust and construction sites. Whatev.) except to bring my husband lunch so it's basically what I can snap on my phone while I'm there. I'll post some progress pics next week.
  • Our apartment is filling and filling and filling up with stuff for the baby and the new house which means I haven't vacuumed in 2 weeks. Yuck. It grosses me out just writing about it.
  • We're on the hunt for a washer, dryer and refrigerator for the new house. We might get a free fridge or be able to get a new one for a really good deal. So if you see kitchen reveal pics with fancy new cabinets and pretty new counters and an old fridge, it's because we're not bazillionaires and the really good deal wasn't as good as we hoped. Is it too much to hope for a brand new fridge that costs $100? Probably.
  • Between now and my due date in 3.5 weeks my husband is starting a new job, we have a wedding and 2 baby showers to attend, we're moving into a new house (including packing/unpacking), I've got to finish crocheting Baby Girl's baby blanket and also recover the glider chair which I've still been procrastinating, I have to find moving boxes and pack which I've also been procrastinating, I have to pack a hospital bag in case I go into early labor which I'm also procrastinating, and I have to still keep on top of things like paying bills and buying groceries. Pfft. I'm already tired just typing that all out. Is it really obvious that I like to procrastinate? I think you may have already picked that up with the whole "we're having a baby and have had 8 months to think of a name and still haven't". 
  • Tomorrow I go with my mother-in-law to Ikea where I will show her the wonders that are Swedish furniture making. She's never experienced it. We're also picking up the crib and changing table and a few other house things. I'll have to try to control myself but I seriously LOVE Ikea. 
  • So many things to do and yet what to do... ahh... I think I'll go "exercise" in the pool and enjoy my Friday. Have a lovely weekend!