Friday, November 30, 2012


You know how they have those lists like "You might be from California if...?" Well, I'm going to make one.

It's called "You might be a mom if..."

... you sway back and forth all the time regardless of what's in your arms.
... you put on a hoodie only to remember that it's been puked on but then you decide you don't care.
... you talk to your baby as if they'll respond. "Don't go anywhere Allie!"
... popcorn for breakfast becomes acceptable.
... you can't remember if you brushed your teeth today.
... you have suddenly developed serious upper arm strength from lugging a car seat back and forth.
... a "quick trip to the grocery store" turns into a 3 hour tour.
... you start to hear your baby cry even when they're not crying. Especially at night.
... putting on earrings is dressing up.
... not having to cook dinner qualifies as a date night. Even if it's just a $5 pizza from Little Caesar's.
... you inevitably tell your baby "hi," "you're ok," or "I know" over and over. Like Allie's crying because she's hungry and I keep telling her "I know you're hungry" like it's going to help.
... you have some bodily fluid from your baby on you at all times.
... a burp cloth becomes part of your daily outfit.
... you now wear mom jeans because they're the only ones that you don't have to keep pulling up every time you bend over to pick up your baby.

Well, I've decided to embrace motherhood. Mom jeans and all.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Fall List

Time for a fall weather list...
  • make soups. My favorites lately are chili, clam chowder and chicken tortilla soup. Note: I've noticed that adding a roux base to the chicken tortilla soup improves the texture from soupy to chunky. Look at me! Using fancy words like roux and chunky.
  • crochet. I'm working on a scarf for my baby sis. Pictures to come. HAHAHAHA... just kidding, there will be no pictures. 
  • craft. I bought a ton of Christmas crafting stuff at Joann's last year in January when all the Christmas stuff was on sale and then boxed it away and never used it.
  • build fires. The great thing is we have a fireplace this year so I don't have to build one in the middle of the floor of our apartment!
  • watch Christmas movies. Except the only Christmas movie we have is The Nightmare Before Christmas and that's kind of a Halloween movie. So.... yeah. Lord of the Rings it is.
  • snuggle under a blanket and read a good book. The grown up in me is going to attempt to continue Mere Christianity but the kid in me wants to read Mrs. Piggle Wiggle. What? That's a good book!!!
  •  wear thick fuzzy socks and sweatpants all the time. Obviously this is not acceptable in public places. Let the record show that I fully support the acceptability of sweatpants in public at all times. Thank you, your honor.
  • drink hot chocolate and eat cookie dough. I'm pretty certain the cookie dough thing is year round but whatevs. 
So how about you? Anything weird that this season brings out in you? No? Just me then? 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Oh my what a whirlwind week that was! Try saying that ten times fast. We literally shopped until my mom dropped. I think I tired her out after day 2 so I decided to go easy on her the next few days. We waited until Saturday to do pedicures so my sister could join us. I also did a full Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday (with a 3-month-old). Can someone give me an award, please? Oh and then I woke up with a head cold on Sunday. Phew.

Oh and I double dog dare you to ask me if I took pictures of any of it. Go ahead. I dare you.

NO I DIDN'T!!! Sorry kids, you're just going to have to read all my words and imagine things for yourself.

Just kidding. I did take a few.

So let's rewind. My parents and their 2 dogs came into town. I have to say the dogs seemed less than thrilled to be sharing my parent's attention with Allie. I think they survived especially after all the treats my mom gave them because she felt bad.

We went to the Folsom Outlets on Monday which was probably a huge mistake but it was lots of fun!
My mom went a little spend-happy on her grandchildren. Allie is set for winter clothes and pj's and my sister's baby will be set for the first few month's as well. Carter's was having a 50% off sale so really, how could we resist? Allie also came away with a pair of hot pink Vans which I DID get a picture of! Somebody pat me on the back.

I wrapped the clothes we bought for my sister's baby and since she reads this blog I wouldn't share pics even if I had them because it's a surprise. Just like her baby since they're not finding out the gender until it's born. I know, right? What is this, 1892?? Just kidding, I'm excited for them and fully support their decision to keep it a secret. That means they won't end up with tons of pink fluffy stuff. Just lots of yellow and green! On a completely unrelated note, I had this idea to start a line of gender neutral baby clothing. How popular would that be!!! Am I right?!?!

Day 2... We went to the mall. At Old Navy we found my mom's other weakness: jewelry. We bought a few earrings for her, a pair for my sister and some earrings and a necklace for me. Except I stole the pair we got for my sister. I would apologize but I don't feel sorry, not one bit! Anyway, she has enough earrings. I have like 2 pairs and she's so pretty and generous she would've given them to me anyway. :)
Allie on the way to the mall. My bubbles.
Day 3... We went to Target. DANGER WILL ROGERS. I never go to Target and not come away with a million things I didn't need. There's a triple negative for you. "Yes, you're right Red Bullseye, I did need those Thank You Cards for $1.85." We bought Allie like 8 books from the $1 bins and another outfit for my sister's baby from the clearance rack. I seriously LOVE Target.
Waiting for my mom to try on stuff at Target.
Those were the shopping days... I must say that the part I enjoyed the most was hanging out with my mom. Living so far apart has been hard but thanks to technology, we can Skype every weekend. But nothing beats face time. And I'm not talking about what you can do on your iPhone. I mean real life, in person, hanging out. You know, that thing you did with friends before the internet was invented.

More updates to come...

Friday, November 16, 2012

A Friday List

Today my baby girl is 3 months old. Just like that. Next thing I know, she'll be wearing make-up and driving.

Besides having a daughter that's growing so quickly before my very eyes, several things have made this a good week.
  1. I received some birthday gifts in the mail which included the mint skinny jeans I wanted, a Starbucks treat from my sister and college roommate, and an Old Navy gift card. Which means I got motivation, coffee, and shopping for my birthday! All of my favorite things! Except the motivation. But I needed that because the mint skinny jeans are a size 8 which is my pre-pregnancy size which is *ahem...* not my current size.
  2. Because gift cards literally burn holes in my pockets, I went out the very next day and shopped at Old Navy for 2 hours. Allie was such a trooper. She only fussed for a few minutes in the dressing room which led to me feeding her while talking to my sister on the phone. Sure the dressing room attendants probably thought I was like trying to steal clothes since I was "trying things on" for 45 minutes but whatevs.
  3. My husband left me a note one day. He makes me smile. Like in the way where you're smiling so big your cheeks hurt and people start to think you look like a creeper. 
  4. I baked blueberry muffins. They were delicious and my husband has had them every day for breakfast which he has thoroughly enjoyed. And it makes me happy to make him (and his stomach) happy.
  5. My parents are coming to visit tomorrow and staying a whole week! Shopping, pedicures, eating a lot... it'll be great fun!
  6. It's Friday today. Which means we get to eat pizza tonight, sleep in tomorrow, have 2 days of family time, general relaxing/weekend stuff. 
 Enjoy your weekend!

P.S. There is, however, one thing that threatened to RUIN my entire year. Hostess is going out of business. I must go buy all the Ding Dongs in the store to prepare for the end of the world this.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Another year.

Today is my birthday.

I'd like to thank:
  • the size 8 pants in my closet that refuse to fit
  • the metabolism that's been M.I.A. the past few years
  • the kids in our Jr. High group who were born in the 2000's
  • the Disney Channel who made the stars of Boy Meets World star in a new show... as parents
  • my younger husband
  • my 10 year High School Reunion this year
  • the women in my church who are having their first babies (like me) but before they've reached drinking age
  • my 12-week-old daughter
  • my mom jeans
...for making me feel old. I'm going to kick off my birthday celebration by knitting, going to bed early, and eating an entire cheesecake by myself. 28 is going to be an exciting year!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Adorable Babies (well, just the one)

Update: While I do still get annoyed at seeing all of those "This diet/weight loss plan worked for me!" pins on Pinterest, it was very mean of me to say no one cares about someone losing a lot of weight. I know those women worked very hard to do that and if it were me, you bet your Lean Cuisine that I'd be plastering pictures of myself all over the place. I'm probably just jealous because I still can't fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans. Unless you count "fitting" as greasing up my thighs and rolling around on the bed to get them past my hips and zipped up.

Now, I know my daughter is adorable. Please. No one needs to tell me that. But it's amazing that so many people, especially strangers, want to fawn over our little one.

For example, I was shopping at the mall for my little sister's birthday gift and I stopped in Nordstrom's because I had to pee and feed Allie and it's the fanciest place to do both in style and comfort. At any rate, an old woman stopped in front of the stroller and was ALL ABOUT ALLIE. She thought she was the cutest baby, so precious, and practically fainted when Allie smiled and laughed at her. It was pretty sweet to watch.

Sunday night, Brian and I stopped at Winco to get a few things and this guy asked if he could look at our baby. We obliged considering he seemed to be getting mushy about it and not asking in an I-plan-on-stealing-her kind of way. He explained that he had 3 kids at home and the youngest was 2 so he kind of missed the baby stage. And then on the way out, we ran into him again and he asked for one more look. That second one kind of weirded me out a bit but then I remembered how adorable Allie is and it made perfect sense.

And then of course there's all the people at church. Everyone thinks she's so cute, so adorable, so precious, so happy, so (fill in the blank). I mean, not to brag, but she really is. So I guess I can't slight them for pointing out the truth.

Don't even get me started on family. I think my dad has to physically restrain my mom from driving up here every time we send a new pic/video of Allie.

I mean, just look at this face?!?!?! Unfortunately, this is going to make disciplining her and saying "no" that much harder as she gets older. We never stood a chance.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pinterest 101

First of all, go vote. Seriously.

Secondly, here's my post.

Ever since I  became obsessed with Pinterest, I've learned several things.
  1. Pictures lie. There's this program. It's called Photoshop. *MIND BLOWN*
  2. People don't include warnings in their tutorials. Filling the bottom of your oven with ammonia will not only fail to get those super stubborn stains off, it will make your entire apartment smell like a hair salon in a very bad way. Here's a little tip for you: that's why they created this little cleaner called Easy Off. Just don't ever get it on your skin. See? Warnings included.
  3. No matter how easy that sewing tutorial looks, if you are bad at sewing, it will be an EPIC fail. 
  4. I can browse the recent pins for hours just to find one that will make me laugh. "I do 5 sit ups every morning. It may not sound like much but there's only so many times you can hit the snooze button."
  5. Whenever I tell my husband "I saw this thing...," he'll cut in with "...on Pinterest?" He thinks I get all my good ideas from the internet. Which is... pretty much true. 
  6. Guess what? Exercise and eating better helps you lose weight. There are no secrets.
  7. Just because someone else says a recipe "is SO RIDICULOUSLY GOOD" does not mean you and your family will think it is SO RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. 
  8. Labeling every single thing in your house does not make you organized. It makes you crazy. I get labeling flour and baking powder because those can look the same and seriously screw up a recipe if switched but I don't need to label my clear container with pasta in it. I am perfectly capable of seeing what's inside, thanks. Put the label maker down and back away slowly with your hands in the air.
  9. Whenever my husband looks at me questioningly because I'm doing strange things like putting a paste made of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap on my white clothes, I just look at him and say "Trust me. I saw this on Pinterest." I'm actually pretty certain I've seen a pin that says that very thing...
  10. Some pictures of houses are just so unreal. Sure, it totally makes sense that you don't have any toothbrushes or toothpaste on your bathroom sink.
Basically what I'm saying is everything on Pinterest has to be taken with a grain of salt, as it were. Now I'm off to browse Pinterest for some fall decorating ideas for lazy people.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Scares

There are several factors going against our Halloween celebrations:
  1. We're too cheap to spend money on costumes. Even on an adorable one for Allie. I'm sure she would look so cute as a ladybug but when a costume costs half of what you spend on groceries for a week, you get a little perspective.
  2. We're too greedy to buy candy and then give it away. I know you're cute little Cinderella but I work hard and my reward is this Kit Kat bar so off you go. Life is tough. The quicker you learn that, the better.
  3. We're too lazy to answer the door multiple times. Well, actually this is just me. 
  4. Brian had Systematic Theology class last night which means I was home alone with Allie.
  5. We have a 2 month old baby. I don't know if that really hurts or helps it but just thought I'd make this an even 5 things list.
Now I tend to think that sometimes my husband is paranoid. He thinks he's protective. At any rate, he warned me to keep the lights off and don't open the door to anyone and make sure no one tricks our house because we appear to not be home.

So last night I bid adieu to my husband and settled myself on the sofa to crochet while watching Mirror, Mirror. We had a few people knock but since I was hiding with the lights off, they gave up pretty quickly.

The last trick-or-treater showed up around 8:10 and after a few half-hearted knocks, they were on their way. About 20 minutes later, I heard water dripping outside. It sounded like someone had turned on the water hose right outside our front door.

I held my breath (and pretty sure my heart stopped beating) as I listened for footsteps or anything to give away that I was in immediate danger. I thought this was like one of those things you read on a chain email where the killer turns on the water so you go outside to check on it and that's when they attack you.

I didn't hear anything so I decided to text Brian about it... (and yes, his nickname for me is poopy. Whatevs. It works for us.)
So there you go. I've officially turned into the most paranoid person on the planet.