Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Scares

There are several factors going against our Halloween celebrations:
  1. We're too cheap to spend money on costumes. Even on an adorable one for Allie. I'm sure she would look so cute as a ladybug but when a costume costs half of what you spend on groceries for a week, you get a little perspective.
  2. We're too greedy to buy candy and then give it away. I know you're cute little Cinderella but I work hard and my reward is this Kit Kat bar so off you go. Life is tough. The quicker you learn that, the better.
  3. We're too lazy to answer the door multiple times. Well, actually this is just me. 
  4. Brian had Systematic Theology class last night which means I was home alone with Allie.
  5. We have a 2 month old baby. I don't know if that really hurts or helps it but just thought I'd make this an even 5 things list.
Now I tend to think that sometimes my husband is paranoid. He thinks he's protective. At any rate, he warned me to keep the lights off and don't open the door to anyone and make sure no one tricks our house because we appear to not be home.

So last night I bid adieu to my husband and settled myself on the sofa to crochet while watching Mirror, Mirror. We had a few people knock but since I was hiding with the lights off, they gave up pretty quickly.

The last trick-or-treater showed up around 8:10 and after a few half-hearted knocks, they were on their way. About 20 minutes later, I heard water dripping outside. It sounded like someone had turned on the water hose right outside our front door.

I held my breath (and pretty sure my heart stopped beating) as I listened for footsteps or anything to give away that I was in immediate danger. I thought this was like one of those things you read on a chain email where the killer turns on the water so you go outside to check on it and that's when they attack you.

I didn't hear anything so I decided to text Brian about it... (and yes, his nickname for me is poopy. Whatevs. It works for us.)
So there you go. I've officially turned into the most paranoid person on the planet.