Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Oh my what a whirlwind week that was! Try saying that ten times fast. We literally shopped until my mom dropped. I think I tired her out after day 2 so I decided to go easy on her the next few days. We waited until Saturday to do pedicures so my sister could join us. I also did a full Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday (with a 3-month-old). Can someone give me an award, please? Oh and then I woke up with a head cold on Sunday. Phew.

Oh and I double dog dare you to ask me if I took pictures of any of it. Go ahead. I dare you.

NO I DIDN'T!!! Sorry kids, you're just going to have to read all my words and imagine things for yourself.

Just kidding. I did take a few.

So let's rewind. My parents and their 2 dogs came into town. I have to say the dogs seemed less than thrilled to be sharing my parent's attention with Allie. I think they survived especially after all the treats my mom gave them because she felt bad.

We went to the Folsom Outlets on Monday which was probably a huge mistake but it was lots of fun!
My mom went a little spend-happy on her grandchildren. Allie is set for winter clothes and pj's and my sister's baby will be set for the first few month's as well. Carter's was having a 50% off sale so really, how could we resist? Allie also came away with a pair of hot pink Vans which I DID get a picture of! Somebody pat me on the back.

I wrapped the clothes we bought for my sister's baby and since she reads this blog I wouldn't share pics even if I had them because it's a surprise. Just like her baby since they're not finding out the gender until it's born. I know, right? What is this, 1892?? Just kidding, I'm excited for them and fully support their decision to keep it a secret. That means they won't end up with tons of pink fluffy stuff. Just lots of yellow and green! On a completely unrelated note, I had this idea to start a line of gender neutral baby clothing. How popular would that be!!! Am I right?!?!

Day 2... We went to the mall. At Old Navy we found my mom's other weakness: jewelry. We bought a few earrings for her, a pair for my sister and some earrings and a necklace for me. Except I stole the pair we got for my sister. I would apologize but I don't feel sorry, not one bit! Anyway, she has enough earrings. I have like 2 pairs and she's so pretty and generous she would've given them to me anyway. :)
Allie on the way to the mall. My bubbles.
Day 3... We went to Target. DANGER WILL ROGERS. I never go to Target and not come away with a million things I didn't need. There's a triple negative for you. "Yes, you're right Red Bullseye, I did need those Thank You Cards for $1.85." We bought Allie like 8 books from the $1 bins and another outfit for my sister's baby from the clearance rack. I seriously LOVE Target.
Waiting for my mom to try on stuff at Target.
Those were the shopping days... I must say that the part I enjoyed the most was hanging out with my mom. Living so far apart has been hard but thanks to technology, we can Skype every weekend. But nothing beats face time. And I'm not talking about what you can do on your iPhone. I mean real life, in person, hanging out. You know, that thing you did with friends before the internet was invented.

More updates to come...