Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wed. Nes. Day.

A weird thing happened this morning.

Brian had left for work early and I was still asleep because someone decided that going to bed at 7:30 meant waking up at 4 a.m. was perfectly acceptable.

I was dreaming that someone made me really angry and I had threatened to punch them. And then they did whatever I said not to do and so I punched them. In my dream.

But in real life, I woke myself up punching the air.

I'm just glad Brian wasn't there because that could've been a) awkward or b) painful.

Also, the house is clean, the baby is asleep, laundry is FINALLY done and I actually have a minute to sit down and collect my thoughts.

Except there are none.

I've discovered (with the help/conclusion of other moms) that being a mom is such a full-time job that when you don't have to do it, you don't know what to do with yourself. And you wonder what on earth you spent all that time doing when you were just married with no kids.

Seriously, what did I do? Sit around on my butt eating bon-bons? I thought that's what was supposed to happen after you have the kids.

Some more thoughts for this lovely Wednesday morning... it is Wednesday, right? Yes, computer says Wednesday. I believe you Mr. Apple.
  • I'm pretty sure I'm gaining my "baby weight" back. Is that supposed to happen? How do I make it stop? Ohhhhh right. Eating right and exercise. Pfft. 
  • Allie is going to be 1 whole year old in 3 weeks. Don't even--I don't know--I can't talk about it right now. 
  • She also might be allergic to peanuts. Brian thinks this is a huge bummer because she won't be able to have pb&j's. I said there's other stuff like almond butter and you would've thought I suggested tofu as a substitute for steak. 
Well I hear the little monster stirring... finally, something to do!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Allie - 11 months old

Ladies and gentlemen, the most adorable baby in the whole wide world:
Photo by Brian Reiner Photography

Photo by Brian Reiner Photography

Photo by Brian Reiner Photography

Photo by Brian Reiner Photography

Photo by Brian Reiner Photography

Photo by Brian Reiner Photography

Photo by Brian Reiner Photography
If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen most of these pictures. But here they are again because I mean, really. The cutest baby. Ever. 

I know it's blurry but it's the only picture I have that captured her huge cheesy silly smile...

This girl is so close to walking. She started crawling at 10 months and then 2 weeks later decided to start cruising. Crawling is so last month, apparently. She has 2 teeth but I'm pretty certain we'll see 4 more on top pretty soon.

She says "Bye!" and waves. She says Mama, Dada, Bob, and Ooooh... Who's Bob? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

She has "no" down pretty well which is no surprise. She doesn't actually say it - just shakes her head and pushes things away that she doesn't want. Her hair is finally thick enough to hold onto some ribbons but she has to be distracted while I put them on otherwise she'll rip them right off.

She's figured out that if she can't chew something and swallow it, she just has to open her mouth, stick out her tongue, and it rolls right out. That's good, I guess. She won't choke on anything but that does mean I have to sweep more...

She really is just the best baby in the entire world. Sure she cries, disobeys, whines, wakes up when you least expect it, and throws the occasional tantrum but that's to be expected. And right after she displays her little rebellious heart and that is dealt with, she snuggles right up to you and makes you forget the whole thing.

She is the best.

P.S. There is a slight chance that I may be just a teensy weensy little tiny bit biased.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Friday thoughts

It's time for Friday thoughts on a Thursday!
  • I'm packing for a camping trip this weekend. Why is it that it normally takes me weeks to go through a package of wipes, but for 3 days I'm concerned I'll run out so I have to pack 3 packages? 
  • The camping trip is all of the family's from our church. I'm mostly excited because someone else will be cooking/doing dishes for 3 whole days. 
  • I made a dress for Allie. It got some rave reviews. I'm probably going to do another one so if I have the patience, I'll do a tutorial for it. The problem is, I'm a very amateur seamstress. As in, my lines are always crooked, I end up taking seams out at least 5 times for every project, and I get lazy and decide to iron instead of pin and it always bites me in the butt. But the projects usually turn out fairly decent. I just feel weird turning this into a sewing blog when there are waaaayyyy better seamstresses out there than me. I think I'll just stick to the humor blog category. That's what I'm best at. 
  • I really have to do an update post on Allie. HER ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY IS A MONTH AWAY!!!! Can you believe that? I really cannot. I mean, I can't even keep a basil plant alive for 2 weeks. 
  • My parents visited last week. There was spoiling all around. Brian got a fancy fish eye/macro/wide frame lens for his phone as a birthday gift. Allie got several new outfits, shoes, headbands, a book, and cloth diapers. I got a mani/pedi and a new skirt. Even Atticus (my awesome nephew) got a book. 
  • My dad and Brian made me a table for outside. Of course I don't have pictures, but just try and imagine what it looks like. Or follow me on Instagram and maybe someday I'll take a picture of it... 
  • My older sister and newphew are coming to visit in a month. I'm probably going to smother my newphew in smooches and put my sister to work helping me make decorations for Allie's birthday party. Good times all around. And yeah that says newphew. Because I tried typing it correctly. Several times. My finger just really wanted to have 2 w's. "Actually it was the man that lives inside my finger! Mr. Bumbo!" Name that movie! I'll give you a hint: "Cabin fever... ahhhhhh!"
  • Happy Friday! 
  • Wait. It's Thursday. 

Putting snaps on a girl's one-piece swimsuit

As I pointed out, the baby girl swimsuit industry is stupid. Why they don't put snaps on swimsuits is beyond me, but turns out, it's fairly easy to do it yourself. 

*DISCLAIMER: This is not a pretty fix, more of a functional one.

I decided to start with the swimsuit that only cost me $0.66. That way if it totally bombed, I'd only be out less than a dollar. 

I started by cutting the swimsuit right along the crotch seam. One of the straps had already ripped off so I also cut the other strap and now use it as a halter top.

I bought some Snap Tape at Joann's for $4 (with a coupon). It came with enough to do 2 swimsuits and still had some leftover if I had wanted to do 2 more.

Cut the snap tape a little longer than the swimsuit. The swimsuit will stretch as you're sewing it so you want to leave some extra on the ends. 


So the first swimsuit, I put the flat snap on the front part and the sewing machine was able to sew right over it. Except that I didn't realize I had done that, so on the second suit, the sewing machine kept getting stuck because I put the button part on the front.


You can see that I cut the back part a little too short so there was a gap on the ends. Like I said, not a pretty fix. But when it's closed up, you can't really tell. Especially when it's on a chubby little baby with massive thighs. Lucky for me, Allie has some pretty ginormous thighs so you can't see it as much. 


On the second suit, when I kept getting stuck, I decided to hand sew it. It didn't look as pretty looking right at it, but when finished, it actually looked better than the machine sewn one.


I would've included a final picture of my precious baby girl wearing the final results, if I had remembered. If you are a better seamstress, then I'm sure you'll get much better results.

Some things to note...
  • You don't have to worry about the nylon (swimsuit material) fraying. The raw ends hold pretty well. 
  • You DO have to worry about the snap tape edges fraying. Allie wore her swimsuit in the pool and after sitting on the pool step and scooting around, the edges were fraying pretty badly. 
  • You could just buy some snaps and avoid the whole sewing part. I didn't want to do that because both of these swimsuits were already a little small and that would've pulled them up another 3/4 inch or so, making them even smaller. 
I decided to write a letter to Baby Gap and Target (where I got Allie's swimsuits) and ask them to start incorporating snaps on their infant girl swimsuits. We'll see what happens with that. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Where have I been?


Friday thoughts on a Wednesday! I do what I want.
  • The Baby Swimwear Industry is stupid and lame. WHY WOULD THEY NOT PUT SNAPS ON A SWIMSUIT FOR A BABY?!?!?! There are literally snaps on EVERY OTHER piece of clothing, except the one that is the most difficult to remove - especially when wet. So I decided to add snaps to Allie's swimsuit. I'll post a tutorial soon... Spoiler alert: It involves snap tape and is so easy, your husband who has never used a sewing machine before could probably do it. 
  • Why is it that random strangers get so excited when their birthdays are close to mine ? I don’t care if our birthdays are close together, unless we were born on the exact same day and you only have a mom and I only have a dad. Also, if you’re buying me a present. Then I have to know, so I can get you a present and not look like a jerkface.
  • I really have to do an update post on Allie. She's crawling, cruising, talking, and I've started cloth diapering. I know, right? I've also started to churn my own butter. Just kidding.
  • I was involved in a hit and run accident with an older woman. She hit me. And ran. She actually moved into my lane right on top of me. I am not sure how she managed to not see the giant beast that I call the Bronco, but she didn't. Obvs the Bronco was unscathed, but her poor little PT Cruiser lost a tail light. Unfortunately for her, we were going the same way and I ended up next to her at the next stop light. She hid her face in shame. I wanted to be like "It's okay! I'm not mad! I know exactly how you feel and for once I'm just so stinkin' glad it wasn't my fault!" 
  • Speaking of cars, that's one of my biggest problems with blogging. I get all my good ideas for posts when I'm out driving, but I can't write them down anywhere to remember later. Add Mommy Brain to that and forget it, those blog ideas never had a chance. 
  • After trying to find a screw driver in the garage, I've decided not to hold it against Brian that he can't find anything in the kitchen. 
  • It's Brian's birthday on Friday. He'll be 28. I'm still figuring out what to get the man who doesn't like anything that isn't free. A Pet Rock?