Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Most Controversial Day of the Year

Today is Halloween. I've seen this article posted by a lot of mom's on Facebook and I decided to sound off on it. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?! CONTROVERSY??? ON THIS BLOG? Not really, but feel free to read on. Or not.

We don't celebrate Halloween but really because we're lazy. Making a costume sounds like such a lot of work. Plus buying candy that I have to give AWAY??? Umm... sounds like a terrible idea to me. I think I'd have a lot of fun if we really got into it, planning an outfit for all 3 of us to wear like this one (wouldn't Allie be darling as a little penguin??) or this one but we don't really have anywhere to go, so basically we'd dress up and sit at home in our costumes. Which might actually be fun. But I digress.

As a kid, we weren't allowed to celebrate Halloween but every year our church had something like a Harvest festival where we could dress up, play games, win candy and sweets, all that good stuff. I LOVED dressing up. I always wanted to be a princess. Something about wearing a big, poofy dress and getting to wear fake plastic heels and a tiara was super appealing to me. Shocker, right?

I can't say I remember doing anything at all in High School. Maybe I blocked the memories? In college, I remember going to a few costume parties or dressing up for work but that was about it. And then, of course, there was last year's debacle...

I guess what I'm saying is, whether you choose to celebrate or not, doesn't give you the right to judge. Right? All it's saying is that you have different convictions than other people do. Choosing to dress your children up and take them to some sort of festivity does not mean you are a Satan worshiper. And choosing to ignore this holiday for whatever reasons you have does not make you a prude.

I think the point we're all really missing is that there's an even bigger, more IMPORTANT holiday coming up soon.

My birthday.

I know, how can we even think about Halloween with this around the corner???? Just in case you are wondering, I do accept presents in the form of cash or checks. I will also never say no to a Starbuck's or some cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.

Monday, October 21, 2013

More Mother // Daughter Style

I can't help it. I LOVE having a daughter just because she is like my own personal doll that I get to dress up ALL THE TIME. Okay, so it's not the only reason. Of course I love coordinating with her but you can't show up in matching tie-dye shirts, you know what I mean? This is a classier coordinating that is perfect for that photo shoot trip to Target. 

I'm not usually a fan of leopard print but when I was putting this style post together, it seemed to fit very well. Allie has those darling gold polka dot leggings which I found at Old Navy for $1.50 before she was born. I've been waiting and waiting patiently for her to finally fit into them!

I like mixing patterns but I always have to start simple. I'm not one to mash polka dots and flowers together just yet. Maybe someday...

Stripes // Gold // Leopard

Friday, October 18, 2013

A Friday List

You can totally tell my mood by the direction my blog takes. Obviously with the cooler weather looming on the horizon, that put me into a fashion frenzy so my blog reflects that. I guess that's the perk of not having a particular niche... if this was a home reno blog then you guys would be like, umm what's with the clothes? But since my niche is "weird," it means I can blog about whatever I want.

All that to say... I think it's time for a Friday list, don't you?
  • It's the middle of October. In exactly 4 weeks, we will be on a plane to Disneyland. Just try to imagine how excited I am. 
  • It's the middle of October. In 3 weeks, I'll be 29. Weirdly enough, I'm not worried about it. I don't even have a bucket list of things to do before I'm 30. I'm going to assume it's because I embrace life and not because I'm too lazy. 
  • It's the middle of October. The weather is starting to cool down at nights, but is still pretty warm during the day. It really makes getting dressed difficult. 
  • It's the middle of October. Allie turned 14 months yesterday. She is definitely not a baby anymore. Girl can walk, sorta talk, feed herself, and is starting to have an opinion on things. WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!?!?!
  • I'm making Oatmeal Raisin cookies as I type this. I DESPISE Oatmeal Raisin Cookies but Brian loves them. Sometimes I wonder how this marriage works. 
  • I'm also on a crocheting kick. I'm in the middle of 6 different projects -- all less than halfway done. I may or may not have a slight ADD when it comes to finishing a project.
  • Brian has been working 6pm-3am for the past few weeks. That means that every night, I fall asleep watching movies and crocheting. I know, right? I walk on the wild side when he's not around. Actually the movies are so that I won't drive myself crazy over-analyzing every little sound/creak/rustle I hear. This way, if the bad guy breaks in, he'll be like "Surprise!" and I really will be surprised. Except that I hate surprises. I might have to rethink my strategy. Sleep with a gun? Put booby traps all around the house like Kevin in Home Alone? I'm sure Brian would love that at 3 am.
  • Happy Friday!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Style Tips 101 - Part 2

Another thing I like to do is take something patterned and multi-colored and build an outfit around it. This can be a scarf, a shirt, a jacket, whatev. You can be mixing all the colors in this one item and it still goes because that one piece is blending everything. Make sense? Or just babbling?

Mint and Black

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Style Tips 101

I don't really claim to be a style connoisseur. I love shopping and putting outfits together but I'm sure you wouldn't find me at New York Fashion Week. Ever.

Maybe I'm more of a practical, every day fashionista. Like, I am not going to wear high heels to the grocery store. I'm going to wear something flat and comfortable. It could also be because I stay at home. When I worked in an office, I dressed up pretty much every day (high heels included).

But I digress. The point is that I do know a thing or two about shopping and I think I have some knowledge of what it takes to make an outfit.

So I will impart my priceless wisdom to you.


You would be surprised how simply adding accessories to an outfit can make it seem more dressed up. A t-shirt and jeans can be made "fashionable" by adding a scarf and earrings or a chunky bracelet. It's really the most basic, simple rule to make everyone think that you've put some effort in without really putting a lot of effort in. 

For example, take a simple, plain, white t-shirt and jeans... it can be dressed up or dressed down. And no one ever has to know you didn't do laundry!

1 outfit 6 ways

Monday, October 7, 2013

Sad days.

Remember how I really wanted these boots from Nine West?

Remember how I kept putting them in every single style post?


During a sale and with a coupon, they ended up being less than half of their list price.

So, naturally, I snatched them up.

I could hardly wait for them to arrive (since I ordered them online). I was so anxious to have my beautiful new, real leather boots that I'd purchased for SUCH a good deal.

And then they came.

And I died.

Okay, fine. I didn't die. But I ordered these boots thinking they would be cognac color and when they came, they were definitely not cognac. The description says Dark Taupe which is accurate. They were a dark grayish brown color.

BUT THE PICTURE LOOKS COGNAC!!!  This is what I yelled to myself and anyone who would listen (so Brian and Allie), over and over. I sat there in disbelief staring at the image on my screen and the boots in my hand. Crushed. Absolutely crushed.

I briefly considered dying them. I actually Googled it. Then I came to my senses.

Sadly and slowly I repackaged them to send back to Nine West. It might've been the saddest, most dramatic day of my life.

Goodbye, leather boots. I will wait silently patiently anxiously for Nine West to realize their error and send me some cognac flat riding boots.

For free.

Because, you know, I suffered emotional damage.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Gray // White // Bedroom

I decided to share the inspiration board I did for our bedroom before I change my mind again... You can check out my bedroom Pinterest board to see a few of my inspiration pins.

Our bedroom

When we first got married, we decided to just get a bunch of stuff from Ikea "for now" until we could afford something nicer. 3 years later and it's still in really good shape so I'm going to stick with it. We already have the pintucked duvet cover (but the $60 version from Target). It was the one thing that Brian actually agreed that we needed in our bedroom. Well, he agreed we needed a duvet cover, I got to pick which one.

My original jumping off point was that fabric swatch. I wanted to make a throw pillow out of it so it would pull together the grays and whites and also lend some color. The problem is I'm trying to convince Brian to let me have throw pillows. He simply does not understand why on earth you would put pillows on the bed everyday only to be removed that night. I don't think "because it looks pretty" is working out too well as an argument for me.

If I'm unsuccessful, then I'll probably just stick to the whites and grays and try to bring pops of colors in elsewhere. Like the print of Yosemite (a picture that Brian took) or the Rifle Paper Co. vintage city prints.

The sheets we have right now are a burnt orange (purchased when we were newlyweds and needed sheets that were cheap). I've bought some dye to make them gray so I'll let you know how that goes... maybe.

I am 95% sure this is what our room is going to look like.

Well, 92.8%.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Shop Til You Drop 5K

I really hate running. I'm just not the sporty athletic type. Sure I like the occasional volleyball game or maybe I'll run to my car in the rain if I don't have an umbrella, but I really have to force myself to do any sort of exercise at all.

That said, I love shopping. I'm sure you all know that by now. So I was thinking... what if they did a 5K but it was a shopping marathon? Like they give you $500 and you have to buy as many things as possible to put together several outfits for different occasions. Seriously, how crazy awesome would that be???

Who can I contact to make this a real thing?