Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Most Controversial Day of the Year

Today is Halloween. I've seen this article posted by a lot of mom's on Facebook and I decided to sound off on it. I KNOW, RIGHT?!?! CONTROVERSY??? ON THIS BLOG? Not really, but feel free to read on. Or not.

We don't celebrate Halloween but really because we're lazy. Making a costume sounds like such a lot of work. Plus buying candy that I have to give AWAY??? Umm... sounds like a terrible idea to me. I think I'd have a lot of fun if we really got into it, planning an outfit for all 3 of us to wear like this one (wouldn't Allie be darling as a little penguin??) or this one but we don't really have anywhere to go, so basically we'd dress up and sit at home in our costumes. Which might actually be fun. But I digress.

As a kid, we weren't allowed to celebrate Halloween but every year our church had something like a Harvest festival where we could dress up, play games, win candy and sweets, all that good stuff. I LOVED dressing up. I always wanted to be a princess. Something about wearing a big, poofy dress and getting to wear fake plastic heels and a tiara was super appealing to me. Shocker, right?

I can't say I remember doing anything at all in High School. Maybe I blocked the memories? In college, I remember going to a few costume parties or dressing up for work but that was about it. And then, of course, there was last year's debacle...

I guess what I'm saying is, whether you choose to celebrate or not, doesn't give you the right to judge. Right? All it's saying is that you have different convictions than other people do. Choosing to dress your children up and take them to some sort of festivity does not mean you are a Satan worshiper. And choosing to ignore this holiday for whatever reasons you have does not make you a prude.

I think the point we're all really missing is that there's an even bigger, more IMPORTANT holiday coming up soon.

My birthday.

I know, how can we even think about Halloween with this around the corner???? Just in case you are wondering, I do accept presents in the form of cash or checks. I will also never say no to a Starbuck's or some cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.