Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Just thought I'd pop in to tell you our internet is still not working... Hopefully it'll be back soon and I'll have some stories and pictures for you but in the meantime, just read this post over and over.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A giveaway

So I think that only friends and family commented out of pity but the lucky winner of the wreath of her choice is #3 Marie Tromburg!

Sorry it took so long to post. We're having technical difficulties with our Internet and the best we get from Comcast is "restart your modem", which my husband has tried 38 times. That means I'm blogging from my phone and it's... interesting.

To top it off, I discovered these google searches that led people to my blog. A little disheartening, I must say.
  • me in rubber gloves spider
  • blog I squashed the spider with my flip flop
  • the mummy mouth open
  • mexican flour
I'm guessing the spider ones were from this post but I really have no idea how google decided that my blog would be a good answer to "mexican flour".

Most people would quit after an unsuccessful giveaway attempt and google searches like that but not me! I'm going to keep on writing even if it's just for you, my 20 faithful followers! :)

"I love you guys with all my butt. I would say heart, but my butt is bigger." - Pinterest

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

A giveaway reminder

So far there have been 5 comments on the giveaway... Sure it's not the 140,000 comments that PW usually has on her giveaways but then again, I'm not giving away a $2,000 gift so that might be why.

But look at the bright side! That means that every one of you who entered has a 20% chance of winning! That's a lot better than 1/140,000 chance of winning which is like so small of a number that my calculator shows a little "e" at the end which means something but I can't remember.

So go ahead and visit my Etsy shop and pick any wreath that you like and it could be yours! I would say one comment per person but at this point, I don't think it really matters... So leave as many comments as you want telling me which one you like and increase your chances of winning. Also, that would feed my ego so double points for you!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanks for fashion inspiration

Since I'll be cooking the whole Thanksgiving meal on Friday, that means I will be running around in sweatpants and an old dirty shirt with my hair in a bun on top of my head because I tend to use my clothes as towels when I cook. Usually I'd wear my apron but after several washes a week (from me using it as a towel) it's starting to look rather forlorn.

In any case, after the turkey is roasting and the potatoes are mashed and the biscuits are baked, I will have to put together a semi decent looking outfit to play my part as hostess of the night.

Lately, I've been obsessed with sweater dresses but here's the problem: I can't wear it without sweating like I'm in the middle of running a marathon so I'm just going to live vicariously through any one else who does that and stick to my jeans with layers. Oh my gosh. I just realized that's probably why they call it a SWEATer. Huh. Never thought about that...

And okay, I know furry boots can seem kind of ridiculous but paired with the fair isle print, it just screams ski lodge and makes me get all excited for this winter-y weather we'll soon be experiencing.
Thanksgiving Options

Monday, November 21, 2011

Last resort. I mean, a giveaway!

I never do giveaways on my blog. Well, never before. Mostly because I'm broke and this blog is merely a way to put my thoughts out there in the cyber world and I don't make any money off of it whatsoever. (Unless you count the $0.03 that Ad Sense tells me I've made. I've yet to see the check.) That means that giveaways would have to come out of my pocket and I can tell you there is nothing in there but pieces of lint.
After 4 months of having my wreaths on Etsy and not selling a single-single one (said like the guy on 101 Dalmations when he's telling Cruella she can't have any... "not a single-single one!"), I decided to lower the price from what the rest of the wreaths were selling at to a half decent price.

And still no one wants them.

So I'm literally going to try to give them away.

That's where you guys come in!

I'm having my first ever giveaway! I'll be giving away one wreath because it's Thanksgiving, because I've reached 20 followers and because I can't sell them so my options are to let them continue to collect dust in my apartment or to give one away to my lovely readers. This is sounding like you guys are a last resort. Truth is, I didn't think anyone would want these and I got the idea from a friend at church yesterday.

All you have to do is visit my Etsy shop and leave a comment on this post telling me which wreath you like best and just for kicks and giggles, tell me what your plans are for Thanksgiving.

I'll find some random number generator and pick the lucky winner on Wednesday. Or I'll close my eyes and eeny-meeny-miney-moe it.

If by Wednesday at noon PST I have no comments on this post then... I will be sad and depressed and probably throw them in the dumpster or start chucking them at people as I drive down the street. Or maybe I'll give them to all my family members and get the "Awww... You really shouldn't have. Really."

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fashion Inspirations

I added a new page at the top where you can scroll through all of my Polyvore sets! Enjoy...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Styling a family photo shoot

What a week... I can't believe it's already Thursday! This time next week it will be Thanksgiving! Are you kidding me??? This is flying by way too quickly...

A few days ago my very pregnant ex-roommate emailed me for a favor. She's planning a newborn/family photo shoot in January and asked if I could come up with some outfit options for her. I really really REALLY wish that I had a closet full of stuff and could be their personal photo shoot stylist but time, money and distance will not permit so she will have to make do with my Polyvore creations.

Since they're taking pictures in January (and probably outside) I thought I'd go for several wintery looks with chunky scarves. And then in the last set I changed my mind when I saw the chunky necklace, but we'll get there.

And of course, I gave several options of scarves - Sarah, I do not intend for you to wear 2-3 scarves at once.

It will be Sarah, her husband and her precious baby boy so I decided to get a little carried away and styled all three. I had so much fun putting these outfits together that I really wish I could do this for like a living. Not for crazy fashion magazines but for like real people. I'd have to charge like $500 a set though to make any real money so that probably won't happen... *Sigh... Enjoy!
Family Shoot Option 1
Insight 51 long sleeve shirt, $50H m cardiganOld Navy skinny jeans, $30Old Navy lace trim camisole, $8Forever21 rubber boots, $35BCBG Max Azria square earrings, $13Abercrombie Fitch genuine leather belt, $48Floral scarve, $32Brixton knitted shawl, $31Old Navy fringed shawl, $13Old Navy Mens New Dark Authentic Straight-Fit Jeans, $30Gap Knitwaist Straight Jeans (Dark Wash), $35Gap Shearling Trapper Hat, $20Gap Cozy Knit Booties, $17Gap Thermal Bodysuit, $15Gap Baby White Triple Roll Socks, $3
Family Photo Shoot Option 2
Banana republic sweater, $60Old Navy topOld navy skinny jeans, $30Forever21 flat boots, $35H M metal necklace, £7.99H&M earrings, £3.99H M bracelet, £3.99Forever21 metal earrings, $3.80H M bracelet, £1.49H M braided jewelry, £1.99Cheap Monday scarve, £30Wet Seal knitted shawl, $11Old Navy Mens New Dark Authentic Straight-Fit Jeans, $30Gap Knitwaist Straight Jeans (Dark Wash), $35Gap Shearling Buckle Booties, $23Old Navy Fair Isle Trapper Hat & Mitten Sets For Baby, $17Gap Thermal Bodysuit, $15Gap Baby White Triple Roll Socks, $3
Family Photo Shoot Option 3
Old Navy printed top, $23Old Navy zipper jeans, $30Forever21 knee high platform boots, $35Old Navy knotted bead necklace, $6.99Forever21 lacquer jewelry, $9.80Forever21 hoop earrings, $1.50Acrylic scarve, €34Old Navy fringe scarve, $15Old Navy Men's Western Shirts, $35Old Navy Mens New Dark Authentic Straight-Fit Jeans, $30Gap Knitwaist Straight Jeans (Dark Wash), $35Gap Cozy Knit Booties, $17Gap Fleece Hat & Mittens, $17Gap Thermal Bodysuit, $15Gap Baby White Triple Roll Socks, $3

Monday, November 14, 2011


Now that my birthday week is over, I'm thinking about the next holiday on the list: Thanksgiving! I'm definitely one of those people who thinks we should take it one holiday at a time, although that does not mean that I have not played Christmas music at my desk since August. Please ignore the double negatives. I type as I think.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is already upon us... only 10 days! 10 days until the one day a year that we can look at everything that God has blessed us with and devote a whole day to giving thanks. It's easy to get lost in the food and the fun but it's cool to think that this whole thing started because the Pilgrims wanted to recognize that God had blessed them with so much and then there were Indians there too. Okay, so I don't remember the whole story but the last time I heard it was like 2nd grade and all I can think about is The Addams Family Values when Wednesday sets fire to the pilgrims for taking the Indians' land. Not quite historically accurate.

We will be doing 2 turkey dinners this year: one with Brian's family on Thursday and then one with both mine and Brian's family on Friday. Don't ask why we're doing double days. It's a long and complicated story. The Friday dinner will be made completely by yours truly and I have already tasked my husband with the job of photographer so I don't have to worry about washing my hands after every step to take a picture and then have you guys hate me when I post my recipes with pictures of a pile of dirty dishes because that's all I remembered to take.

Here's the thing - this whole "cooking the entire meal" is not new for me. Growing up, my dad always did the turkey. Everyone else brought a little of whatever they were supposed to but he always did the turkey. A few years back, I started helping him. Then about 4 years ago, he just retired. He let me take over the whole thing. He still does the gravy because I dislike gravy and have had no intentions of ever learning how to make it (keep reading, I'll eat my words in a few minutes).

Fast forward to last year, my family drove up to Nor Cal to visit for Thankgiving and I decided to do the turkey dinner just like old times. Except there was no one else bringing all the other sides so I added the mashed potatoes, stuffing (which is part of doing the turkey), cranberry, biscuits, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and 2 cheesecake desserts to my task of making the turkey.


This year... will be different. *dun dun DUUUUNNNN (that's supposed to be like the scary music sound)

I've turned to trusty PW and I will be BRINING the turkey for the first time ever in my life this year. Scary, right? I'm trusting her with the MAIN COURSE. I mean if the turkey is ruined, then Thanksgiving without turkey is like.... well, something bad.

That is why I will only be trusting her with the bird this year. I'm still doing all the other sides that I mentioned, the same way I did them last year. I'm not brave enough to do a whole PW inspired Thanksgiving meal. Mostly because I like the stuffing out of the box since we all know that's the yummiest way.

Turkey Brining from Pioneer Woman

Roasted Turkey from Pioneer Woman

Also this year... I will be attempting her gravy recipe. Insert words into mouth.

Turkey Gravy from Pioneer Woman

It's just that everyone likes gravy (except me) and I will have all the ingredients and it would really just be sheer stubborness and laziness if I don't make it so I'm going to bite the bullet and do it.

Plus that means I get to buy myself a cool flat whisk since I'll "need" it for the gravy.

Sidenote: I enter giveaways every once in awhile and I've never won. Never ever. This past weekend PW had a giveaway for some really cool turkey tools and I will be honest with you, I totally pouted this morning when I didn't win. Sooo.... does anyone want to send me an All Clad turkey roasting pan? Or some Wusthof carving knives?


Anyone there?


Friday, November 11, 2011

Random things

This week has been crazy busy!!!

I decided to take a few random pictures yesterday of what's going on in my life and I stumbled across some pictures my husband took in Tahoe...

 That's where he gets to work. No big deal. Sheesh.

Birthday presents! I am now the owner of not one, but two pairs of TOMS. And I LOVE them already...

Another birthday present to me - a new Bible! The pages are all stuck together and I'm used to my old one where I knew exactly where everything was but I just have to break this one in. And hopefully it lasts awhile...
The growing pile of wood, pallets and plywood. (Please note the dead garden in the background.
Evidently our plants did NOT like our week long trip to Maui.)
In a fit of wanting to do something creative that wouldn't take long, I added twine to the bottles that I had painted here.
I took these with my phone so sorry they're kinda small and weird looking but whatev.
Birthday flowers. Not from my husband because he knows better than to
 spend $20 on flowers when he can buy me $20 worth of clothes.

The fire that happened right behind our apartment complex. I took this with my phone to show my husband how close I was to death and then headed off to the gym without a worry about our place burning down. Call it blissful ignorance.
And this is how I look at 7 in the morning when I'm blogging. I figured you guys
don't get to see my lovely face very often and this was the best way to do that.

Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Today is my birthday.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The weekend

Well I don't really have to tell you guys that my weekend was tons and tons of fun but I will anyway. Disneyland was cold and rainy and in other words: perfect. I was all bundled up and cozy in my nice new warm sweater and due to the cold and rainy-ness, the lines were short and there were opportunities for hot tea and yummy sweets around every corner. We had oh so much fun and I can hardly wait to go back. Yeah. I'm that obsessed people. I managed to control my excitement and I didn't hug and kiss the person who let us in at the gate but I did fall down and kiss the ground and wept for joy when we walked in.

Okay, I didn't. But I thought about it. I did do a fake sob of joy.

I had to wait to steal pictures from my sister's Facebook because she's the only one who remembered a camera...

On the tram... My husband can hardly contain his excitement

Birthday girls


Christmas card picture

Just because we're weird
OH. AND I found a $20 bill outside the park when we re-entered after dinner in Downtown Disney. No one was around so I did what any self-respecting 26 year old who is at the Happiest Place on Earth would do.

I kept it.

And spent it.

It was a short weekend together of course but it was still so much fun! I had my fill of all the wonderful greasy foods I could handle. Saturday, I stuffed my face with more sushi than I should've. The weather was cold and rainy but I kinda sorta love that weather because it means warm hats and cute scarves and thick cozy boots and basically all things fall fashionable.

The great thing is that even though it was such a short time to hang out with my family, I'll be seeing them in a few weeks because they're coming up to Nor Cal for Thanksgiving! I'm planning on making a whole big Thanksgiving meal on Friday after Thanksgiving using several recipes from PW of course so we'll see how that goes... I'm a little nervous to try her turkey brine because I've never brined a turkey before but I trust her with my life and evidently also with a major holiday meal.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Husbands and fashion... DO mix. Sorta.

First I have to point out that my older sister did not just hang up on our family conference call. She hung on for a few minutes and then said goodbye so she could get some rest before going off to work... I realized after I posted that maybe she sounded like a meanie but she's sick and she CANNOT be sick for our Disneyland trip tomorrow so we needed her to be in tip-top shape.

Anyway, a few days ago, I bought that grey sweater from Old Navy that I featured on Monday.

It did end up being on sale and you bet your bottom dollar that I'll be heading back in a few weeks to get some more money back from Old Navy. (Did you know that if you purchase something and then the price goes even further down, you can go back to the store with your receipt and they'll refund you the difference? Yes. Old Navy will be paying me to wear that sweater. Basically.)

Last night I was modeling several outfits, trying to decide what I would wear to Disneyland. I put on the sweater that I already love so much and this is what my husband said when I walked out of the bedroom to twirl around in it and get his approval:

"You look like Clint Eastwood from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly."

After seeing that, I must say Clint looks quite ravishing. In fact, his poncho is definitely in style these days. So I took it as a compliment.

Then my husband decided that he wanted to know what makes things fashionable. I said he wouldn't understand. He said "try me". I said "I wouldn't even be able to explain 5 different fashion rules without you getting bored and deciding you don't care that much."

He said "Tell me 3 then."

So he sat there while I explained the rule of not letting things stop at your waist if you have big hips (like me) {meaning it must be lower than your waist or high waisted}, the rule of mixing chunky with thin (like not wearing chunky sweaters with sweatpants and calling it a day - not that I ever do that...) and the rule of colors for my skin tone (which is really just a rule for myself).

This morning when I got dressed, he said "Oh I see how you wear a long tank top so that you don't cut off your waist and accentuate your hips. But I like your hips."

He actually learned something about fashion, you guys. I mean he remembered exactly what I was talking about and applied it. And in a round-about way, showed me his love in his own way. And he likes my Big Bertha hips. Success!

He's really just the best husband ever.

Just thought I'd brag for a bit.


I'll probably cry when I see my sisters. I'll also probably cry when I get on the tram to get to Disneyland. I'll also probably kiss and hug the person working the turnstyle at Disneyland. And then I'll full-body tackle Mickey, when I see him. And then I'll overeat too much sushi on Saturday night and get sick. Sounds like a fun weekend, right??

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthdays and baby sisters

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She had an older sister and she was the baby of the family. Life was good. Her parents loved her and spoiled her and she was the favorite.

Then one day... one dark and stormy day in November... all of that was ripped away from her. There was a new baby in the house. And not only did she steal the title of "baby of the family", she did it a week before the little girl's birthday.

The little girl was furious (I think - I can't remember). Well as furious as a 3-year-old can get. But as this new baby got older, it turned out she was a pretty good playmate so the little girl's anger subsided. And as the new baby got even older, the little girl decided that having 2 sisters was probably the best thing she ever could've asked for so she decided to accept her roll as "the middle child" and live out her days happily ever after.

I love my sisters so very much. It's really like having built-in best friends.
 You can fight and scream and kick at each other one minute, and then be BFF's the next.
At Disneyland of course.
 My baby sister really is the baby of the family. She's spoiled, for sure.
We pretended to snowboard one day. We were the cutest ones out there.
But yeah, probably the only ones riding our butts the whole way down.
She was allowed to wear make-up years before we were allowed to. She had a later curfew in high school. She's always good for honest fashion advice. Brutally honest even...
At Disneyland again.
 She's one of the godliest people I know who has a commitment to the truth and living like Christ. She is super lovable and used to force hugs on me all the time and now I kind of miss them.
My wedding day
She will dance ANYTIME she hears music. She is probably a little deaf and a true blonde even if these pictures say differently. She has an infectious laugh and a really good singing voice.
At Disneyland again.
She LOVES her family and anything Disney. She also loves to "borrow" things from me and then keep/lose them but she'll replace it. Eventually.
Disneyland. Again. Are you seeing a trend here?
She calls me so that we have hour long conversations about nothing. She keeps pestering me to have babies. She loves her Starbucks and her Tommy's. If you don't know Tommy's, that's because you don't live in the Greater LA area. Oh Tommy's and your greasy chili, how I miss you so...

At Disneyland. I wasn't trying to get a picture of the guy behind my sister,
 but turns out this is the best picture I've ever taken.
I was on the phone with my mom this morning and we decided to conference call "the baby" in. Then we conferenced in my dad. And my older sister (who was still asleep). Hilarity ensued. We tried singing "Happy Birthday" twice but somehow were never quite altogether on the timing. My mom talked about "redneck indians" and my dad corrected her that it was "redskins" and then she insisted that if their skin was red then their necks would be red too. My older sister hung up on us because we woke her up and she was sick, so we'll excuse that. My dad talked about how excited he is to go to Disneyland in the rain (yes, it's supposed to rain) on Friday. My mom suggested he buy a hat with an umbrella attached. And my sister and I listened and laughed along.

Happy Birthday to the best baby sister anyone could ask for! I love you lots and can't wait to celebrate our birthday's together at.... DISNEYLAND!!!