Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Birthdays and baby sisters

Once upon a time there was a little girl. She had an older sister and she was the baby of the family. Life was good. Her parents loved her and spoiled her and she was the favorite.

Then one day... one dark and stormy day in November... all of that was ripped away from her. There was a new baby in the house. And not only did she steal the title of "baby of the family", she did it a week before the little girl's birthday.

The little girl was furious (I think - I can't remember). Well as furious as a 3-year-old can get. But as this new baby got older, it turned out she was a pretty good playmate so the little girl's anger subsided. And as the new baby got even older, the little girl decided that having 2 sisters was probably the best thing she ever could've asked for so she decided to accept her roll as "the middle child" and live out her days happily ever after.

I love my sisters so very much. It's really like having built-in best friends.
 You can fight and scream and kick at each other one minute, and then be BFF's the next.
At Disneyland of course.
 My baby sister really is the baby of the family. She's spoiled, for sure.
We pretended to snowboard one day. We were the cutest ones out there.
But yeah, probably the only ones riding our butts the whole way down.
She was allowed to wear make-up years before we were allowed to. She had a later curfew in high school. She's always good for honest fashion advice. Brutally honest even...
At Disneyland again.
 She's one of the godliest people I know who has a commitment to the truth and living like Christ. She is super lovable and used to force hugs on me all the time and now I kind of miss them.
My wedding day
She will dance ANYTIME she hears music. She is probably a little deaf and a true blonde even if these pictures say differently. She has an infectious laugh and a really good singing voice.
At Disneyland again.
She LOVES her family and anything Disney. She also loves to "borrow" things from me and then keep/lose them but she'll replace it. Eventually.
Disneyland. Again. Are you seeing a trend here?
She calls me so that we have hour long conversations about nothing. She keeps pestering me to have babies. She loves her Starbucks and her Tommy's. If you don't know Tommy's, that's because you don't live in the Greater LA area. Oh Tommy's and your greasy chili, how I miss you so...

At Disneyland. I wasn't trying to get a picture of the guy behind my sister,
 but turns out this is the best picture I've ever taken.
I was on the phone with my mom this morning and we decided to conference call "the baby" in. Then we conferenced in my dad. And my older sister (who was still asleep). Hilarity ensued. We tried singing "Happy Birthday" twice but somehow were never quite altogether on the timing. My mom talked about "redneck indians" and my dad corrected her that it was "redskins" and then she insisted that if their skin was red then their necks would be red too. My older sister hung up on us because we woke her up and she was sick, so we'll excuse that. My dad talked about how excited he is to go to Disneyland in the rain (yes, it's supposed to rain) on Friday. My mom suggested he buy a hat with an umbrella attached. And my sister and I listened and laughed along.

Happy Birthday to the best baby sister anyone could ask for! I love you lots and can't wait to celebrate our birthday's together at.... DISNEYLAND!!!