Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A giveaway reminder

So far there have been 5 comments on the giveaway... Sure it's not the 140,000 comments that PW usually has on her giveaways but then again, I'm not giving away a $2,000 gift so that might be why.

But look at the bright side! That means that every one of you who entered has a 20% chance of winning! That's a lot better than 1/140,000 chance of winning which is like so small of a number that my calculator shows a little "e" at the end which means something but I can't remember.

So go ahead and visit my Etsy shop and pick any wreath that you like and it could be yours! I would say one comment per person but at this point, I don't think it really matters... So leave as many comments as you want telling me which one you like and increase your chances of winning. Also, that would feed my ego so double points for you!