Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The weekend

Well I don't really have to tell you guys that my weekend was tons and tons of fun but I will anyway. Disneyland was cold and rainy and in other words: perfect. I was all bundled up and cozy in my nice new warm sweater and due to the cold and rainy-ness, the lines were short and there were opportunities for hot tea and yummy sweets around every corner. We had oh so much fun and I can hardly wait to go back. Yeah. I'm that obsessed people. I managed to control my excitement and I didn't hug and kiss the person who let us in at the gate but I did fall down and kiss the ground and wept for joy when we walked in.

Okay, I didn't. But I thought about it. I did do a fake sob of joy.

I had to wait to steal pictures from my sister's Facebook because she's the only one who remembered a camera...

On the tram... My husband can hardly contain his excitement

Birthday girls


Christmas card picture

Just because we're weird
OH. AND I found a $20 bill outside the park when we re-entered after dinner in Downtown Disney. No one was around so I did what any self-respecting 26 year old who is at the Happiest Place on Earth would do.

I kept it.

And spent it.

It was a short weekend together of course but it was still so much fun! I had my fill of all the wonderful greasy foods I could handle. Saturday, I stuffed my face with more sushi than I should've. The weather was cold and rainy but I kinda sorta love that weather because it means warm hats and cute scarves and thick cozy boots and basically all things fall fashionable.

The great thing is that even though it was such a short time to hang out with my family, I'll be seeing them in a few weeks because they're coming up to Nor Cal for Thanksgiving! I'm planning on making a whole big Thanksgiving meal on Friday after Thanksgiving using several recipes from PW of course so we'll see how that goes... I'm a little nervous to try her turkey brine because I've never brined a turkey before but I trust her with my life and evidently also with a major holiday meal.