Friday, June 29, 2012


I had a doctor's appointment yesterday with my new doctor. I had to fill out some paperwork when I first got there and for the first time in my life I came to the box that said "Occupation" and didn't know what to put.

Domestic administrator?

Or housewife?

Or stay-at-home-almost-mother?

I decided "growing a human being" would be a good answer. That does seem to be occupying my time lately.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Well life just got real exciting for me this morning.

I was sitting on our couch eating breakfast and reading when I saw something crawling on the screen door.

"Please be outside... please be outside...." I repeated to myself over and over as I got up to check.

It was not.

The most terrifying sight in the world is a spider in your house. IN your house. ON THE INSIDE OF YOUR HOUSE.

I immediately began whimpering knowing I'd have to deal with it since I didn't want to find it crawling up my leg later that day or something.

I ran and grabbed a shoe and then, still whimpering, opened the screen door.

And that's when I got a good look at it.

It was a fat, hairy, black spider with white spots on its back. It seriously looked like a mini tarantula. Screams started to build up in my throat as I frantically tried to kill it with my shoe. I managed to finally murder it and then proceeded to call my husband whimpering and still reeling from having the feeling of spiders crawling down my neck.

I love my husband.

Instead of mocking me for being such a baby, he congratulated me on still being alive and having overcome the spider. I felt better.

Then I decided to Google "black, hairy spider with white spots" only to find out that it was most likely a jumping spider.



And then I saw this on Pinterest which absolutely describes how I deal with spiders.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The phone calling saga continues...

I had to call Kaiser to get my medical records transferred to my new doctor and the nice lady helping me asked me to spell out my email address letter by letter with a sample (like "b as in boy").

Now, I don't know what it is but I always panic when I have to think of a word that starts with that letter. There are always 2 scenarios that play out in my head:

1) Whenever it comes to the "p" in my name I ALWAYS want to say "P as in... pneumonia?" Thank you Brian Regan.

2) I want to say "S as in Stephanie. T as in Tephanie. E as in Ephanie. P as in Phanie (etc...) and E as in 'ello there mate!" Thank you Friends.

I think the weirdest thing was getting to the "r" in my email address and having never had an "r" in my name before being married, I balked and stuttered. Eventually, I came out with "r as in rrrrr...robot". I even drew out the "rrr" like I was trying to sound Mexican and roll my r's but my white girl side was taking over. She probably thought I was "s as in special".

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Growing faith

I'm teaching at our Women's Ministry Meeting on Thursday night about encouragement through suffering and trials and how the Lord always uses trials to grow our faith in Him. This morning I was reviewing my notes and finishing up last minute additions and such...

Then I decided to tackle my health insurance issue again and try to schedule an appointment with a doctor. 

Remember how I said I didn't really feel like Anthem was better/worse than Kaiser?

I take it back. Kaiser is waaaaayyy better than Anthem and that's all I have to say about that.

No wait.. I have more to say. After 30 minutes of hold music, I started to go delirious. Since it's instrumental and plays the same song over and over, I started singing along out loud. And talking to myself. And talking to the message machine recordings that would cut in every few minutes and remind me that they are really busy and a representative would be with me "shortly".

Then I proceeded to call 6 different doctor's offices and have them all say that there was some reason or another that they don't accept the insurance I have (even though they were listed on the website as accepting it).

I took Kaiser for granted. It's MUCH easier to find a doctor and know where to go and what to do. After doctor #5, I started to think maybe I was screwed. But I reminded myself that God is in control no matter what happens so just keep calling and DON'T worry.

Anyway, 2 hours and 11 phone calls later (to different doctor's offices and back-and-forth with Anthem), I finally have a doctor, a hospital to deliver at and insurance to cover it all.

Then I realized... this was just one more little trial that God is using to grow my faith. And the bottom line of my teaching (which is stolen from my pastor's sermon on Romans 4 from Sunday): we have one thing to learn in trials: that God is FAITHFUL! And one thing to avoid: doubting Him!

So... I'm thankful that God is faithful to provide for our little family and thankful that He teaches me to put my faith in Him, not in myself or others and definitely not in our health system.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Boring stuff.

Sometimes life is boring. That's what happens when you're an adult. And today's boring topic is: health insurance!

Like I mentioned before, I lost my previous insurance (since I'm no longer working) and got a new one. (Praise the Lord!) Before, I had Kaiser Permanente. I loved KP. Maybe I'm biased because my mom works for them but I've had Kaiser almost my whole life and I've never had anything bad to say about them. It was always a good experience and you can count on state-of-the-art equipment and usually friendly service. In fact, one time the equipment was so high tech, I think the doctor examining my mild concussion was having a hard time with it. I almost offered to help him with his computer but then decided he might not take it so well from a young whippersnapper like me.

At any rate, my new insurance is with Blue Cross. I don't have anything against them, I suppose. I've never known any insurance besides Kaiser. I'm guessing it's not that different though.

Here's the dilemma: the closest hospital to our apartment is one that I've heard some not-so-raving reviews on. I can try to get into another hospital but...

Here's my question: if they have doctors who can deliver my baby safely and drugs in case I decide I don't want to deal with the pain, how much should I expect our 24-48 hours in the hospital to be like staying in a resort? Should I really need my experience to be so pleasant that I have to drive an extra 30 minutes to a better hospital? I have no idea since I've never had any babies before. Maybe it could be worse than I think but I feel like 1-2 days in a hospital aren't going to be that great no matter where you are. Should I care more? Someone help me.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Working out

I decided to get back to exercising after taking a break for a few weeks and I've been told swimming is really great for preggo women. So I put on my swimsuit and headed to the pool. I did 5 laps and then this happened...

What can I say... I spent the majority of my life in So Cal. When I'm near a pool, I lay out. It's like my brain is just programmed that way. An hour later, I had still only done the 5 laps and an occasional dip in the pool to cool off.

So... 5 laps counts as a real workout, right?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Resuscitating the blog

If my blog were a plant, it'd be dead by now.

I wish I had some good excuse but I've just been downright lazy and not wanting to blog. So instead of making excuses, I think I'll just give you the cliff notes version of my life/thoughts lately.

We've spent the last 2 weekends in L.A. which was so much fun but exhausting. We had another baby shower and my mom turned 60. Elvis was there. We finally ordered the car seat which only cost us $13. I'm 32 weeks along and fairly certain that my body temperature maintains a solid 148.92 degrees at all times now.

It's hot.

My parents surprised us (well, me) with a Kitchen Aid which I've used twice and loved even though I was a little scared to use it at first because of how expensive it is. We also got a memory foam mattress topper and my nights are a little better, although warmer. We've finished high school ministry for the year and will now take a break for summer. I've gained 20 lbs total this pregnancy and haven't worked out in like 3 weeks.

It's hot.

I lost my favorite crochet needle to the couch. I wish it was socially acceptable to walk around in a swimsuit all the time. With a spray bottle fan. My husband got poison oak doing some landscaping at a house 2 weeks ago. I lost my health insurance and then got a different one a few weeks later.

It's still hot.

We now have to maneuver around all the baby stuff slowly taking over our apartment. We put offers on 2 more houses. Things are starting to feel squashed in my midsection area. I wish I had an Oreo milkshake right now. Summer is starting which means I will be either in the pool or sticking my head in our freezer.

It's so hot I think I'll go stick my head in the freezer and call it a night. Right after I check to see if anyone has invented a mattress that cools you down while fanning you and massaging your feet. If not, I'll invent one and sell it to all the pregnant women in the world. I'll be a millionaire before this baby's born.