Friday, January 31, 2014

A Friday List

The internet scared me this week.

It seems like everywhere I looked, there was an article, comment, blog post that was spewing hate, malice, and anger. Because curiosity got the best of me, I read a few and then just felt worse and worse.

Anyway, it's Friday and I felt like I needed to lighten the mood around the world wide web. Sooooooooooo.... a list!
  • Brian's parents fly out on Tuesday. We've pretty much been over there almost every night this week just hanging out and getting the most babysitting we can. Seriously, between Brian's 2 younger brothers, Allie has been having a BLAST. I think they get a kick out of her crazy toddler antics and she gets a kick out of playing with someone that doesn't need 5 minutes and a walker to go from a sitting position to standing. I'm pregnant and have sciatic pain. But looking at me, you'd think I was a 90-year-old in need of a hip replacement. Fine, I don't really have a walker but I do really think it would actually help me.
  • I think Brian is finally realizing how much he'll miss his family, so we haven't even really dealt with much house stuff. And I'm okay with that. I'm okay with moving into a home that might have concrete floors for awhile. It might not have fresh, new paint. It might still have stuff in it (from his parents) that we need to go through and decide what to keep or donate. And I'm totally okay with that. Mostly because our other option is to drive ourselves crazy with stress and pressure to get things done and that's never good for a guy who's working 50-60 hour weeks, much less a pregnant woman.
  • The small part of house stuff that I've been doing is shopping around and budgeting. Hey! It's my most favorite thing and my least favorite thing in the whole world. Together. Yay. But we finally have a complete list of things the new house will need so we're trying to get a good number so we don't go crazy and like, I don't know, blow the whole budget on installing a jacuzzi in the backyard. Not that I'm tempted to do that or anything. (blank stare)
  • 21 weeks pregnant. This time it has FLOWN by. I'm more than halfway through this?!?! Crazy. This baby is SUPER squirmy. I don't remember Allie being that way. Maybe I just remember her being more kicky towards the end but this one seems to constantly be doing somersaults in there. It's weird to know that this baby is going to be so different from Allie.
  • The one great thing about Brian's parents moving to Maui is that he's already making plans to for sure visit them in September, which means I'm already scoping out plane tix and planning my wardrobe. Shocker, right? :D But a week in Maui (with free room and board, food, and lots of willing babysitters) sounds like a perfect vacation for this mama. Is it too early to start a countdown? Yeah. Probably. 
Okay, I think those are my thoughts for the day. For all 12 of my readers. But after what I've seen this week, I'm so thankful for 12 silent readers who keep coming back for my weird stories and thoughts. You guys are the best. :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I had a doctor's appointment (finally) and we found out....

It's a girl!!!

Yep, Allie will get to have a little sister to copy her every move, annoy her, dress like her, and generally be her best friend so I'm pretty excited about that - being a little sister AND an older sister myself.

So of course, this changed the decor in their room. I had pinned this print awhile ago, when I secretly knew/thought I was going to have another girl. I so wanted to bring some salmon and bubblegum pink into their room but if we were going to have a boy, I wouldn't really want to do that.

So working off of that print, I changed the mood board a bit to reflect some pops of pink brought in here and there.
Shared Girls Room

A few notes:
  • I would LOVE to have that Serena & Lily wallpaper on one wall in their room, but it's really expensive and Brian HATES wallpaper (having had to rip it off of walls repeatedly when it was old and crumbling). I don't know if I'd have the patience to paint a design like that on the wall, but we'll see if I'm able to incorporate it. 
  • I still wanted to have my gold/yellow, black, and white theme but also bring in the taupe a bit. The bed and crib will both be white but I think I'm going to leave their dresser the grayish taupe color it is.
  • I found a few cheaper options for rugs at Ikea so now I just have to decide if I want the thick plush one that might be harder to clean or the thinner one that will be easier to clean but not so easy on baby bones. 
So here's my new list of things to do:
  • Paint the crib white (still scary)
  • Choose and buy a new rug
  • Make Buy a black/white mobile
  • Buy yellow sheets (possibly those from Land of Nod)
  • Make a taupe crocheted blanket for Allie. She already has a bubblegum pink one that one of my mom's friends knit for her that will go perfectly in her little sister's crib and match the theme.
  • Bring in pops of color by displaying toys
  • Buy that inspiration print and possible DIY some other prints for their collage wall (this is probably not gonna happen. Just being honest.)
  • Build floor to wall shelves. We already have these brackets from Ikea and I'm thinking something like this will be perfect for books and toys.

Friday, January 10, 2014


I decided to make some New Year's Resolutions. I think you'll find them quite agreeable.
  • Pack our whole house up before moving day. Lofty goal, huh?
  • Successfully keep that house packed because Allie really likes to take things out of boxes once I put them in. She thinks it's a game. If it is, it is honestly the least fun game I've ever played.
  • Have our new house in working order before the baby is born. I have 3 months to get this done. Seems like plenty of time.... right? Right? RIGHT?!?!
  • Finish Allie's kitchen in time for her.... half-birthday? Don't even ask. I don't want to talk about it. Priorities: have a house to live in with actual flooring (and not cement) or get Allie's kitchen done? Yeah, when Brian put it that way, it made me realize her kitchen is low on the list of priorities right now. Boo hoo. Insert whiny disappointed face here...
  • Pick a name once we find out the gender of this little one. Pick a name months before the due date. Settle on the name so no changes can be made. I repeat: PICK A NAME ASAP.
  • Gain 30 lbs in the next 6 months and then lose 20 lbs within a matter of days. Spend the next few months losing the remaining 10 lbs by breastfeeding, not sleeping, forgetting to eat, and generally being exhausted from keeping up with 2 kids.
  • Go to Disneyland at least twice. 
  • Go to Hawaii once (so Brian's fam can meet the new little one). Considering we have free room and board, we kind of have to visit. The wonderful news is that Brian 100% agrees with me. The only thing that scares us is a 5-hour flight with a 2 year old and a 3 month old. I mean, I know they're tiny but still. I'm already sweating just thinking about it.
So what do you think? I think I will actually accomplish all of my resolutions this year. In fact, I think I'll go celebrate my success by eating some cookie dough.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Shared Room

We had big plans to do an adorable announcement with pictures of Allie that said something cute like "Big Sister Coming June 2014" or something like that. But things kept happening, weekends kept filling up with friends and family and pretty soon I was in my 2nd trimester and starting to show. We decided that telling people was probably better than trying to wait until we took the pictures.

Anyway, back to the moving thing. Sorta. I never really finished Allie's room. Her nursery actually ended up taking a totally different direction than what I had planned. Well, it would've anyway if I had finished it. I got about halfway with the wall decorations and started on the wall collage. And by started I mean I hung a clock and taped one birth print to the wall. And then the frames (with pictures in them, mind you) sat under her crib collecting dust because I never got around to hanging them.

So I'm going to be honest with you guys: this is what my dream nursery looks like. But realistically? I'll be lucky if we get everything moved in and organized before this baby comes. Just for kicks and giggles though, I'm going to make a nursery checklist. Mmkay?

Toddler and Baby Shared Room

Toddler and Baby Shared Room 2

Here's my checklist wishlist:
  • Paint the dresser and crib white (scary, right?)
  • Get a new rug (the nursery will have wood flooring) but preferably not a raging expensive one
  • Make Buy a black/white mobile
  • Buy those striped yellow sheets from Land of Nod (or any yellow sheets)
  • Make a crocheted blanket for each kid (new baby will have black/white, Allie will have yellow) I'm not 100% sold on this one since Allie was given 43 blankets (that's an exaggeration) so she really doesn't need another one. The thing is, they're all pink or purple or brown and don't go with the decor.  
  • Bring in pops of color by displaying toys
So there it is... what do you think?

Monday, January 6, 2014

News for the New Year

Well I have some good news and bad news and just "meh" news.

The bad news first: we didn't finish Allie's kitchen in time for Christmas. We ran into a few glitches in our design process on Christmas Eve so we decided to just not rush it and make hasty decisions and just give it to her when it's done. Before you fret, she still had PLENTY of gifts to open. She opened presents from my parents the Saturday before Christmas, while they were visiting. She opened presents on Christmas Eve from Brian's extended side of the family. She opened presents Christmas morning from my sisters and then again later that day from Brian's immediate family.

The girl is like on toy overload. She has so much to play with she just ends up carrying her toys from one room to the next. I'm already planning storage solutions so we can just pull out one toy/set at a time to play with so it's not overkill. But one very encouraging thing is that she plays with her toy kitchen stuff almost every day. She got pots, pans, and play food from my parents, more play food from my younger sister, a toaster from my older sister, and a baking set from Brian's parents.

The good news: I'm back. December was a whirlwind but we have a lot of new stuff on the horizon so I've got the itch to share it which means blogging will happen. I think.

More good news... if all goes according to plan, I'll have a blog post detailing how we did her kitchen up later this week. We had big plans to work on it the weekend after Christmas but we were busy with other stuff..... planning our future. Which brings me to the "meh" news: we're moving. Again. Long story short, Brian's parents are moving to Maui (I know, right? We have mixed feelings) and instead of renting out their house to strangers, we'll be moving into their house and they'll rent this house to someone else. 

Their house has stuff that needs to get done before we move in (like rip up old carpet, install laminate and paint everything) and then there's stuff that Brian and I will slowly be updating while living there (like redoing the bathrooms, updating fixtures, door knobs, etc.).

So we're back to picking paint colors, flooring, light fixtures, all that fun stuff. And I just realized while I was typing this that I never shared the finished photos of this house. Hmm... Maybe once we're all moved out I'll post pictures. Since I've already started packing, I don't think it'll look great to just have pictures of big white boxes blocking everything.

So there you have it. We have lots of new stuff on our horizon for 2014 and I'm pretty excited about what's to come.

P.S. I'm pregnant.