Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I had a doctor's appointment (finally) and we found out....

It's a girl!!!

Yep, Allie will get to have a little sister to copy her every move, annoy her, dress like her, and generally be her best friend so I'm pretty excited about that - being a little sister AND an older sister myself.

So of course, this changed the decor in their room. I had pinned this print awhile ago, when I secretly knew/thought I was going to have another girl. I so wanted to bring some salmon and bubblegum pink into their room but if we were going to have a boy, I wouldn't really want to do that.

So working off of that print, I changed the mood board a bit to reflect some pops of pink brought in here and there.
Shared Girls Room

A few notes:
  • I would LOVE to have that Serena & Lily wallpaper on one wall in their room, but it's really expensive and Brian HATES wallpaper (having had to rip it off of walls repeatedly when it was old and crumbling). I don't know if I'd have the patience to paint a design like that on the wall, but we'll see if I'm able to incorporate it. 
  • I still wanted to have my gold/yellow, black, and white theme but also bring in the taupe a bit. The bed and crib will both be white but I think I'm going to leave their dresser the grayish taupe color it is.
  • I found a few cheaper options for rugs at Ikea so now I just have to decide if I want the thick plush one that might be harder to clean or the thinner one that will be easier to clean but not so easy on baby bones. 
So here's my new list of things to do:
  • Paint the crib white (still scary)
  • Choose and buy a new rug
  • Make Buy a black/white mobile
  • Buy yellow sheets (possibly those from Land of Nod)
  • Make a taupe crocheted blanket for Allie. She already has a bubblegum pink one that one of my mom's friends knit for her that will go perfectly in her little sister's crib and match the theme.
  • Bring in pops of color by displaying toys
  • Buy that inspiration print and possible DIY some other prints for their collage wall (this is probably not gonna happen. Just being honest.)
  • Build floor to wall shelves. We already have these brackets from Ikea and I'm thinking something like this will be perfect for books and toys.