Monday, January 6, 2014

News for the New Year

Well I have some good news and bad news and just "meh" news.

The bad news first: we didn't finish Allie's kitchen in time for Christmas. We ran into a few glitches in our design process on Christmas Eve so we decided to just not rush it and make hasty decisions and just give it to her when it's done. Before you fret, she still had PLENTY of gifts to open. She opened presents from my parents the Saturday before Christmas, while they were visiting. She opened presents on Christmas Eve from Brian's extended side of the family. She opened presents Christmas morning from my sisters and then again later that day from Brian's immediate family.

The girl is like on toy overload. She has so much to play with she just ends up carrying her toys from one room to the next. I'm already planning storage solutions so we can just pull out one toy/set at a time to play with so it's not overkill. But one very encouraging thing is that she plays with her toy kitchen stuff almost every day. She got pots, pans, and play food from my parents, more play food from my younger sister, a toaster from my older sister, and a baking set from Brian's parents.

The good news: I'm back. December was a whirlwind but we have a lot of new stuff on the horizon so I've got the itch to share it which means blogging will happen. I think.

More good news... if all goes according to plan, I'll have a blog post detailing how we did her kitchen up later this week. We had big plans to work on it the weekend after Christmas but we were busy with other stuff..... planning our future. Which brings me to the "meh" news: we're moving. Again. Long story short, Brian's parents are moving to Maui (I know, right? We have mixed feelings) and instead of renting out their house to strangers, we'll be moving into their house and they'll rent this house to someone else. 

Their house has stuff that needs to get done before we move in (like rip up old carpet, install laminate and paint everything) and then there's stuff that Brian and I will slowly be updating while living there (like redoing the bathrooms, updating fixtures, door knobs, etc.).

So we're back to picking paint colors, flooring, light fixtures, all that fun stuff. And I just realized while I was typing this that I never shared the finished photos of this house. Hmm... Maybe once we're all moved out I'll post pictures. Since I've already started packing, I don't think it'll look great to just have pictures of big white boxes blocking everything.

So there you have it. We have lots of new stuff on our horizon for 2014 and I'm pretty excited about what's to come.

P.S. I'm pregnant.