Monday, April 30, 2012


You know what the crazy thing is about staying at home and not going to an office everyday? The time goes by SOOOO quickly. The weird thing is that at the end of the day when I list off all of the things I did, it doesn't seem like much but I know I hardly had a moments rest during it all. All that to say, my blog posts aren't usually high priority on the to-do list but there are some things I feel like were on my mind today and I just had to share.

Things I'm looking forward to: my husband returning from working in Tahoe tomorrow night, the weekend we will spend with my family in 5 days, finishing my second scarf.

Things I feel like I owe the blog world: a picture post with all of my crochet projects I've been working on, a pregnancy update post (with a belly bump pic update).

Things I've cooked in the past week that I haven't blogged about or taken pictures of: these Buffalo Wings, this Chicken with Mustard Cream Sauce, this Breadstick recipe tweaked a bit and used for pizza dough (which has officially become our favorite pizza in this home) and lots and lots of these Crescent Rolls/Croissants. (Guess what? I realized why I called them Crescents... because that's what Pillsbury calls them! Turns out I'm not crazy preggo brain after all. Well, about that at least.)

Things I've worked on and completed that I haven't blogged about or taken pictures of: a mustard yellow scarf (1 done, 1 halfway done), a mustard yellow slouchy beanie (that my husband calls a "brain eater" because it looks like a creature that's latched onto your head to eat your brain), and bright yellow feather earrings to go with a very colorful bright dress that I bought at Target.

Things I've also been busy with: making lots of homemade breads, breadsticks, the like. Really wishing I had a Kitchen Aid because I think I'm going to get arthritis from mixing dough. Lots of reading and studying and praying time which I am so thankful for. I started reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. VERY good so far. Keeping our little apartment clean. Looking for a house to rent! Secretly planning baby's nursery as if we already had a house to rent. Going through everything in our apartment and cleaning, purging, organizing. Having an earache which the doctor decided was an ear infection that turned into a mild sore throat for a day and it really bothers me when people post things about having a "soar throat" on Facebook. Hello, run-on sentence. Having more weird dreams. Feeling this baby move and kick ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously, she's getting out of control in there. I'm like not even playing the Spice Girls or anything so she has no reason to be dancing the conga on my belly. Unless she makes up her own songs. In that case, I have no idea where she gets that from. *Ahem* Exercising. Hahahahahaha... ok, sort of exercising. Except that I took all last week off from that because of my "ear infection". Yes, you do need pain-free ears for walking on the elliptical. Didn't you know?

Things I'm very happy about: Summer. Is. Here. Hello, swimming in a maternity swimsuit and not caring how much I resemble an elephant seal. Hello, warm weather, flip flops and days at the park. Hello, one more trip to see my family (and maybe the beach and Mickey, of course). Hello, camping with church people. Hello, baby girl. Goodbye, pre-pregnancy body. You were good to me but I fear I shall never see you again. I already miss you.

On that happy note... Have a great Monday!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Croissants vs. Crescents

{Side note: Last night I dreamt that I had the baby. Like now, at 23 weeks. At my old work. Except she was born as a 6 month old and the first thing I said to Brian was "We need to go buy a carseat! How are we going to get her home???" And he was like "Nah... it'll be fine we'll just buckle her in." I never went to the hospital since she seemed to be doing okay and all, so when I called my dad to tell them the news, I said "I had the baby... I haven't been to the hospital yet because she just came out." His response was "Oh okay. That's good." Also the first thing I fed her was pickles. Like whole chunks of dill kosher pickles which incidentally sounded good for breakfast after I woke up. Thank you pregnancy dreams. You have officially weirded me out}

What we're really here to talk about today are croissants. And yes, I spelled them "crescents" in this post. I've changed it so don't bother looking for it... I blame the pregnancy, of course.

I used this recipe that I found on Pinterest and they were every bit as delicious as she said they would be...
Sorry that I keep taking Instagram pics on my red plates. I realized afterwards that it looked bad, but by that time both croissants had already been eaten so it will just have to make do.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Things that are making me happy right now:

  • the weather forecast. The promised 90 degree weather is so very welcome! My legs are so scary and white right now they've been just dying for some Vitamin D to color them up. As a So Cal girl, this makes me happy in a completely "I'm-in-high-school-again-and-I-spend-every-day-of-summer-at-the-beach-and-my-skin-always-looks-golden-and-happy" way. Except that the beach is 3.5 hours away. Let's change subjects.
  • a clean apartment. Ahhhh.....
  • time for being creative. Scarf #1 is almost complete! I just love this mustard color too..
  • my rear end and thighs are finally getting on board with my whole working out routine. There's almost no resistance to the hour on the elliptical!
  • Baby Girl kicking like crazy! Sometimes it feels like she's flash dancing in there. I can actually see her kicking my stomach and it's a little weird because it looks like an alien is trying to poke it's way out of there...
Things that are annoying me right now:
  • the inability to decide on a girl name. Why is this the most difficult thing in the world??? I might just give in to my husband's suggestion and just name her "baby". "Nobody puts Baby in a corner!" Name that movie!
  • how difficult it is to make your own pizza dough, croissants and the like without a Kitchen Aid. Someday when I'm rich and famous, I will buy myself a Kitchen Aid. I'm also kind of bitter because Pioneer Woman has given away like 10 since I've followed her blog and I've never won once. Pity party; population: me.
  • the lady who moved in across the way from our apartment who blasts Beastie Boys at 9 in the morning. More weird than annoying.
Baby updates to come... And hopefully a bump picture if I can get un-lazy enough to put on some makeup. Turns out when you don't have to show up at a job in front of other human beings every day, you decide not to wear makeup. Ever. At least I make it out of my pj's.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mac 'n cheese

Now that I have some extra time on my hands, I can make the more elaborate dinners that I always avoid because they seem to take forever and we get hungry quickly in this house.

Today was barbecue chicken with mac 'n cheese and corn (I would've liked to have corn on the cob but I already had frozen corn and that's really the next best thing...). I actually had time to marinate the chicken ahead of time! I'm not sure if it made a difference really but we're not here to talk about the chicken anyway...

Macaroni and cheese. One of my favorite quick meal-from-a-box in high school but done the real grown-up way.

I used a Pioneer Woman inspired recipe (meaning I followed most of her steps). I left out the whole egg part because a) it seemed way too complicated and b) I made 1/4 of her recipe and I don't know how to split an egg into quarters.

Result? Yummy. Fattening obvs... even a few mouthfuls was rich enough to fill me up. But it was a nice little side dish to our barbecue chicken.

And here's the Instagram pic of what was left after we ate dinner... Yeah I didn't even get a plate shot. I'm not kidding when I say we get hungry quickly in this house...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm on Day 3 of being a full-time stay at home wife.

I love it. :)

But also I kind of hate it  because I decided, on Saturday, it'd be a good idea to get on the elliptical and talk to my mom for an hour. That was great but the pain I feel now is the pits. And then for some unknown reason, I decided that I would also do a weightlifting class on Monday at the gym and then do another hour on the elliptical yesterday.

So all that to say, being at home and trying to do housework while your butt and legs are screaming in agony is not exactly fun.

But other than that I love it! I'm sure once my butt and legs get on board with this whole working out thing, I'll be just fine. So what have I been up to...

Easter! What a blessing that was. I think Easter is my favorite holiday because we get to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice of love. It's a precious thing to know that my Savior paid the punishment for my sins and clothed me with His righteousness. Can I get an "amen"???

After Easter, I officially started my new job. Here's what my days have consisted of...

Day 1:
Reading, studying, deep cleaning the bathroom. Eww. Big time. Bathroom cleaning is by far the most loathsome household task I have to do and it's even grosser when it's deep cleaning.

Oh and pretend pushing the stroller around that my parents so graciously gave us!!!

I kid.

Kind of.

But seriously... anyone have a baby (fake or real) that they can loan me so I can push my new toy around? Anyone? No?

Day 2:
Reading, studying and laundry. Forever. Probably forever because I actually put away all the clean clothes this time instead of leaving a pile of them in our bedroom until we eventually wear it all and it gets dirty again...

Day 3: 
Reading, studying, gym, doctor's appointment and tidying up before my husband gets back from working in Tahoe. Instead of torturing myself on the elliptical again, I decided to do the pool class at 24 Hour Fitness. It was... interesting. Basically imagine 30 women, all easily over the age of 60 doing water aerobics.

And me.

As for the next few months, I have a long list of cleaning/organizing projects to do plus some DIY stuff that I've never gotten around to so I think between now and the time this baby girl shows up, I'll be pretty busy.

And if I'm not... well then I suppose I'll have to pick up some new hobbies like churning my own butter and making my own bonnets and stuff.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Petit Fashion

I made the huge mistake of walking into a kid's clothing store called Carter's.


I had to leave right away otherwise I would've spent a lot of money on clothes that I definitely do not need yet... Not to mention that we have several baby showers between now and the time this baby comes and I'm pretty certain that this baby is going to get PLENTY of clothing from family and friends...

So then I started Pinning things... I can at least give those family/friends hints, right???

Source: via Bethany on Pinterest

What's that you say?

I'm creating a little monster who's going to be obsessed with fashion, clothes, accessories and the like?

Well if she's as cute as this little girl, I think I'm okay with that.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's a....


I know it looks like just a head and body but trust me, she has legs and arms too. We saw them. She even gave us a thumbs up which my husband loved...

Anyway, no surprise there considering that my family is literally 97% girls (cousins/aunts included). I think without really realizing it, my husband and I assumed it would be a boy. Especially because literally every, single person thought it would be a boy. Seriously, not one person told us they thought it would be a girl. Plus 8 out of the other 11 pregnant women at church are having boys (1 is having a girl and the other 2 don't know yet). So when the ultrasound tech said "It definitely looks like it's a girl!" we were both like "Really? Huh. Okay!"

I guess it also didn't help that the only name we had decided on was for a boy.

But don't get me wrong - we're very excited to know that she's healthy and growing and everything looks good and we're not in any way bummed that it's a girl and not a boy! Especially since my husband thinks we're having 8 kids so he's pretty sure we'll get a boy in there somewhere.

Please note I said he thinks we're having 8.

But even if we have a family of girls, I'd be excited for her to have as much fun with her sisters as I did. :)

Tomorrow's post... I made the mistake of looking at little girl clothes...