Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm on Day 3 of being a full-time stay at home wife.

I love it. :)

But also I kind of hate it  because I decided, on Saturday, it'd be a good idea to get on the elliptical and talk to my mom for an hour. That was great but the pain I feel now is the pits. And then for some unknown reason, I decided that I would also do a weightlifting class on Monday at the gym and then do another hour on the elliptical yesterday.

So all that to say, being at home and trying to do housework while your butt and legs are screaming in agony is not exactly fun.

But other than that I love it! I'm sure once my butt and legs get on board with this whole working out thing, I'll be just fine. So what have I been up to...

Easter! What a blessing that was. I think Easter is my favorite holiday because we get to reflect on the ultimate sacrifice of love. It's a precious thing to know that my Savior paid the punishment for my sins and clothed me with His righteousness. Can I get an "amen"???

After Easter, I officially started my new job. Here's what my days have consisted of...

Day 1:
Reading, studying, deep cleaning the bathroom. Eww. Big time. Bathroom cleaning is by far the most loathsome household task I have to do and it's even grosser when it's deep cleaning.

Oh and pretend pushing the stroller around that my parents so graciously gave us!!!

I kid.

Kind of.

But seriously... anyone have a baby (fake or real) that they can loan me so I can push my new toy around? Anyone? No?

Day 2:
Reading, studying and laundry. Forever. Probably forever because I actually put away all the clean clothes this time instead of leaving a pile of them in our bedroom until we eventually wear it all and it gets dirty again...

Day 3: 
Reading, studying, gym, doctor's appointment and tidying up before my husband gets back from working in Tahoe. Instead of torturing myself on the elliptical again, I decided to do the pool class at 24 Hour Fitness. It was... interesting. Basically imagine 30 women, all easily over the age of 60 doing water aerobics.

And me.

As for the next few months, I have a long list of cleaning/organizing projects to do plus some DIY stuff that I've never gotten around to so I think between now and the time this baby girl shows up, I'll be pretty busy.

And if I'm not... well then I suppose I'll have to pick up some new hobbies like churning my own butter and making my own bonnets and stuff.