Monday, April 30, 2012


You know what the crazy thing is about staying at home and not going to an office everyday? The time goes by SOOOO quickly. The weird thing is that at the end of the day when I list off all of the things I did, it doesn't seem like much but I know I hardly had a moments rest during it all. All that to say, my blog posts aren't usually high priority on the to-do list but there are some things I feel like were on my mind today and I just had to share.

Things I'm looking forward to: my husband returning from working in Tahoe tomorrow night, the weekend we will spend with my family in 5 days, finishing my second scarf.

Things I feel like I owe the blog world: a picture post with all of my crochet projects I've been working on, a pregnancy update post (with a belly bump pic update).

Things I've cooked in the past week that I haven't blogged about or taken pictures of: these Buffalo Wings, this Chicken with Mustard Cream Sauce, this Breadstick recipe tweaked a bit and used for pizza dough (which has officially become our favorite pizza in this home) and lots and lots of these Crescent Rolls/Croissants. (Guess what? I realized why I called them Crescents... because that's what Pillsbury calls them! Turns out I'm not crazy preggo brain after all. Well, about that at least.)

Things I've worked on and completed that I haven't blogged about or taken pictures of: a mustard yellow scarf (1 done, 1 halfway done), a mustard yellow slouchy beanie (that my husband calls a "brain eater" because it looks like a creature that's latched onto your head to eat your brain), and bright yellow feather earrings to go with a very colorful bright dress that I bought at Target.

Things I've also been busy with: making lots of homemade breads, breadsticks, the like. Really wishing I had a Kitchen Aid because I think I'm going to get arthritis from mixing dough. Lots of reading and studying and praying time which I am so thankful for. I started reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. VERY good so far. Keeping our little apartment clean. Looking for a house to rent! Secretly planning baby's nursery as if we already had a house to rent. Going through everything in our apartment and cleaning, purging, organizing. Having an earache which the doctor decided was an ear infection that turned into a mild sore throat for a day and it really bothers me when people post things about having a "soar throat" on Facebook. Hello, run-on sentence. Having more weird dreams. Feeling this baby move and kick ALL. THE. TIME. Seriously, she's getting out of control in there. I'm like not even playing the Spice Girls or anything so she has no reason to be dancing the conga on my belly. Unless she makes up her own songs. In that case, I have no idea where she gets that from. *Ahem* Exercising. Hahahahahaha... ok, sort of exercising. Except that I took all last week off from that because of my "ear infection". Yes, you do need pain-free ears for walking on the elliptical. Didn't you know?

Things I'm very happy about: Summer. Is. Here. Hello, swimming in a maternity swimsuit and not caring how much I resemble an elephant seal. Hello, warm weather, flip flops and days at the park. Hello, one more trip to see my family (and maybe the beach and Mickey, of course). Hello, camping with church people. Hello, baby girl. Goodbye, pre-pregnancy body. You were good to me but I fear I shall never see you again. I already miss you.

On that happy note... Have a great Monday!