Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's a....


I know it looks like just a head and body but trust me, she has legs and arms too. We saw them. She even gave us a thumbs up which my husband loved...

Anyway, no surprise there considering that my family is literally 97% girls (cousins/aunts included). I think without really realizing it, my husband and I assumed it would be a boy. Especially because literally every, single person thought it would be a boy. Seriously, not one person told us they thought it would be a girl. Plus 8 out of the other 11 pregnant women at church are having boys (1 is having a girl and the other 2 don't know yet). So when the ultrasound tech said "It definitely looks like it's a girl!" we were both like "Really? Huh. Okay!"

I guess it also didn't help that the only name we had decided on was for a boy.

But don't get me wrong - we're very excited to know that she's healthy and growing and everything looks good and we're not in any way bummed that it's a girl and not a boy! Especially since my husband thinks we're having 8 kids so he's pretty sure we'll get a boy in there somewhere.

Please note I said he thinks we're having 8.

But even if we have a family of girls, I'd be excited for her to have as much fun with her sisters as I did. :)

Tomorrow's post... I made the mistake of looking at little girl clothes...