Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fashion Faux Pas

Thanksgiving is coming up and my immediate family will be making the trek up to Nor Cal to hang out for some turkey and my famous mashed potatoes. Since everyone will be together, my mom would like to get a family picture so they can use it for their Christmas cards.

We were talking about it the other day and she asked me what I was going to put Allie in.

"This." I replied, pointing to the denim dress she was wearing.

"NOOOOOO!!!!" came the quick response from my mother. "She has to wear something cute!"

"Okay fine," I said. "But no huge frills or lace tutus and NO GIANT WHITE BIBS."

Someone tell me we weren't the only ones to experience the Giant White Bib Movement of the late 80's / early 90's. Now to be fair, fashion is fickle and some trends are guaranteed to make you laugh when you think about them (I'm talking to you, overalls with one side unclipped). But I think trends these days just seem less funky, am I right?

Exhibit A: Easter Family Picture 1987. My Mom is 3 months pregnant with my little sister and she made these dresses by hand. Also, her glasses are huge but so were everyone's in those days. Come to think of it, so are everyone's nowadays. Look how happy we are to be sporting our giant collars. At least my dad looks basically the same. Actually, I'm pretty sure he still has that yellow tie...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Paranoid Parents

Saturday we decided to venture to Ikea to finally get some window treatments for our house so it feels like we're officially moved in. As we're leaving, Brian was talking to his dad on the phone. We're about to pull out of our driveway and we see this Asian man and woman pull up and park across the street from our house. Brian was like "Hey... wait a minute... I've seen these people before!"

Turns out these same people had showed up a week after Allie was born when Brian was working on the house. The guy asked Brian if the house was still for sale. Brian said it wasn't but as the guy walked away, he peeked in the windows of our house. Of course Allie was only a week old so Brian was in protective-dad-of-a-newborn mode and was like "What the heck, yo? Stop peeping in our house!" Okay he didn't, but he did protectively stand on the front lawn until the guy got back in his car.

So Brian was talking to his dad and we're sitting in the driveway because he's now paranoid about leaving the house when this guy has showed up again. As he's describing the guy to his dad on the phone and I'm taking down his license plate number, his dad says that one Saturday he was over at our house mowing the lawn and he saw the same guy! So now I've written down the guys license plate number and taken a picture of him in his car. We decide to pull out and go around the block and sneak up behind them to see if they try to peep on our house again.

 So we drive around the block and pull up 2 houses behind where they're parked and wait for a few minutes.

Then the woman gets out of the back of the car.

Except it's a teenage girl carrying music books.

She then proceeds to walk to our neighbor's house.

And then it hits me... Our neighbor who plays piano (really beautifully!!!) at all hours of the day/night probably teaches piano lessons. And this girl is probably taking piano lessons. Which explains why her dad would sit across the street from our house for an hour every Saturday.

Then we looked at each other and laughed, realizing that now we seem like the creepers.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blogs, Comments and Stalker Lurking

Even though I haven't posted in a few weeks, I still read blogs almost every day. When you are stuck sitting for 45 minutes feeding a baby, there's not much else to do. If a blogger skips a day posting (who usually posts regularly) I'm like "What the heck, yo? This is like your job. Blog so I can have something to read." It's totally selfish and obviously a double standard because umm... yeah, hi. I blog like once a month. But the point is, I really, really like having blogs to read so I'm going to try posting more, even if it's just my random thoughts. You're welcome I'm sorry.

With that said, I started reading a new blog called Nice Girl Notes. Roo is hilarious, guys. I laugh out loud (like actual LOL) at almost all of her posts plus she draws stick figures and is a gangster Philipino. Hilarious. She makes me wish I was cool enough to use rap phrases in my every day language and have a cool name like Roo.

Anyway, I was reading her post from today about things not to say and I felt compelled to comment. Please see my comment about using "literally" too liberally. Anyway, she replied. Guys, she replied! AND she thought I was funny. (I had a mental picture of her rolling on the floor in stitches whilst her children watched in shock wondering who could've done this to their mother.) I also got super giddy because it's like someone famous reached down from their pedestal and gave me a high five.

I believe my response was to yell at Allie "I made Roo laugh!!!" She responded with a blank stare and then spit up on me. Then Brian asked me "If you could meet the president or hang out with one of your bloggers, who..." and before he could even finish I was like "BLOGGERS FOR LIFE!!!!" Nothing against Obama. In my mind, these bloggers are like hanging out with Gwyneth Paltrow. You might be BFF's and really get along except that they're all super popular and cool and you're like the nerdy sidekick friend that they have to hang out with to add to their cool status.

I totally geek out when stuff like this happens. I remember literally jumping up and down when I saw my blog had been found via Young House Love. Those guys are like so famous! And someone found my little ol' blog from their website. I'd like to think it was Sherry because we would totally get along based on our love for Target and ceramic animals, but it was probably a commenter who accidentally clicked on my link.

Also I saved the email when I was notified that Kendi replied to a comment. She is probably my other favoritest blogger besides Roo. She and I share the same sarcastic wit and love for fashion except that she actually dresses like she loves fashion whereas I just pin fashionable outfits to Pinterest while sitting in my t-shirt and leggings.

And then I realized... I'm a stalker/lurker. Every day I read these blogs and I almost never comment. My blog usually never gets comments but the one time it did, I made a friend in Britt from The Rookie Years and now we're like Facebook friends and I've already betrothed our children. (Her son is adorable and my daughter is adorable so it only makes good sense.) But I think I'm missing out on the best part of the world of blogging! I guess I got scared away because people can be a bit snippy in their comments and I never want to come off wrong and make Gwyneth Paltrow hate me because I accidentally used all caps so she thinks I was yelling at her.

Anyway, what I'm saying is you should comment on my blog. It makes my heart happy. Don't let the FB/Betrothal story scare you. Embrace it. Also, comment on other people's blogs. Quit being a lurker because that's creepy and I'm positive you're not really creepy. Maybe you're just shy? Whatever it is, just say hi once in awhile. And bonus points if you make me LOL.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Allie's Birth Story - Part 2

At 4 p.m., the nurse checked me and I was 5 cm dilated. She then looked at me and, with much sympathy in her voice, said "I would recommend the epidural." I guess between the coupling and how slowly things were progressing after 13 hours of labor, she thought it would be a lot longer until I was fully dilated.

So I got the epidural. And you know what? It's just like in the movies when you see a woman get the epidural and they think it's the greatest thing on the face of this earth. I could still feel contractions but they felt like minor period cramps which were laughable compared to the pain from before.

At that point, being up since 3 in the morning finally caught up to us. We were both able to sleep for about an hour and a half. Brian finally got a chance to eat and we watched Shark Week and When Animals Attack. So appropriate, right?

At 8 p.m. the nurse said I was 9 cm dilated so it would be time to push soon. When I actually did start pushing, after two pushes she was already crowning. But a few pushes later, she still wouldn't come out. The doctor decided to do an episiotomy which freaked me out. But in the end I was glad that I didn't end up pushing another hour or two to get her out. I had like one more half push and she slipped right out. She was born on 8/16 at 9:16 p.m. weighing 6 lbs 13 ounces. I didn't cry but I remember thinking "Maybe I should pretend to cry so the nurses and doctor don't think I'm cold and heartless." So I did.

They handed her right to me all gross and bloody, which is exactly what I was thinking. "Eww... she's all gross and bloody." Probably not a normal thought for mom's... it's probably something more along the lines of "She's so beautiful!!!" (which was my second thought) but whatev... I'm not a normal mom.

We had to move around 1 in the morning to our recovery room (which we shared with someone). My poor husband stayed by my side the whole time we were there. For two days he ate my leftovers, wasn't able to shower and did everything from changing Allie's diapers to helping me with whatever I needed.

I wanted him to be able to go home and shower but I also wanted him to be right by my side 24/7. I think he didn't really want to leave either. I really wished that the food in the cafeteria had been better (or free for that matter) so he could've had real meals but I made up for it by cooking him a good steak dinner our first night home. In fact, I've made it a point to remember to bring food to husbands in the hospital for any future friends/family that have babies. We had brought snacks but having a full meal is much better than eating snacks all day.

Brian's family came and visited us in the hospital and we had two friends from church visit us but other than that, our hospital stay was quiet which was really nice. We were able to hang out together - our new little family. Also, the number of people who saw me in a hospital gown were limited, which was also nice.

Bringing her home seems like such a long time ago now. I remember putting her in her car seat and thinking she would hate it, but as soon as she was in, she fell asleep. Everyone kept saying she was such a beautiful baby (totally puffing our heads up) and that she had a lot of hair. I didn't really think she had a ton of hair until I saw other babies and yeah, normal babies are bald. And wrinkly. Ours was adorable, non-wrinkly and had hair. Win!

Those first few weeks were so tiring. Handling her was such an ordeal. I remember holding her and thinking how tiny and breakable she felt. Everything she did was amazing. When she would cry or laugh in her sleep, we watched in awe. When she would smile, we freaked out and applauded. When she burped, we congratulated her. When she pooped, we were sad. (Seriously, the diapers we got ended up being not-so-great so almost every time she pooped, her clothes would get dirty.) When she cried, we did whatever we could to make her happy again.

Now, two months later, we throw her around like a football. Just kidding... but she's definitely sturdier so passing her off to Brian doesn't feel like I'm diffusing a bomb.

She already holds her head up and smiles when she sees us. She's starting to make her own schedule and sleeping for longer stretches at night.

She's outgrown her newborn clothes and we've already had to move the belt straps twice on her car seat. She's been sleeping in her crib for the past month but when she wakes up in the morning, we bring her into our bed and hang out and have family time.

She seems to enjoy baths and her bouncy chair. She's almost doubled her weight but she's all cheeks and belly. Seriously, the girl has some chubby cheeks.

We call her Allie and my husband is trying to persuade me to get her name changed officially since it sounds weird when people call her Alexa. She has changed our lives so much but we are so happy that God has blessed us with this little lady.

Brian is already talking about Baby #2. If looks could kill... he might be dead.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Allie's Birth Story - Part 1

As I type this, I'm feeding Allie (thanks to the Boppy). I thought I'd write her birth story on her 2 month birthday before I forget things. I mention gross things. You've been warned.

Obviously the weeks leading up to her birth had been hectic. We had been packing and moving. I spent a solid 3 days cleaning our apartment so we would get our deposit back. I think I was more active in those few weeks than I had been all summer. The unpacking had gone slowly because there were still parts of the house that needed to be done, like getting the pantry and the linen closet installed, so we still had boxes of toiletries and canned foods laying around. Tuesday before she was born, I passed my mucus plug (which I only figured out when I Googled it). I read that it meant you could go into labor within a few hours or a few days.

So I panicked.

Then I told Brian and he panicked.

We still had so much to do and hadn't even bought her crib yet. The house was a mess and we were still eating fast food all the time because we didn't have pantry stuff unpacked. That little heads up was enough to scare me so I got to work. I cleaned everything and unpacked/organized as much as I could. I swept the floors and cleaned the bathroom and vacuumed everything. Brian thought I should be resting but I told him I'd rather be getting stuff done and speed the labor along than sit around resting and waiting for her to come.

This whole time I had been getting the Braxton-Hicks contractions pretty regularly but I ignored them because they didn't seem too terrible. Wednesday came and I still hadn't felt consistent/intensifying contractions or felt my water broke so we decided to get some last minute house things. We went to Ikea and basically walked around for 3 hours. We weren't planning to walk around that much but we were getting a bunch of stuff for the house, including her crib, and you know Ikea. You can't just run in and out. Other than that, Wednesday was uneventful.

Thursday morning at 3 in the morning I started getting contractions but instead of going away when I moved or shifted sides, these ones were sticking around. I felt water leaking but it definitely wasn't a gush or anything, in fact it would continue to leak slowly all the way until she was born. I wasn't 100% sure it was contractions and water leaking so I waited until 4 and then decided to wake Brian up. It was so calm - not at all rushed or panicked or anything. We packed up our stuff, prayed in the car and went to the hospital. We checked in at 5 and they said it was definitely water leaking so they couldn't send me home (otherwise they would've because I wasn't dilated at all). At this point I had decided to go as long as possible without any help or drugs and just see what happened. I wasn't set either way on getting an epidural or not. I just wanted to play it by ear.

From 5 a.m. to about 11 a.m., I labored naturally. I was walking around the hospital halls and the contractions were getting more intense, but it was bearable. As they got stronger, the nurse said I was coupling, meaning I was getting two contractions right on top of each other every few minutes instead of one. I couldn't tell when they were mild but I could definitely tell as they got stronger that there were two every time.

Around 11 a.m. was when I couldn't walk through the pain anymore. It was so intense I was crying until I was just dry sobbing because I had no more tears. The pain was so intense - unlike anything I have ever felt or imagined. I couldn't even describe the pain to Brian and he said later it was really hard for him to watch me suffer. I think I may have hurt his hand a few times squeezing it. He said with one contraction he heard something crack in his hand but he didn't say anything. I might've punched him in the face if he had.

I can't even really describe it now except to say it's exactly what I would imagine it would feel like for my uterus to be expanding or whatever happens. The pain would start in my lower back and just roll through my entire body. I remember thinking that if this was something like falling or getting burned, it would be like a burst of pain and then it would go away but not contractions. Contractions were a constant dull ache that just got stronger and stronger and there was nothing I could do to get away from it. Brian promised me whatever I wanted just to try to get a smile out of me. After he promised Disneyland and sushi, it worked. But the pain was so intense, it whisked any happy thoughts from my mind quickly.

At 3 p.m. the nurse checked me and said I was only dilated 3 cm but that I was progressing. They had mentioned giving me something to move things along, but never did. She also offered IV pain med which was like Pitocin, but not. I don't remember what it was called but it was supposed to take the edge off of things.

After another hour of contractions, I decided to do the IV pain med. It did NOT work. All it did was make me sleepy in between the contractions but the contractions were just as bad, if not worse. At this point, the pain was so intense I threw up which makes like four times total in my life that I've thrown up.

Monday, October 1, 2012


I think I know why we feel so guilty about not blogging for a few days or even weeks. I feel like only friends read this (obvs) so if I miss writing, it's like missing a "hang out" time with those friends. And no one likes to be that friend. So it's not like I feel guilty for not keeping up with blogging but more like feeling bad that I'm not keeping you up with my life.

So here it is. My life consists of: 3 hour naps instead of full night's of sleep, getting puked and pooped on by the most precious baby girl in this world, watching the list of "to do" around the house get longer and longer, giving up on walking after a week because I got chased by chihuahuas, squeezing into my "fat" jeans (not to be confused with my maternity jeans), and trying to resist eating the Ding Dongs left in the fridge.

Exciting, no?