Monday, October 1, 2012


I think I know why we feel so guilty about not blogging for a few days or even weeks. I feel like only friends read this (obvs) so if I miss writing, it's like missing a "hang out" time with those friends. And no one likes to be that friend. So it's not like I feel guilty for not keeping up with blogging but more like feeling bad that I'm not keeping you up with my life.

So here it is. My life consists of: 3 hour naps instead of full night's of sleep, getting puked and pooped on by the most precious baby girl in this world, watching the list of "to do" around the house get longer and longer, giving up on walking after a week because I got chased by chihuahuas, squeezing into my "fat" jeans (not to be confused with my maternity jeans), and trying to resist eating the Ding Dongs left in the fridge.

Exciting, no?