Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blogs, Comments and Stalker Lurking

Even though I haven't posted in a few weeks, I still read blogs almost every day. When you are stuck sitting for 45 minutes feeding a baby, there's not much else to do. If a blogger skips a day posting (who usually posts regularly) I'm like "What the heck, yo? This is like your job. Blog so I can have something to read." It's totally selfish and obviously a double standard because umm... yeah, hi. I blog like once a month. But the point is, I really, really like having blogs to read so I'm going to try posting more, even if it's just my random thoughts. You're welcome I'm sorry.

With that said, I started reading a new blog called Nice Girl Notes. Roo is hilarious, guys. I laugh out loud (like actual LOL) at almost all of her posts plus she draws stick figures and is a gangster Philipino. Hilarious. She makes me wish I was cool enough to use rap phrases in my every day language and have a cool name like Roo.

Anyway, I was reading her post from today about things not to say and I felt compelled to comment. Please see my comment about using "literally" too liberally. Anyway, she replied. Guys, she replied! AND she thought I was funny. (I had a mental picture of her rolling on the floor in stitches whilst her children watched in shock wondering who could've done this to their mother.) I also got super giddy because it's like someone famous reached down from their pedestal and gave me a high five.

I believe my response was to yell at Allie "I made Roo laugh!!!" She responded with a blank stare and then spit up on me. Then Brian asked me "If you could meet the president or hang out with one of your bloggers, who..." and before he could even finish I was like "BLOGGERS FOR LIFE!!!!" Nothing against Obama. In my mind, these bloggers are like hanging out with Gwyneth Paltrow. You might be BFF's and really get along except that they're all super popular and cool and you're like the nerdy sidekick friend that they have to hang out with to add to their cool status.

I totally geek out when stuff like this happens. I remember literally jumping up and down when I saw my blog had been found via Young House Love. Those guys are like so famous! And someone found my little ol' blog from their website. I'd like to think it was Sherry because we would totally get along based on our love for Target and ceramic animals, but it was probably a commenter who accidentally clicked on my link.

Also I saved the email when I was notified that Kendi replied to a comment. She is probably my other favoritest blogger besides Roo. She and I share the same sarcastic wit and love for fashion except that she actually dresses like she loves fashion whereas I just pin fashionable outfits to Pinterest while sitting in my t-shirt and leggings.

And then I realized... I'm a stalker/lurker. Every day I read these blogs and I almost never comment. My blog usually never gets comments but the one time it did, I made a friend in Britt from The Rookie Years and now we're like Facebook friends and I've already betrothed our children. (Her son is adorable and my daughter is adorable so it only makes good sense.) But I think I'm missing out on the best part of the world of blogging! I guess I got scared away because people can be a bit snippy in their comments and I never want to come off wrong and make Gwyneth Paltrow hate me because I accidentally used all caps so she thinks I was yelling at her.

Anyway, what I'm saying is you should comment on my blog. It makes my heart happy. Don't let the FB/Betrothal story scare you. Embrace it. Also, comment on other people's blogs. Quit being a lurker because that's creepy and I'm positive you're not really creepy. Maybe you're just shy? Whatever it is, just say hi once in awhile. And bonus points if you make me LOL.