Monday, October 29, 2012

Paranoid Parents

Saturday we decided to venture to Ikea to finally get some window treatments for our house so it feels like we're officially moved in. As we're leaving, Brian was talking to his dad on the phone. We're about to pull out of our driveway and we see this Asian man and woman pull up and park across the street from our house. Brian was like "Hey... wait a minute... I've seen these people before!"

Turns out these same people had showed up a week after Allie was born when Brian was working on the house. The guy asked Brian if the house was still for sale. Brian said it wasn't but as the guy walked away, he peeked in the windows of our house. Of course Allie was only a week old so Brian was in protective-dad-of-a-newborn mode and was like "What the heck, yo? Stop peeping in our house!" Okay he didn't, but he did protectively stand on the front lawn until the guy got back in his car.

So Brian was talking to his dad and we're sitting in the driveway because he's now paranoid about leaving the house when this guy has showed up again. As he's describing the guy to his dad on the phone and I'm taking down his license plate number, his dad says that one Saturday he was over at our house mowing the lawn and he saw the same guy! So now I've written down the guys license plate number and taken a picture of him in his car. We decide to pull out and go around the block and sneak up behind them to see if they try to peep on our house again.

 So we drive around the block and pull up 2 houses behind where they're parked and wait for a few minutes.

Then the woman gets out of the back of the car.

Except it's a teenage girl carrying music books.

She then proceeds to walk to our neighbor's house.

And then it hits me... Our neighbor who plays piano (really beautifully!!!) at all hours of the day/night probably teaches piano lessons. And this girl is probably taking piano lessons. Which explains why her dad would sit across the street from our house for an hour every Saturday.

Then we looked at each other and laughed, realizing that now we seem like the creepers.