Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Danger zone.

by Steph

Alright guys.

I've figured it out.

This is why my brain is blocked:
  • My husband is intermittently gone all week and I dislike it. I turn into Super Lazy Wife when he's not around and let me tell you, Monday night I sat on my butt and watched movies and ate cookie dough. No crafts. No projects. Nothing. Laziness in full effect. I'm fairly certain I gained several pounds in just a few hours. Clearly I'm concerned how I'll look in a swimsuit in Maui. *Rolls eyes.
  • Did I ever tell you guys that I picked a flowing wedding dress just so I wouldn't have to be concerned with losing weight and looking skinny? I'm that lazy. My husband is one lucky guy.
  • We're going to a wedding on Saturday, South Lake Tahoe for a partial retreat with church couples on Sunday and leaving for Maui on Monday. But here's the real dilemma....
  • We are only taking ONE checked bag to Maui. ONE, PEOPLE. Do you understand what that means??? I have to share a suitcase with my husband for A WHOLE WEEK. Okay, nobody panic. I know, it's terrifying. Turns out Alaska Airlines (like every other airline) charges $20 per bag each way. That means $40 to just take a suitcase to Maui. I've been spoiled flying Southwest all the time to LA. Now I know why they make that such a huge selling point... that their bags fly free. So we are planning on checking one bag (to avoid having to downsize all our toiletries to TSA standards) and having one carry on each. I had a moment of panic when I thought about trying to fit a week's worth of outfits (14 outfits at least, to be exact) into a tiny carry-on but now I've come to grips with it and I will just have to stuff clothing in every crevice of that carry-on possible. There's no weight limit on a carry-on so as long as it fits in that tiny thing, we are good to go!!! Or I'll just pull a Joey and wear everything I want to take on the plane ride on that day. Just layer every. Single. Outfit. That'll show those airlines!!! "Whew it's hot in here.... I better not do any lunges..."
  • Thank you JESUS for using our government to make this trip possible. Can you believe that? Our government is paying for this. Indirectly. Because I'm bad at tax calculations and being married = pay less taxes. But still. God is good, right???
  • I'm training someone to do my job while I'm gone. To put it nicely, I'm glad I won't be here next week to watch her handle it on her own. And that's all I'll say about that.
  • This has nothing to do with the brain blockage (well, like nothing on this list really  has to do with that - it's just my random thoughts) but I think I've finally reached the obsessive point on Pinterest.
  • On that note... I've also finally given in to pinning fashionable things. DANGEROUS. Please oogle with me and wipe that drool off your keyboard when you're done.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Unblocking the blockage

by Steph

Leave it to my sister to give me a little push/inspiration for some blogging. I suppose if all else fails, I could at least tell you what I spent my weekend doing...

On Saturday, we went to our first ever Russian wedding. You can see a sneak peek of the bridal shoot here. Natalie was one of the first girls I befriended when we went to our church and she is a dear, sweet individual. She's the kind of friend that will make you laugh hysterically one minute and then feel convicted and encouraged in the next minute. I love her to little tiny pieces and the only reason I'm a teeny tiny bit unhappy that she got married is because she now goes to a different church (with her husband of course). I'm just a teeny tiny bit (okay actually lots) unhappy about that. I'm actually a little bitter. Okay not really... but I miss her already!!!

BUT - it's not like she's moved to a different country. And she's even closer than all the friends I left 300 miles away so I'm not terribly unhappy about it...

Anyway, back to the Russians. The wedding seemed similar to our traditional weddings except for the prayers by the parents in Russian. I picked up a few words here and there but for the most part I just guessed at what they could be praying for. Also entirely awesome was the wedding was done by their pastor who had a Scottish accent. It was incredibly delightful and I enjoyed every minute of it. It was like listening to Merry from Lord of the Rings. "Dee-airly bee-loh-ved, we ah gatherrrred heeerrre in the sayt of Gohd...". That was my best attempt at typing out a Scottish accent.

The only part that we were umm.... slightly unprepared for was the food at the reception. I think it was the whole fish on the table as an appetizer that threw my husband off. We've tried borscht and plov and we LOVE both of those. We're even getting used to the fact that everyone (even the grade school kids) has tea and caviar as a snack. But I suppose we haven't really been fully exposed to an entire Russian palate and we are just having to get used to that...

Yesterday we had church and then time at the park last night with our church people. Lots of fun. Lots of SERIOUS volleyball playing. I had a few shining moments that I can't brag about too much on here because it'll come back to bite me in the butt. I will say this: it makes me happy that when we pick teams, we have a "rule" that all the girls have to be picked first. Such gentlemen at our church...

Well there's an update and a blogpost. Oh by the way...

...this time next week? I'll be in a metal tube 50,000 feet above the ground hurtling toward a teeny tiny island and a week of blissful tropical happiness.

Don't be jelly.


by Steph

I have nothing to write about!!! I mean I've tried. Several times. Nothing. Blocked blocked blocked.

I tried last Friday and eventually gave up. I have no new projects, nothing exciting and fun to talk about...yet. I have nothing, people.

Hopefully I snap out of it soon.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Office Spaces

by Steph

I decided that every Thursday I'll tell you something funny that happens right here in my office. It's gonna be like a series! Kind of. If I can remember to keep it up. And if you guys want, you can email me stories {} and I'll feature those!

Now listen... I know this seems like a lame series but sometimes things happen in my office and I just think to myself "more people need to enjoy the irony/sadness/humor/despair of this occurrence."

So here's my story:

I'm training someone to cover my job while we're in Maui. I've been training her for 2 months. This is when I knew it was going to be a long 2 months: the first day I was training, I told her to hit the "escape" key to exit a report. After staring at my keyboard for a minute she said "Why doesn't your keyboard have an escape key...?"

I cried a little inside.

More on that to come...

So what about you guys? Any funny office stories? Any that made your skin crawl or made you want to curl up under your desk and die? Spill the paperclips people - we could all use a good laugh.

By the way:
  • I'm almost done painting all the frames for the collage (just need one more coat of paint).
  • My husband requested the Rosemary Potatoes from PW's cookbook last night. Evidently they were that good.
  • I have eaten about 3 large spoonfuls of cookie dough every night this week.
  • I discovered that if you keep your home clean every day, you won't have to do big clean-up's all the time. However, this interferes with my "lying on the couch" time so we'll see how long I keep it up.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to.... work?

by Steph

Everyone is doing back to school posts and everywhere I look stores have giant displays of pencils, notebooks and school supplies.

So just for funsies, I planned a back-to-school outfit. Except I don't go to school. I have no children so obviously those imaginaries don't go to school. I go to work. And it's not back to work because I've been here for 98 years. Ok not really but it feels like it sometimes.

But this is my blog so I can post a back-to-school/work outfit if I want to!

And true to form, when choosing an outfit for one day, it's best to have options. (This is the part where I pull everything out of my closet and try it all on and then go with the first thing I tried on.)

Note: I know those crop skinnies look like a size 0. Which would be perfect for me if you just put a "1" in front of that "0".

And how adorable is that lime-y yellow shirt with the turquoise? I feel as if that would be my final answer.

A definite must will be those nerdy glasses. Because I was kind of a nerd. I didn't wear glasses but these make me think of those nerd-to-beauty movies and I think they're adorable...


Oversized t shirt, $30
Old navy t shirt, $25
H M butterfly top, £9.99
H M top, £9.99
H M cotton tee, £2.49
American Eagle Outfitters capri jeans, $20
H&M suede wedge heels, £25
H&m shoes, £7.99
H&m shoes, £7.99
H M canvas weekend bag, £30
Woven handbag, $30
H M leather handbag, £25
Club Manhattan spike jewelry, €18
Feather jewelry, $14
Zara feather jewelry, $9.90
Old Navy clear jewelry, $5.94
Feather jewelry, $6.50
H&m sunglasses, £5.99

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


by Steph

Today I have a recipe for you.

It is NOT from Pioneer Woman (although she has a similar one of course).

This is a recipe for enchiladas.

"My grandmother whispered this recipe into my ear on her death bed." Name that movie!!! (That's a tougher one...)

Anyway, my grandma isn't on her deathbed, but she did teach my mother to make enchiladas and ipso facto, my mom taught me. However, somewhere along the way I modified it a bit...

This is Lazy Mexican Enchilada Lasagna.

Meaning, I do NOT roll each individual enchilada because a) I've burned my hands way too many times on hot tortillas, b) it triples the amount of dishes you will dirty and c) THEY TASTE EXACTLY THE SAME BOTH WAYS.

Now let's just take a minute to talk about the most important ingredient: the sauce. When you are buying sauce in a can (because that's how the real Mexicans do it) look for the one that has a label entirely in Spanish and all you can understand is the "enchilada" on it. Trust me. This is the real stuff. None of this Las Palmas or whatever business... we're not making Taco Bell enchiladas. We want the stuff that was made in Mexico.

Here it is (for you Kelley!):
  • 1 can of enchilada sauce (it doesn't have to be a huge can - just depends on how "saucy" you want your enchiladas to be
  • chicken breasts (bone-in preferrably)
  • cheese
  • tortillas
  • oil
  • 2 skillets
  • 1 casserole dish
  • tongs
  • grater
  • cutting board
  • fork
Look at that! That should be everything you should be using. If you have like 12 pans - you're doing it wrong.

First, boil the chicken and when it's done, shred it with a fork and tongs. (Ignore that this is boneless chicken - that's all I had)
 Grate your cheese (about 2 cups makes really cheesy enchiladas so you can do more or less depending on what you want)
 Grab your tortillas. Again, the ones that have Spanish all over the package would probably be the best tasting.
 Heat some oil in a small skillet and the enchilada sauce in another skillet. Once the oil is nice and sizzly, throw in a tortilla. (But don't throw it because the oil will be all sizzly and you might get burned. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH HOT OIL PEOPLE!!!)

You want the tortilla to be a little stiff because the next step will soften it up. Maybe 10-15 seconds on each side? Just eyeball it. You'll be fine.
Once the tortilla is done, drop it into the enchilada sauce and let it sit for a few minutes. Do NOT forget about it and walk away because the longer it sits, the softer the tortilla gets which means when you try to pull it out, its going to crumple and shred.
 Put your tortilla into the casserole dish. (Hint: Hold the enchilada sauce skillet very close to the casserole dish so you don't drip enchilada sauce all over the place.)
 And repeat with more tortillas. How many you want is up to you. This recipe is very freeing... you can do whatever you want! Kinda.

Once you have your layer of tortillas, add a layer of chicken, a layer of cheese and repeat the whole thing until the dish is full.

 Heat your oven to 350 degrees and bake it for 20 minutes.

Optional Refried Beans recipe: While that's baking, use some of the leftover oil from the tortillas and heat it in a bigger skillet and once its sizzly again, add a can of pinto beans. When they start bubbling, mash them with a potato masher and then simmer until the enchiladas are done. You can add some salt if the beans don't already have salt in them.


 Ooh la la... look how pretty. And yummy.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Originally unoriginal.

by Steph

Guess what?

It's Monday.

Monday means... I woke up late because I stayed up too late because I was desperately trying to make my weekend (read: time with my husband before he leaves) last longer.

Monday means... work overload because people all around the world apparently work on Saturday and Sunday which makes me very sad for them.

Monday means... I'll be home alone tonight. Just me, the cookie dough and the crafts. And the darkness. And the golf clubs.

Monday means... I'm sore from playing volleyball yesterday. BUT the upside is that I didn't get hit in the face and the embarassment for the day was kept to a minimum.

Monday means... I'm catching up on blog reading from the weekend instead of doing work. Procrastinators of the world unite! Tomorrow.

Monday means... TWO MORE WEEKS UNTIL MAUI!!!!!!! Seriously, I need to start packing. Too bad I'm a procrastinator. Who has 2 thumbs and will be packing the night before her flight leaves? This girl! "Who has 2 thumbs and hates Todd Packer? This guy!" Name that ummm... tv show quote!

I like to point out obvious things.

Hey! Did you guys know it's Monday?

Friday, August 19, 2011

A few Friday thoughts and a recipe

by Steph

I had big plans for my solo night yesterday. After work, I'd "stop by" Target, head to the gym for a weight lifting class and after that craft while watching a movie and eating cookie dough.

Only 2 of those things happened. I'll let you figure out which ones.

In my defense, I had to drive home in my husband's Bronco. I'm terrified of touching anything in that car besides the steering wheel, ignition, pedals and stick thingy that moves it from "P" to "R" or "D". (Someone please mock my lack of knowledge of car parts)

So that means I was scared to turn on the A/C for fear that the car would explode on me. After about 30 seconds in traffic in 95 degree sweltering heat, my mind was made up - I was most certainly not going to go anywhere besides Target (because we needed toilet paper) and then home.

40 minutes later when I arrived at Target, my sweat-soaked body confirmed that I had lost about 3 pounds of water weight so I could most definitely justify not going to the gym.

After all that, when I finally did get home (after spending an hour in Target trying to avoid the heat) I warmed up some leftovers, plopped myself on the couch and crocheted while watching Star Wars.

"Keep your distance but don't look like you're trying to keep your distance. I don't know!! Fly casual!!"

Sometimes I watch girly movies.

Sometimes I watch nerdy movies.

You never know what mood I'll be in.

Well back to the post that was supposed to happen yesterday that didn't. I made Pioneer Woman's Rosemary Potatoes, kinda. This recipe is not on her website, but only in her cookbook. I fear there may be legal repercussions if I post something in a book on the internet. So I guess you'll just have to guess what the ingredients are based on the pictures or sneak into a Barnes & Noble and snap a picture of the recipe with your phone.

Not that I've ever done something like that.

I didn't use real parmesan cheese, I used milk instead of heavy cream and I added sour cream because I didn't have enough cream cheese. I'm the worst recipe follower.

But in the end, my husband cleaned the potatoes off his plate before even touching the chicken and veggies and then promptly served himself another heaping serving.

*This recipe has been approved by the blogger's husband.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Real life story.

by Steph

So I was going to have a new recipe post for you today with MY VERY OWN PICTURES. Too bad I forgot the camera at home. I'm not kidding, I packed it up this morning before I left and as I walked out the door, I walked right past it without even a second glance.

Let me rewind. This morning my husband left for 2 days working far, far away. Last night I made sure he had a big, tasty meal since he'll probably be eating Taco Bell for dinner tonight. And I took pictures of part of that meal to blog about.

This is my real life blog. And in real life, I forget things.




Like I forgot that since he took my truck to the far, far away land, he also took my security badge for work, which I keep tucked away and hidden in the center console.

Which I discovered when I pulled up to the gate and couldn't get in.

Also, I forgot that driving his Bronco gives me anxiety.

Probably because the first time that I ever drove it, it died on me (mostly because I left my iPod plugged in and it drained the battery).

So this is me. Forgetful. Scatter brained. Forgetful. Did I already say that?

There are people who blog about organization and tips for having their life all planned out and they have pictures to prove it.

I am NOT one of those people.

And if you think I am, you're reading the wrong blog.

Trust me, there are waaaayyyyy better blogs out there and those people are super inspiring and they've got it down!

But if you want someone who scatterbrained-edly blogs about food, crafts, clothes and life in general, then chin up, I'll be back tomorrow with something good. :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bedroom Ideas

by Steph

Remember that space above our bed in this picture?

Obvs right now it's blank. Here are the qualifications:
  • simple
  • easy to remove
  • won't fall on our heads in an earthquake and kill us
  • minimal nail holes
A photo collage is out (I thought I'd kill 2 project birds with that stone but the other bird got away). Here are the ideas I have so far.....


The only thing that keeps popping into my head is that Friends episode where Chandler wants to hang a sign above their bed that says "MERGE". "MERGE!" Over and over that's all I can hear in my brain.

I know you can't tell from the pic, but our bedroom walls are that normal off-white apartment color. The bed is a grayish stained wood and we have all black furniture. Idk if maybe a wall decal would work - I don't want to spend a ton of money so I might try to DIY something cheaper in that area. Other thoughts are just big pieces of artwork but it has to be something that I'd want to look at every night.

In other news, I finally got around to washing the shirt I made here and guess what... the burlap frayed anyway. I should've known. The fabric flowers survived so I guess I'll just have to get more creative for those leaves.

In other other news, my husband got home kind of late last night and instead of wasting our precious time together cooking, we decided to have Mexican fast food. We pulled up to Adalberto's (the BEST ever) and I happened to see a wood pallet leaning against their dumpster.

Side note: You know it's good Mexican fast food when a giant burrito costs $4 and they have "lengua" as a meat option. YUM.

Lightbulbs went on in my head. All those blogs I've seen with recycled pallet DIY projects flashed through my brain. Dollar signs appeared in my eyes like I was a cartoon.

"Hey look... a pallet." I casually mentioned...

My husband looked at me incredulously. "What are you going to do with it?"

"I don't know... something. It's free! And it looks good. And... umm... I can make something with it."

I actually didn't really have to convince him very much because I have a very artistic husband so if he has an opportunity to make something out of a pallet, he'll take it just because he's curious to see what gem we can come up with.

Of course I immediately went to Pinterest to get some inspirational ideas... Odds are since my husband is going out of town for work again tomorrow, this project will have to wait until the weekend considering I definitely can't be trusted with a saw all by my lonesome.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


by Steph

I am a firm believer that a blog is like a plant. You have to water it every other day and pay attention to it. (Unless you're like me and water plants every few weeks when you remember them)

The point is, I LOVE when people blog every day. I love reading new things, new thoughts, new projects.

When it comes to my own blog... that's another story. I do my best to blog every day but I do take a break on the weekends. Some days I have tons to blog about. Other days, I don't, so I wing it (much like 99% of college).

Today is a winging day.

I did in fact survive TKB at the gym HOWEVER, I only barely survived so the rest of the night (after a quick stop at Old Navy) was spent watching Sense & Sensibility while I crocheted.

This is what I eat for dinner when my husband is gone (I won't include recipes - they're clearly unnecessary):
  • a pickle,
  • a slice of cheese,
  • a cucumber (similar to the pickle, but sliced with some ranch),
  • a few pieces of grilled lemon pepper chicken,
  • box rice pilaf (which incidently does NOT take 25 minutes to cook, contrary to the instructions), and
  • a bite of cookie dough (I'm not sure how this found it's way in there).
Let's rewind to the Old Navy part. I'm still desperately hoping that somehow somewhere a pair of tan sandals will magically appear for $9. (Don't ask me about that price. I have my reasons.)

Evidently once school starts, every store starts carrying boots and sweaters.

Obviously they ignore the fact that its still 97 degrees outside.

Anyway, I stopped at Old Navy looking for those sandals. I found sandals. None that were tan. And none that were anything besides a size 7. I need an 8.5 in case you're wondering.

After being defeated and let down by the sandal selection, I decided to browse the sales rack. I found a pair of white linen capris for $8.49.


Can you believe that? So here is where I sing my Ode to Old Navy again. Linen pants are raging expensive so to find a comfy pair IN MY SIZE was like a tiny little present for being disappointed about the sandals.

I mean, the tag literally said "For Stephanie R only".

I kid.

But it might as well have.

I snatched those babies up and I am proud to say that I completely ignored my Photo Collage project to indulge in a little shopping trip at Old Navy and I'm not sorry, not one bit!

I then proceeded to celebrate my victory with a meal of champions and a sappy movie. It gets me EVERY TIME when Marianne starts sobbing that Willoughby always implied that he loved her but never said it.

Heart. BREAK.

So.... in light of my ode to Old Navy, here's some goodies for you to oogle and if you have the patience, you may just be able to snatch these for yourself at a very VERY agreeable price.

Obvs, I'm into stripes and baggy tops these days.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Case of the Mondays - Part 98

by Steph

Blogger's block.

Also known as "work".

Can someone send me a "Do NOT disturb" sign for my desk? I have other things to do besides "work".

In the interest of full disclosure, here's something you should know about me: I prefer the canned Kraft Parmesan Cheese over the fresh stuff in the refrigerated section.

Tomorrow (if I survive the TKB class at the gym tonight), I'll have some pictures of the frames I found at Goodwill over the weekend. Until then...

"I love you with all my butt. I would say heart but my butt is bigger."
 - Pinterest quote

Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday list

TGIF, people.

No, not Boy meets world. I wish.

But seriously thank the good Lord that it's finally Friday.

My husband comes back tonight from building houses in a far away land. YAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I don't have to sleep with a golf club in my hand anymore)

2 all-too-short days of the weekend and then....and then....aaaaand theeennn....
And then comes Monday.

Which means.... 3 WEEKS UNTIL MAUI!!! (Insert: PANIC)

I have clothes that need to be altered so they'll feel new and I NEED (not really, but that's how I'm telling it to the hubs) a pair of t-strap tan sandals. They'll just be perfect, if I can find them anywhere.

Favorite part of my trip to LA: getting to hang out with my family on Wednesday night. Lots of laughter (probably a little too much for the rest of the restaurant patrons) and lots of sushi. All good things.

2nd favorite part: slipping on a wet puddle in the terminal at LAX and letting my knee catch all XXX lbs of weight. Major bruise on my knee. Major bruise to my ego.

Least favorite part: not being able to bring my husband on this little trip. Boooooo "real work and responsibilities"! No one likes you.

2nd least favorite part: realizing that I booked my return flight a day early. Oops. Thank you Southwest for being amazing!

This weekend I'll be doing a little project for a friend so I pinned a few inspirations to give me a jumping off point.... (Hint: I'm doing a photo collage) I'll be hitting up a few thrift stores to see what goodies I can find and then indulging in my spray painting madness.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Chicken Catch-a-tor-ree

by Steph

When I was little my mom used to make chicken cacciatore and I loved it. I knew how to make it the easy way and as I got older, I could get creative adding mushrooms or peppers and every time, it was an easy favorite.

When I saw that PW had a recipe for her version of chicken cacciatore, I thought I'd see how she made it and try it out.

From Pioneer Woman
First of all, I did not add Turmeric because a) I don't know what that is and b) I couldn't find it after staring at the spice aisle for 10 seconds and c) I'm on a budget - no room for fancy spices in our grocery list.

Secondly, I did indeed add wine and I was concerned that it would overpower but after cooking it in the oven, you can't even tell that its in there except for a teeny, tiny slight tanginess which adds the perfect amount of somethingness to this dish.

Other than that, I followed her recipe and it was phenomenal. Of course. Are you surprised?

Here's the one thing I didn't like: it was very difficult to eat the chicken off the bone. I don't think that you can use boneless chicken here so I suppose I'll just have to deal with that little problem.

I mean really, when I'm eating, I'm scarfing that meal down and I don't have time for pesky bones to be getting in the way. It's annoying that bone-in meat is so much juicier and different tasting than boneless. We live in the 21st century right? If they can figure out how to grow boneless chickens, they should be able to figure out how to get a little juiciness in there too.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tuesday thoughts for a Wednesday

by Steph

I am actually writing 3 posts today (Tuesday) but you'll be reading this one tomorrow (Wednesday) which will actually be today for you. Also, I threw in some pictures that have nothing to do with the post so try to not lose focus.

I have to attend a seminar in LA which will be blah and since my husband is working far away all week, between my being in LA and his working, I won't see him until Friday.

MAJOR dislike.
My beloved Rainbows.
The perk is that I won't have to stay home alone. No no no... I'll have to stay in a hotel alone. In LA. The ghetto. Okay, not the ghetto, I mean I was born in East LA, I guess you can't get much more ghetto than that. But living in suburbia has made me quiver at the thought of the dark streets of LA again.

When I was little, we used to go to my grandma's house (she lived in LA - down the street from General Hospital) and my aunts would joke that we would have to wear bulletproof vests to walk to the candy store.

My little sis with her favorite person (umm.. animal?)  in the world.
Growing up, there were drug dealers that lived across the street from our house. We weren't in the ghetto but I guess they thought they could hide in our neighborhood. I remember the police coming by often for the few short months they were there but I'm not kidding you guys, the sounds of helicopters and police talking on speakers is what I used to fall asleep to at night. It was soothing to hear sirens and gunshots. (Okay the gunshots was only one time and we can't be entirely sure that is in fact what they were. I mean I was young. My sisters and I had wild imaginations. Shocker.)

I discover PhotoStudio. Also I love Ruffles with sour cream. Delish.
 Anyway, when I moved to Santa Clarita for college, I actually had a hard time falling asleep to the sound of silence. It bothered me to hear nothing. I'm sure being in a new place all alone had something to do with it too but it took me awhile to get used to the world of soccer moms and kids running around Target.
Having fun at Disneyland while my lil' sis was buying a present for a friend...


 Side note (even though this whole post is a side note): The grocery store that we went to when I was young was a Mexican store because in the meat section, they used to have cow tongue, lambs head and pigs feet. You don't really see that at Albertsons (or whatever grocery store you shop at that doesn't also have a separate Mexican food section).
I take pictures of my feet when I'm bored at work.
Well that was one big rabbit trail to nothing but I am actually excited for one reason: I get to have dinner with my sisters and bro-in-law tomorrow night (which is actually tonight when you're reading this) and we're having SUSHI!!!!
The first hat I ever knit. My sister said I looked like Dopey.
I have a deep and unrequited love for sushi. My husband dislikes raw fish so we don't really get to eat it often. My dad LOVES sushi and growing up, my sisters and I were all grossed out by the thought of it. Somehow, somewhere in college it clicked for us and we've been family sushi lovers ever since.

Except for my mom... she dislikes sushi also. Actually so does my bro-in-law so its kind of convenient for the 3 of them... husband, bro-in-law and mom get to whine about raw fish while the majority of the women (and the dad who spoils us) all enjoy our sushi meal.

I discovered Shake It! and that's my big sis.
Anyway, I'm flying out tonight and writing 2 posts in advance which should hold you over until I return. This one today (which for you is really yesterday when you're reading this) is just general musings because I have been so busy crocheting lately that there are no other new crafts on the table, literally. I'm sure I'll get tired of that and try a new project soon but for now I guess you'll just have to be happy reading my thoughts.