Monday, August 8, 2011

TV Stand - The Before After the After

by Steph

I've already showed you the "after" shot of our tv stand but I guess it can't hurt to tell you what we did and how we transformed this "blah" tv stand into a "eh..." tv stand.

Let me back up. Once upon a time, my husband lived with 3 other guys in college. Walking to their cars one day, he and his friend saw a huge screen tv sitting outside the dumpster. They decided to take it and see if it worked. After lugging the 800 lb TV to their 2nd story apartment, they found out that it did indeed work.

Fast forward a few years, my husband has dragged this ginormous tv from LA to Sacramento where it has ended up in our apartment weighing heavily on a nightstand for about 10 months. We decided it was time to upgrade to something with shelves.

Now, this is just a temporary fix. Our apartment is teeny tiny so someday when we have a less teeny house, we'll get a normal tv stand. Maybe.

This is what my husband text'd me from Habitat for Humanity (the BEST home improvement thrift store!!! Also where I found these lamps.)


It had one broken door and that panel on top is one of the glass doors that was supposed to cover the left shelves. When we brought this to his parent's house (aka makeover workshop), I decided to drop the glass pane on the driveway. It shattered into a million trillion pieces and scared the daylights out of me.

We removed the doors and filled the holes with wood putty. I considered for a second keeping those doors but alas... the other one couldn't be replaced. At least not with the tools we had and we didn't feel like buying replacement stuff. This is the part where I irrationally decided I didn't want those doors. I may or may not be regretting that decision.

Then we sanded away... for EVER.
 Yes, I had to hold the palm sander with two hands. It tickled, alright?!?!

We even got Brian's little bro to join in the "fun".

We wiped down everything and then the husby filled the holes and scratches with some wood putty.

After that dried, we sanded over where the putty had been and began the painting...


TV Stand: $15
Black paint: $6

You might be wondering why there are random stickers on our tv. Well it turns out that when guys carry an 800 lb tv up a flight of stairs, they drop it often causing the plastic to crack. In a guys mind, a sticker holds it together and looks fine. In my mind... well, I'm sure you know what goes on in there. (And in case you can't read it, that sticker says "Hello my name is Brian". I bet you're all jealous that you don't have a name for your tv.)