Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rompin' love

by Steph

I know I've mentioned my love for rompers before. Sure they're a little hard to get out of when you gotta pee. Sure they might make you look like you have no torso. But personally... I love rompers. (Did you notice?) I think they are the most comfortable outfit since the fleece onesies with padded feet.

I think the reason I just love rompers in the summer is because it's all the comfiness of a dress (remember, no muffin tops or sweaty legs?) with the modesty of shorts (i.e. not having to worry about having a Marilyn Monroe moment when a short gust of wind blows).

Well it's officially. 4 weeks until we finally take our honeymoon/anniversary vacation to Maui. (You can read more about that here and here.) FOUR WEEKS PEOPLE!!! I know I've been doing this outfit count down thing but now I'm panicking. What to pack?? What to wear?? (Besides all the rompers I own of course...)

Day 11

American Eagle Outfitters romper, $35
American Eagle Outfitters gladiator shoes, $20
H M shoulder bag, £13
Forever21 tribal jewelry, $8.80
ASOS gold sunglasses, $21
Forever21 straw hat, $13
H M leather belt, £9.99