Thursday, August 18, 2011

Real life story.

by Steph

So I was going to have a new recipe post for you today with MY VERY OWN PICTURES. Too bad I forgot the camera at home. I'm not kidding, I packed it up this morning before I left and as I walked out the door, I walked right past it without even a second glance.

Let me rewind. This morning my husband left for 2 days working far, far away. Last night I made sure he had a big, tasty meal since he'll probably be eating Taco Bell for dinner tonight. And I took pictures of part of that meal to blog about.

This is my real life blog. And in real life, I forget things.




Like I forgot that since he took my truck to the far, far away land, he also took my security badge for work, which I keep tucked away and hidden in the center console.

Which I discovered when I pulled up to the gate and couldn't get in.

Also, I forgot that driving his Bronco gives me anxiety.

Probably because the first time that I ever drove it, it died on me (mostly because I left my iPod plugged in and it drained the battery).

So this is me. Forgetful. Scatter brained. Forgetful. Did I already say that?

There are people who blog about organization and tips for having their life all planned out and they have pictures to prove it.

I am NOT one of those people.

And if you think I am, you're reading the wrong blog.

Trust me, there are waaaayyyyy better blogs out there and those people are super inspiring and they've got it down!

But if you want someone who scatterbrained-edly blogs about food, crafts, clothes and life in general, then chin up, I'll be back tomorrow with something good. :)