Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday list

TGIF, people.

No, not Boy meets world. I wish.

But seriously thank the good Lord that it's finally Friday.

My husband comes back tonight from building houses in a far away land. YAAAAYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I don't have to sleep with a golf club in my hand anymore)

2 all-too-short days of the weekend and then....and then....aaaaand theeennn....
And then comes Monday.

Which means.... 3 WEEKS UNTIL MAUI!!! (Insert: PANIC)

I have clothes that need to be altered so they'll feel new and I NEED (not really, but that's how I'm telling it to the hubs) a pair of t-strap tan sandals. They'll just be perfect, if I can find them anywhere.

Favorite part of my trip to LA: getting to hang out with my family on Wednesday night. Lots of laughter (probably a little too much for the rest of the restaurant patrons) and lots of sushi. All good things.

2nd favorite part: slipping on a wet puddle in the terminal at LAX and letting my knee catch all XXX lbs of weight. Major bruise on my knee. Major bruise to my ego.

Least favorite part: not being able to bring my husband on this little trip. Boooooo "real work and responsibilities"! No one likes you.

2nd least favorite part: realizing that I booked my return flight a day early. Oops. Thank you Southwest for being amazing!

This weekend I'll be doing a little project for a friend so I pinned a few inspirations to give me a jumping off point.... (Hint: I'm doing a photo collage) I'll be hitting up a few thrift stores to see what goodies I can find and then indulging in my spray painting madness.